Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 11 (RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)


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Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 11 (RsgSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

Recap : Laksh and Roli are teasing Sanskaar…Anamica decides her bahu and Sujatha decides her jamai.

Scene at VM
Sid : Ma, what’s going on?
Sumi : Why beta? Are you not okay with this marriage?
Sid : Of course maa…..
Sumi : What do you mean? But….
Sid : Why didn’t you ask before you fix it?
Sumi : But what’s wrong with Ragini? She is beautiful, smart…
Sid cuts her words : I know but I love someone.
Sid realizes what he just told and Sumi is left shocked.

Scene at MM
Simar : Chachchi, what have you done?
Ana : What do you mean?
Sanskaar : Mom, you knew that I love Ragini and still, what did you just do?
Ana : Sanskaar I have my own reason and have all my rights to decide on your life.
Sanskaar : Not in my marriage life mom, no matter what you try to do only Ragini will be my life partner and no one can ever change it.
Ana : Really? Let me see what you will do.
Sanskaar leaves there in anger.

@ Anamica’s and Ram’s room.
Ram : Ana while Roli told everything on skype that Ragini and Sanskaar loves each other what was the need of doing this?
Ana : I have my own reasons. Please don’t force me to say as I will not say and you will leave in disappointment.

Scene at GM
Sujatha : I’m really happy today.
Just then Prem and Simar arrive. Ragini is seen sitting lifeless. She is drenched in her own thoughts.

A year after the music competition, Sanskaar’s and Sandeep’s school life is over.
Sanskaar : I don’t want to waste day anymore in Mumbai.
Sandeep : Don’t be so excited, may me your Ragini is already in love with someone else.
Sanskaar : Don’t talk rubbish. My hear is telling that she is only mine. I’m soon gonna meet her.
Sandeep : Forgive me Bhaiyaa.
Sanskaar smile : Forgiven choti bhai.
Both of them laugh.

Next day both of them leave to Kolkata and they reach MM. Everyone welcomes them
In the night in Sandeep’s room.
Sanskaar : Ok done arranging the rooms. Hope you keep yours as it is.
Sandeep : Hard task bro.
Roli : so what did you bring to you choti behan.
Sandeep : What did you expect us to bring? We didn’t go to earn.
Roli : Very bad. If it was Lucky bhai he would have bought something else for me.
Sanskaar : Poor lucky. He will have to suffer all alone.

The door knocks.
Sandeep : Who is that? (There was no answer)
Again the door knock. Sandeep opens the door and is mesmerized to see Swara.
Sandeep : You….
Swara : Hi, where is Roli?
Roli : I’m here Shona, come in.
Sanskaar’s eyes are searching for Ragini but unfortunately she didn’t turn up.
Roli : Did Laado call?

Swara : Haan she has reached safely.
Sanskaar : Shona? Laado? What kind of names are these?
Roli giggles : I kept it. Swara is Shona and Ragini is Laado.
Sandeep: Laado…….. (He winks at Sanskarr where as Sanskaar blushes)… So where did she go?
Roli : She went to Dhelhi, she will be studying there and going to Australia after her final year at school.
Sanskaar feels as if there is a crack in his heart and drop of tear come. Sandeep notices it.
Sandeep : Ok Roli and Shona, both of you can leave as I’m tired and want to sleep.
Roli : Ok bhai.

Roli and Swara leaves as soon as they left Sanskaar goes to his room.
Sandeep : Relax Sanky, it’s a promise I’ll somehow make you speak to her.
Sanskaar : How? How can you do that? Are you going to ask Roli, “give your friends number your bhai wants to speak with her”
Sandeep : Are Sanky, I’m Sandeep, this Sandeep would do anything for his brother.
Sanskaar and Sandeep hugs each other.

The next morning in MM hall.
Sandeep : Roli….Ro……. where are you?
Ana : Why are you screaming? Do you want to get yelled by your papa?
Roli comes running from the sairs.
Roli : Why are you shouting bhai?
Sandeep : Here is the gift you asked for
Roli : Am I dreaming? Simar di pinch me

Sandeep : Are chipakali, you are not dreaming (He pinches Roli and she screams) open it.

