Sasural Swaragini Ka 22 (RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

Hello everyone Dafai here with another episode of my ff and here we go

Part 22

The epsidoe starts with Ragini and Pari serving food.
Ana : Ragini where is Sanskaar?
Ragini : He has gone early as there were some appointments Mom.
Mataji : I have something impotant to announce.
Everyone looks at her. Ap and Ana looks at each other and smile.
Dp : What is it Ma?
Mataji : I have decided to get Laksh married along with Roli. Annapoorna…
Laksh chokes and Adarsh taps his back.
Ap : Decided to get Laksh married to Swara.
This makes him more shock while Pari fumes in anger.
Mataji : So we will be going to today to ask her hand to our Laksh. Ragini beta and Pari make all the meeded preparations. I have spoke with sujatha ji and she told that she and Simar also will come.
Ragini and Pari : Ji mataji.
Mataji : Now continue eating.
Laksh couldn’t digest the fact that he was going to get married. He finshes eating and gets up.
Dp : Where are you going?
Laksh : Woh…Papa I forgot there is an important work.
Dp : What important work? You are going to get married and if you really going to keep finding your own job then you will have to end up in the road. So from tomorrow you will joing our company.
Rp : Bhai if you don’t mind let Laksh work with me. You have Adarsh and I’m all alone.
Dp thinks and nods.
Dp : Your chaachu is right you join him.
Laksh : Ji papa.
Telling this he runs to his room and locks it.

Down at the dining table.
Ana : Ragini beta, did Ganga eat something?
Ragini : Yes ma I made her eat. Now I will give her the juice and come.
Ana nods her head and smiles while Ragini leave. Ragini comes to Ganga’s room and finds her sleeping. She places the juice beside the table and leave and she goes passing Laksh’s room. She thinks of speaking woth him regarding Swara and she knocks.
Laksh : Come in
Ragini enters and finds him sitting frustrated. She walks to him sits beside him.
Ragini : Laksh are you okay?
Laksh : Yeah I’m fine Ragini.
Ragini : But you don’t look.
Laksh : How can I get married in this age and that too Swara.
Ragini : Why Swara what is wrong with her?
Laksh : Nothing is wrong with her Ragini but I’m not ready to protect her still.
Ragini : Protect her? Protect her from whom?
Laksh : Sandeep.
He realizes what he told and looks at Ragini’s shokced face.
Ragini : What do you mean?
Laksh says all what he saw and heard about Sandeep is going to take revange from Swara and Ragini is shocked.
Laksh : She is insecure over here.
Ragini places her hand on his shoulder.
Ragini : When she is with you she would be more protective, won’t she? You don’t have to worry we will make Sandeep to understand that revanging is not the way and Laksh you have to make me a promise that you will never let Swara down.
Laksh : Promise, I will look after just the way bhai looks after you.
Ragini smiles and leave.

Scene at evening, Sanskaar returns. He goes to his room and doesn’t find Ragini.
Sanskaar : Won’t she ever be in this room? May be she is gossiping with Roli.
He hears a knock on the door.
Sanskaar : Come inn
Laksh enters.
Laksh : Bhai I hope you got to know everything.
Sanskaar : Yeah but please don’t get married.
Laksh gets shocked.
Laksh : What do you mean?
Sanskaar folds his sleeves and drags Laksh out of the room and makes him stand infront of Roli’s room and Sanskar slowly open the door. Laksh hangs his mouth wide open.
Sanskaar whispers : This will happen in future. Your wife is also one of the three idiots.
Ragini and Roli were dancing to the song Prem Raatan (You know right what friends do when they get together)
Sanskaar closes it knocks the door.
Roli opens it.
Roli : What?
Sanskaar : Can I speak Mrs.Sanskaar Maheshwari?
Roli : Sorry wrong door there is no one called in that name.
Sanskaar : Then who the hell were you dancing with?
Sanskaar and Laksh dances and shows the way they did. Ragini marches and opens the door fully.
Ragini : Aren’t you ashamed to peep on a girl’s room?
Sanskaar : She is the culprit I was searching for.
Ragini : Roli I will come back.
Ragini angrily marches to her room while Sanskaar follows her shoutinhlg her name. Roli laughs at them while Laksh is lost in his thoughts. He imagines him self running behind Swara and Swara dancing with Ragini and Roli.
Roli : Where are you lost?
Laksh jerks.
Laksh : I have rethink about Swara or I will also have to run behind her like bhai? You have ruined the life of two.innocent girl.
Roli stamps his foot and bashes the door. Laksh screams in pain.

Scene shifts to RagSan’s room
Sanskaar : Ragini…
Ragini : What Ragini?
Sanskaar : I was searching you…
Ragini interrupts : Searching for what? Why did you peep in to the room? Can’t you even be without…
Sanskaar drags her closer by pulling her from the waist. Both of them share an eyelock.
Sanskaar : Yes I can’t be without you. How much do you talk? I came in search to tell you that you Mom has invited us for the dinner? You were dancing off your head that you wouldn’t have probabky heard your phone ringing. Now get ready.
Sanskaar leaves Ragini and goes out while Ragini feels bad. Then a nuaghty smile appears.

The screen freezes on the naughty smiling face of Ragini.


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