Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 10 (RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)


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Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 10 (RsgSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

Recap : Swara remembering a part of the past. Past haunts Ragini. Simar has something important to tell to Swara, Ragini and Sanskaar.

The episode starts with Ragini, Sanskaar and Swara are looking at Simar with curiosity.
Simar : I know it’s hard to accept the past but you have no choice. Swara, Ragini and Sanskaar you three better move on your life.
Sanskaar : Di you are right. Swara I know it hurting you but I think we have to move on.
Swara : I’m sorry Sanskaar. Without trying to know what happened I…….(She starts crying)
Ragini : Please forget what happened. Promise me you will never talk about this again.
Swara : I’m sorry Ragini to hurt you and I promise you. (Both of them hug while Swaragini play.)

Sanskaar’s phone ring.
Sanskaar : Yeah tell Laksh.
Laksh : Today, Chachchi ji and Chachaji are coming. I already told you right? Where are you?
Sanskaar : Haa Haa, I’m coming to the airport directly.
Sankaar hangs up.

Simar : Any problem?
Sanskaar : No di , Ma and Papa are coming today from Canada.
Simar : Really? Ok you go. Sanskaar drop Swara.
Swara looks at Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : Yeah sure. Come let’s go

Swara, Ragini and Sanskaar goes out.
Swara : I’ll sit in the car.
Sanskaar : Ok

Sanskaar turns to Ragini, who is smiling.
Sanskaar : Is it ok…
Ragini cuts his words : I trust you and she is my best friend. She might ask you to drop in the middle, don’t do that go and drop her at her home itself. Please?
Sanskaar : Ok, anything for you. Don’t worry, btw why do you look so happy?
Ragini : It seems like everything is coming back to normal. Thanks for forgiving Swara
Sanskaar : It’s all because of you.
Ragini : Achcha, then I need something for th…… (Before she could finishes he gives peck on her cheek)….Sanskaaaaaaar
Sanskaar smile : What?
Ragini : What did you just do?
Sanskaar : Should I have to Show it again? Then ok…
He comes close to Ragini.
Ragini : Bhai
Sanskaar moves back Ragini laughs and runs.
Ragini : I fooled you
Sanskaar : Not forever.

Sanskaar goes towards the car. Swara who was looking at them smiles. Sanskaar comes and sits. There was a big silence. Sanskaar breaks it.
Sanskaar : So Swara, howz life?
Swara : No bad. Sanskaar, can I get down here?
Sanskaar : No its fine I’ll drop you at home.
Swara : I’ll go by myself, I said ok for Laado only.
Sanskaar : Even I’m dropping you for Ragini. When I’m ready to forget the pat why can’t you?

Swara remains silent. The reach VM.
Sanskaar : Bye
Swara : Bye.
At night.
Sanskaar is sitting on his bed. Then he gets up and opens the door connected in his room for the next room. He goes inside and caresses a photo of frame of Sandeep which is his look identical twin brother. The room is in a complete mess like how he used to keep. Not a thing is changed since he left. The dust is there all over the place. He looks at his phone and wishes to call Ragini but her number is not there. Sanskaar’s phone rings.
Sanskaar : Hello.
Voice : Sanskaar
Sanskaar : Ragini, How did you get my number? Why did you call?
Ragini : It’s your old number. I felt to speak with you. Ok if you don’t want I’ll keep
Sanskaar : Arey Babaa, I’m sorry I just asked if it’s any urgent. Even I wanted to hear your voice.
Ragini : Guilt is running all over my body Sanskaar. In a way we are too responsible.
Sanskaar : No Ragini, how come we are responsible? If Sandeep is with us he would have been happy for us.
Ragini : Yeah. Anyways hope to meet you soon.
Sanskaar : Then let’s get married so we don’t have to wait to meet.
Ragini blushes : Do you think with all this problems getting marry is right?
Sanskaar : Now stop blushing meri jaan
Ragini : How do you know I’m blushing?
Sanskaar : I know every action of yours
Sanskaar : Are you coming to the party tomorrow.
Ragini : No, I have an important project to do and mail
Sanskaar : Very bad.
Ragini : Thanks
Ragini : Ok then bye I’m going to sleep
Sanskaar smiles : Bye. Dream me.
Ragini smiles too. They hang up

Sanskaar turns still smiling and finds Roli and Laksh staring at him.
Sanskaar : What are you both staring at?
Roli thinks : After a long time he is having a genuine smile. I will never let bhai’s smile fade away. True that I was angry for breaking my friend’s heart but I never knew what was or who was in your heart until yesterday.
Laksh : Whom were talking with? I never knew that my bhai knows cheesy lines.
Roli : Lucky bhai, after all he is your brother and if he doesn’t know only it’s a problem.
Laksh stares at Roli and both of them burst out into laughter.
Laksh in his mind : More than all of us you are in pain Sanskaar. This smile I will never let is fade away from your face.
Sanskaar : Dear siblings if you don’t mind can you tell me what are you laughing at?