Roli opens it while Sanskaar is getting down the stairs.
Sanskaar : What is that?
Roli : OMG OMG OMG, it’s a mobile..Thank a lot bhai…See Sanky bhai, what Sandy bhai gave me.
Sandeep : He is the reason you got it.
Roli : Both of you are the best bhai’s ever. I’m gonna call Laado, she will be surprised and then Shona too (She runs upstairs)
Ana : Both of you come and eat. Simar beta, help me pack the lunch.
Simar : Ji chachchi
Ana : Did jiji or bhaisaa call? I didn’t get to call.
Simar : No, but Laksh did

In the night Snaskaar, Sandeep, Simar, Adarsh and Roli are watching a movie in Roli’s room and they pause to get some rest.
Simar : I’ll go and get something to eat.
Roli : Even I’m coming.

After few minutes they left Sandeep checks Roli’s phone and finds it has security password.
Sandeep : Oh god this child might have got so many things to hide
Adarsh : Arey Sandy it’s girls phone after all they have 1000 of things to hide.
Sanskaar : But Simar di’s phone doesn’t have any locks.
Sanskaar in his mind : Wish to speak with Ragini. I badly want to hear her voice

Just then Roli’s phone rings and Sandeep sees the name and displayed ‘Laado’.
Sandeep : Sanky, answer this call.
Sanskaar : Its ill mannered to answer others calls. Specially your sisters phone (He Doean’t know who is calling)
Sandeep : It doesn’t matter, you can attend if you want.
Sanskaar : Then do it by yourself.

Adarsh : Sandy what’s the need of answering just leave it aside
Sandeep : ‘Laado’
Sanksaar realizes.
Sanskaar : Are you going to answer or let me answer and tell that Roli went to the kitchen?
Sandeep : You do.

Sanskaar answers it and goes to the balcony attached to Roli’s room.
Ragini : Hello
Sanskaar closes his eyes as it’s nice to hear her voice.
Ragini : Hello, Ro
Sanskaar : Hello Ragini
Ragini : Sanskaar (Ragini is blushing and is really happy)
Sanskaar : Voh, haa yeah…but how?
Ragini : Just the way you call my name.
Sanskaar : So you still remember how I called you. Maybe once I called you.
Ragini : I do remember each and everything.
Sanskaar : Why did you leave Kolkata?

Ragini : Our business contract for a year is happening in Delhi. So….

Roli and Simar enter and see Sanskaar in the balcony. Roli goes toward him and grabs the phone.
Roli : Laado, what were you speaking with him?
Ragini : Nothing, he just told you…(Ragini thinks what to tell)…
Sanskaar quickly remembers that he didn’t tell where Roli went.
Sanskaar : Did you bring the pop corn (He says it louder so that Ragini can hear)
Ragini : … went to kitchen.
Roli : haan, we are watching a movie.
Ragini : Ok then call you tomorrow. Bye.

The next night Sanskaar passes Roli’s room and sees her sleeping. He goes toward the phone. It has the security code. Sandeep enters and sees Sanskaar staring at the phone. Sandeep goes near Roli.
Sandeep softly : Roli, Roli…
Roli in sleep smiles : Bhai, thanks
Sandeep : Tell me where is your cupboard key?
Roli : In my first dresser drawer.
Sandeep : Your phone password? (Sandy and Sanky are tensed)
Roli : Lashro (Laado, shona, Roli)
Sanky types it and it opens. He scrolls and gets Ragini’s number and both of them leave.

In Sanskaar’s room.
Sandeep : Seriously? She says whatever if we ask in her sleep even the phone password which I was begging to get from morning.

Sanskaar sends a messege Ragini.
Sanskaar : Hi, this is me Sanskaar (Roli’s bhai)
He gets the reply in a while.
Ragini : My number, where did you get it from?
Sanskaar : Hehehe, I stole it.
Ragini : It’s ok.
Sanskaar : Sure?
Ragini : Haan.

A year passes, Sanskaar’s and Ragini’s bond has become stronger (Somewhere near to confession) where he says Roli that they are good friends. Roli didn’t bother how her brother got her friends number. Sandeep has fallen in love with Swara, her bubbly character has attracted him a lot. He has started writing each and everything about her in a book. Ragini comes from Delhi to Kolkata to be with her friends before she leaves but another reason was to meet her Sanskaar.

On the night before she leave Delhi.
On call
Sanskaar : So are you excited?
Ragini : Why should I? It is after all the city I was born and people who I already know (She smiles)
Sanskaar : I thought you would be excited about it.
Sandeep enters Sanskaar’s room with the book (His feelings toward Swara).
Sandeep : Sanky read this for sure.
Sanskaar : Ok, keep it on table

Ragini : What?
Sanskaar : Not you
Ragini : Ok, don’t you want me to reach Kolkata? Not letting me to sleep.
Sanskaar : Are you mad? If you don’t come, I will come
Sanskaar mummers : I have been waiting for this day since a year. (Ragini hears it and is happy but doesn’t show)
Ragini : Hahahaha, I’m your friend, so it’s obvious I’m being mad
Sanskaar : I should be saying that. Anyways go get a good sleep. I want you to wear white tomorrow when we meet
Ragini : Ok done, bye
Sanskaar : Bye

The next day at VM.
Sumi : I’m glad you reached safely beta.
Shekhar : If it was Shona we wouldn’t have able to find her.
Swara : Bad joke papa.

Roli : Uncle, was it easy for you to find Laado?
Uttara : He is my papa and he is very good at everything.
Sumi : Uttara…
Ragini : He found me easily.
Swara ; You must be tired. After lunch lets go to Ro’s house.
Ragini : Ok.

Scene at MM
Sandeep : Mom where is Roli?
Ana : You call nuisance but you can’t wait without her even for a minute. She has gone to Swaras house. Ragini beta has come to meet her.
Sandeep : So what are you doing for so long in kitchen? (He takes and apple and eats)
Simar : It’s for Ragini, Roli ordered us to prepare it.
Sandeep : Yeah yeah, we must treat her well.
Sandeep murmmers : After all she is your bahu.
Ana : You always disturb me in kitchen. Be like your brother will you?
Sandeep : I’m like my brother even it is hard for you to identify us.
Ana : Sandeep….

In the evening Ragini come to MM along with Roli and Swara. She greets everyone and takes blessings from Anamica. She has worn a white simple anarkali with her hair left open. She is continuously searching for Sanskaar. Then the twins come downstairs. Sandeep sees Swara eating ice cream and it’s all over around her mouth. Sanskaar only can see Ragini’s back. Sanskaar’s heart starts to rise in presence of Ragini. Ragini felt something strange and she found Sansakaar and Sandeep standing behind her.

Roli : Ok Laado, this is your challenge.
Ragini : What challenge?
Roli : Out of these two you will have to find who is Sanskaar your friends.
Ana : Being their mother even I get confused Roli. How come she find?
Simar : Haa Roli, even we can’t then how come she? For that eason only we don’t let them dress alike.
Roli : Come on, mom…di.. It’s just a dare.
Ragini : Dare accepted. Let me try.
Roli : Bhai’s no cheating
Sanskaar in his mind : I know Ragini you will find your Sanskaar not in one look alike even there are 1000 look alike. So I’ll not cheat and make you find me on your own
Sandeep in his mind : If Ragini really loves my Sanky then she will find. So I will have to make her find on her own
Sanskaar and Sandeep were remaining quiet expressionless. Ragini walked toward them and pointed at Sanskaar.
Ragini : He is Sanskaar and he is Sandeep
Anamica and the rest were shock. They were noticing very well that none of the two did anything. They were like statues.

Roli : Wow Laado good guessing.
Swara : Don’t forget she is the smart topper of the school.
Ragini in her mind : It’s not guessing. I heard his hear beat rising when I came near him and I felt it.
Ram Prasad comes down stairs, Ragini takes blessing.
Ram : Hope dad is doing good. Btw Ana then shall we leave?
Sanskaar : Where are you going?
Ana : There is a dinner Mr. Rathore’s house. We might get late. Simar beta take care everything.
Simar : Don’t worry chachchi.