Sanskaar goes to his room and sits on his bed with cross legs and started to play games. Laksh and Roli come and sit too.
Laksh : Ro, do you know one thing?
Roli : Mmmm, what bhai?
Both Laksha and Roli are seated in the same way like Sanksaar in a yoga posture. Both of them a swinging forward and backward
Laksh : Sanskaar is not going to Canada :
Roli : What? Why? What about his hospital? (She is shocked)
Laksh : Don’t panic kiddo. He has reasons to live here now and he has found internship in KOLKATA CITY HOSPITAL (He presses the words and Roli nods as she understood)
Roli : The hospital which is near Ra…. I mean Prem Jiju’s house.
Laksh : Haan Haan, do you know the reason?
Sanskaar widens his eyes : You both….
Roli and Laksh : We know everything as we heard everything
Both of them run while Sanskaar chases them.

Next day, it’s a party as Sanskaar, Sandeep and Roli’s parents Ram Prasad (Hiten Tejwani) and Anamica ( Gauri Pradhan Tejwani)have come to India to live here forever shifting their businesses and all plus they were not present in both the weddings. All the guests are arriving.

Roli has worn a beautiful black long gown with her hair in a messy bun and a long ear ring. Parineeta and Simar have worn a look alike red Sadi. Laksh, Sanskaar and Sid have worn suits. Prem and Adarsh are in gold sherwanis. Swara had worn a light blue long frock with her hair left in curls and silver long ear ring. Sanskaar is continuously searching for Ragini.

Sanskaar in his mind : I thought she was just joking but she is really not there.
His thoughts were interrupted by Anamica.
Anamica : Beta everything is ok right? What are you staring at the entrance for a long time.
Sanskaar : Voh…Mom
Roli and Laksh comes therecomes there.
Roli : Mom, bhai is waiting for bhabhi.
Sanskaar widens his eyes and thinks : Why did god give this devil as my sister?
Ana (Anamica) : Bhabhi? What bhabhi Sanskaar?
Laksh : Ha chachchi ji. Wait and watch.
Ana : Hmm, we’ll see how my bahu looks like.
Sanskaar : Mom, are you serious?
Ana : Haa (She wimks at Sanskaar)

Ragini enters in a white gown (The way she wore at GPA 2016). Sanskaar is mesmerized to see her.
Laksh in his mind : She is real beauty, but for my brother I will have to burry. I don’t want to ruin his happiness for the second time also. Control Laksh, Control.
Laksh : Sanskaar, close your mouth.
Ana : So is she my bahu? This is Ragini right?
Roli : Haan mom,
Ragini heads toward them and winks at Sanskaar and the rest. She taked blessings from Anamica.

Ana : How are you beta?
Ragini : I’m fine aunty. How about you?
Ana : I’m fine beta.
Ragini : Ro, where is Swara?
Hearing Swara’s name Anamica’s face expression changes. She excuses herself and leaves.
Sanskaar : Nice dress Ragini
Ragini : Only the dress is nice?
Sanskaar : No the hair is also nice.
Ragini gets angry on the way he is compliments. Laksh and Roli notice it at starts laughing. At that time Sid and Swara reaches. She is not less than Ragini, Laksh sees her and gets mesmerized.
Sanskaar : What’s wrong with you both?
Swara : Hey, people.
Laksh : Wait let me show you.
He goes toward Swara.
Laksh : Today you are looking extra beautiful. Look how pretty you are, it’s like an angel came to this party. When I look in to your eyes the whole world is blank to me. I’m
Swara is stunned, while Ragini, Sanskaar, SId and Roli’s mouth hung open. Laksh is lost in Swara’s eyes.
Roli : Bhai, enough of compliment.
Laksh jerks : Voh, I was just showing Sanskaar.
Ragini : Haan Laksh we saw
Sid : In front of her bhai (he winks at Laksh)
Sanskaar : I have to learn a lot from you brother. (He punches on his stomach)

Anamica gets on to the stage. She clears her voice.
Anamica : Good evening everyone. First of all I would like to thank all of you for attending this party. Congratulation my dear Simar, Prem and Adarsh, Parineeta. Today I would like to make an announcement regarding my son Sanskaar’s marriage.

Ragini, Sanskaar, Roli, Laksh, Swara and Sid are shell shocked.
Ragini : Sanskaar, why this hurriedly?
Sanskaar : Don’t know Ragini.
Roli : What is she up to?
Laksh : It’s a a bad surprise.
Swara : Is everything ok Laado?
Sid : Hope so

Anamica continues : Yeah My son Sanskaar Mheshwari. Beta come, to the stage. (Sanskaar goes). Sanskaar’s marriage with Swara Virani.
All the six (RagSan, SwaLak and Rosid) are shocked.
Sanskaar : Mom…(Ana gives a stern look)
Ana : And another marriage is also going to happen. Sujatha ji….

Sujatha comes to the stage.
Sujatha : Yes, just as she told we have fixed my daughter Ragini’s marriage with Siddhanth Virani. We are hoping to keep both the weddings together

All the six (RagSan, SwaLak and Rosid) are shell shocked. Prem and Simar are too shock
Prem : What is maa doing?
Simar : What is happening Prem? What about Ragini and Sansskaar?
Both of them look at Ragini who is expressionless. And Sanskaar is crying Looking at Ragini.

Screen freezes on shocked faces of Swara and Sid and Crying faces of Ragini and Sanskaar.

Precap : Ragini and Sanskaar are hugging each other and crying. Sandeep I seen standing near the cliff.

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Credit to: Dafsi

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