They have some random conversations. Sanskaar is continuously looking at Ragini and Swara notices there closeness and somewhat feels jealous. Simar gets a call.
Simar : Haan maa bole. (She leaves the hall)
Swara : Guys are you both hiding something?
Roli : Who both Shona?
Swara : Laado and Sanky

Sanskaar stammers : Wh..what? Nothing like that
Ragini: Just friends Shona.
Swara : I was just kidding. Ro I kept my phone in your room I’ll go get it.
Roli : Ok, I’ll bring snacks to eat. I’m really hungry.
Sandeep thinks : There is no better chance to leave this two alone at least for few minutes.
Sandeep : Roli…..(He goes behind her)

Sanskaar and Ragini are left alone.
Sanskaar : Just friends?
Ragini : I’m sorry…
Sanskaar : No need to be sorry, I understand (He laughs)
Ragini : Why are you laughing?
Sanskaar : You seems like a jansi ki rani while speaking in phone. But you are chipakali who is really scared.
Ragini : What did you call me? (Angrily)
Sanskaar : Tota
Ragini : Really? But I heard something else.
Sanskaar : You didn’t give me an answer yet.

On the other side Swara takes her phone and while returning she sees Sanskaar’s room door open. She thinks to go in. She goes and just roams around and finds the book on the table (Sandeep’s book about Swara). Seara opens and find ‘SwaSan’ written on it (She thinks Sanskaar wrote it). Swara reads it and has tears.

Swara monologue : I was wrong, Sanskaar loves me only. I doubted my best friend. I’m so happy today.

She goes down and she feels really happy.
Swara : Laado, Ro I have to say you something.
Laado : Go ahead
Swara : Not today. Tomorrow
Roli : Ok.

The next day Roli is sitting in a cake shop. Swara and Ragini reach. They get seated. Roli and Ragini are continuously staring at Swara. Swara clears her voice.
Swara : I think I’ in love.
Roli and Ragini are shocked to hear and gets happy.
Roli : Who is he?
Ragini : Come on tell.
Swara : Ah…Ahm…mmmm it is Sanskaar.
Ragini is left shock but hardly forces herself to smile.
Roli : Are you serious? I’m so happy.

Ragini still can’t accept what she heard. After few hours of talking they get ready to leave.
Swara : Ragini, come let’s go.
Ragini : Voh Swara you leave, I’ll come in a while. I’m going to meet someone.
Swara : Are you sure?
Ragini : Yeah.

Ragini sends a message to Sanskaar.
Ragini : I need to meet you.
Sanskaar : Where do you want to meet?
Ragini : City mall?
Sanskaar : Within 5 minutes I’ll be there.
Ragini : Ok

Ragini monologue : I need clear up everything on Sanskaar’s mind. I know he loves me but I can’t break Swara’s happiness. Sanskaar will be happy with Swara.

At the mall.
Sanskaar : Hey
Ragini : Hi
Sanskaar : Seriously its surprising. So what do you have to speak?
Ragini : I came here to give an answer.
Sanskaar : Achcha, give me soon. (He really gets happy)
Ragini : Yeah
Sanskaar : I want the full answer.
Ragini : Yeah we are just friends.
Sanskaar shocked : Then not more than that?
Ragini nods while having tears.

Sanskaar : This can’t be. Then why are you having tears? Tell me Ragini what happened? (Ragini stays quiet)
Ragini : Nothing happened. I’m having tears thinking that I have to leave my best friends.
Sanskaar : Wah, what a lie? If you don’t know to lie go for coaching classes for lying.
Ragini : There is someone who loves you and I’m not lying. I’m leaving and hoping not to come back. Bye (She turns and cries vigorously and moves)
Sanskaar is seated not understanding what she was just telling. He is still in shock, he is having tears rolling from his cheek.

Sanskaar is sitting in his room. Sandeep comes and sit next to him.
Sandeep : What happened Sanky?
Sanksaar : I was wrong Sandy, there is nothing between me and Ragini. It’s just friendship only (He is telling this so that Sandeep wo’t feel bad for him)
Sandeep : What? Are you serious?
Sanskaar : Haan (He smiles)
Sandeep : Are you ok?
Sanskaar : I’m absoulutely fine.
Sandeep : Did you read the book I gave?
Sanskaar : Nop, I’ll read later.
Sandeep : For now I’ll take it.

After two days. There was no sign of Ragini to be seen. She was remained quiet but tried to be normal in front of Swara and Roli. Both of them thought that Ragini is being silent day by day as she is going to leave within a month.
Swara : Laado, I’m going to tell Sanskaar what’s in my hear today.
Ragini : All the best Swara.
Swara : What did you just call me
Ragini : Ah…voh, I’m sorry Shona.. I’m really upset to leave you’ll and go.
Swara hugs Ragini and Ragini hugs her back.

Swara calls Sanskaar.
Swara : I need to meet you today at 4.30 p.m at Cross Hill. Bye..Tc

At Cross hill, Swara and Sanskaar are standing.
Sanskaar : Tell me Swara.
Swara : Voh, Sanskaar, I…
Sanskaar : Come on, why are you dragging?

On the other side Roli calls Ragini.
Ragini : Hello
Roli : Where is Shona?
Ragini : She went to meet Sanskaar.
Roli : Sanskaar bhai?

Scene shifts to the hill.
Sanskaar : Hurry up.
Swara screams : I LOVE YOU

Scene shift to MM
Roli is running toward Sanskaar’s room.
Roli : Bhai, where is Sandeep bhai?
(Please note* the one who is in the hill is Sandeep – Identical twin brother of Sanskaar)

Sanskaar : He went out.
Roli : Did Swara call you? Did you speak with her?
Sanskaar : No, why?
Roli : Check your call logs
Sanskaar checks
Sanskaar : Yeah Roli, someone has recived the call.
Roli : Bhai, Swara loves you and she thought of proposing you so she has called you. But why did Sandeep bhai go.
Sanskaar : What are you telling Roli?
Sanskaar in his mind : Wait, was this the reason that Ragini rejected me?

Sanskaar runs fast and he calls Ragini and informs everything.
Roli : Are you ok? I’m also coming with you
Sanskaar : Ok

Roli gets in to Sanskaar’s car and both of them leave. It starts to rain.

Scene shifts to the Hill. (Sandeep pretends to be as Sanskaar)*
Swara : You don’t have to give an answer as soon as possible. Take your own time.

Sandeep moves backward because of the shock. Ragini, Sanskaar and Roli come there running.
Sanskaar : Sandeep
Swara turn in shock.
Swara : Who Sandeep?
Ragini : That is Sandeep and this is Sanskaar.
Swara : What?
Sandeep comes towards Swara and hold her from shoulder.
Sandeep : Do you really love Sanskaar?
Swara : Haan,
Sanskaar : But….. (Ragini Nods no)
Sandeep think : Still he doesn’t know that I’m in love with Swara and he is not in love with Ragini too (He remembers what Sanskaar told). It’s better if both of you be together.
Sandeep : He will be a good parner for you. (Saying this he goes behind and aceeidently slips)

Ragini, Sanskaar, Roli and Swara are stunned.
Sanskaar and Ragini : Sandeeeeeeeeeeeep
Roli : Bhai
He goes near the cliff not even a drop come out of his eyes b. Swara has no idea whats going on.

Two days after at MM, Sandeep’s funeral. Everyone is moaning. Swara and Ragini come to the funeral. Ragini goes to Sanskaar’s room and finds him looking out of the window. She goes and places her hand on his shoulder. He turns and hugs her tight and he she hugs him back.

Ragini : Sanskaar cry, cry you heart out.
Sanskaar : Why would I? We didn’t get his body too.
Ragini : But we saw what happened. Accepting the truth is better. Please cry.
Sanskaar breaks out : My Sandeep how can he leave us?

Flashback ends

(Note 1* No one is thinking the flashback or no one is narrating. It’s me who is showing what exactly happened. But they think that Sandeep suicide….I showed what really happened….And soon the characters will also get to know it was and accident….Any guesses????? Please do comment)

Precap : Sid indirectly confesses his love to Roli…A car comes and stops in front of MM… Ragini and Sanskaar are seen happy and they hug each other….

I know it’s really really long, but please do comment whether it is goo or bad..Please please, your comments will help me to continue

Credit to: Dafsi

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