Sasural Swaragini Ka 21 (RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)


Hello everyone Dafsi here with another epi after along time and yeah I have planned to upload this only on fridays 🙂 sorry but I really dont have enough time 🙂 Okay then lets go

Part 21

The episode starts with Ragini entering her room. She has deep smile on her face just then someone hugs her from behind.
Ragini : Sanskaar leave me.
Sanskaar : Now way, your punishment.
Ragini : I have to get changed and then go give food to Ganga.
Sanskaar : There are so many women in the house other than my wife.
Ragini breaks the hug and turns to him.
Ragini : But it is my devrani so I only have to care so I’m leaving.
Ragini goes to the wadrobe and takes her clothes and goes to the washroom. Sanskaar sits on the couch worriedly just then there was knock on the door.
Sanskaar : Haa come in.
Sandeep and Laksh entered.
Sanskaar : You two.
Laksh : Haa we twon
Sanskaar : Can I know for what reason has my brothers come?
Sandeep : Sanky last night we heard sounds from your room.
Sanskaar wonders.
Laksh : Some vase breaking sound hena Sandy?
Sanskaar realizes what are they upto and gives death glare to both Sandeep and Laksh.
Sandeep : Chup Laksh what if bhabhi hears us.
Laksh : Ohh that is cool we can tease both of them together that would be more fun.
Sanskaar : Lucky you are testing my patience.
Sandeep laughs while Laksh makes a puppy face.
Laksh : Sanky is now fully changed. He has become king of romance.
Sanskaar gets up and goes near window.
Sandeep : What a change bhaiyaa?
Sanskaar : Both of you shut now, nothing happened last night as you both think and…
Sanskaar realizes what he said while Laksh and Sandeep both are shocked. Just then Ragini comes out wearing a peach short top and patiala trouser along with a dupatta and hair tied in a bun.
Ragini : Sanskaar
Sanskaar, Sandeep and Laksh looks at Ragini in shock.
Sanskaar : Rago…Ahh…I was not…
Ragini : Now why are you stammering. I have work downstairs unlike you three so I’m leaving.
Sanskaar : Then didn’t you hear us?
Ragini : Hear what? (She asks it shrinking her eyes)
Sanskaar : Nnn…nothing you go
Ragini shakes her head and goes out while the three of them sighs.
Laksh : I’m sorry bhai without understanding your situation we teased you but don’t worry once you done let me know I will tease you again.
Sanskaar removes his shoe before he coupd hit Laksh, Laksh runs out of the room.
Sandeep : He is mad, really mad. Don’t know when will he grow up.
Sanskaar : He has grown up enough nothing is left.

Ragini takes food and enter Sandeep’s room.
Ganga : Ragini I would have come down.
Ragini : What do you mean Ganga? This is not only your baby our baby too. This baby is only going to make me bade ma.
Ganga laughs. Ragini starts cleaning the room while Ganga looks at her lovingly. Just then Roli enters the room.
Roli : May I also help you bhabhi?
Ragini : Roli, I have asked you not to call me as bhabhi.
Roli makes a pout face. Ragini and Roli cleans the whole room while Ganga finishes eating.
Ragini : Done, everyting is perfect. Ganga if you need anything just one voice is enoigh and then I will be right infront of you.
Roli : Arey Ragini, let me also take care of my bhabhi, after all I’m baby’s maami.

Ragini open her mouth to speak just then she hears Anamica calling her. She rushes downstairs.
Ragini : Ji mom
Ana : Ragini has Ganga eaten?
Ragini : Haa mom.
Ap comes out of the kitchen.
Ap : From what time am I calling Pari. Pari beta(She shouts)
Ragini : Badi ma I will check.
Ap : No no beta it is okay. I will give the medicines to Mataji.
Ragini : No I will give. Both of you go and take rest I will make milk for you and bring.
Ana : But…
Ragini : It is fine (She gives a warm smile) I will manage.
Ap and Ana leave. Ragini goes to kitchen and makes milk. She pours in to each glass and takes it in a tray. She goes to Mataji’s room and knocks.
Mataji : Come in.
Ragini enters and keeps the glass of milk on the table. She takes out the medicines and gives to Mataji along with a glass of water.
Mataji : Where is Parineeta?
Ragini : Mataji bhabhi is sleeping maybe she is tired.
Mataji nods and Ragini smiles and leaves. She takes the tray and goes to Ana’s room and gives milk to both Rp and Ana. She then goes to Ap’s room and give milk to both Ap and Dp. She then finally reaches her room and finds Sanskaar on the laptop.
Ragini : Ahhh I’m tired.
Sanskaar doesn’t stay anything but remains quiet.
Ragini : Ohh it seems like someone is really angry.
Sanskaar pretends as if he is busy. Ragini sits beside him rests her head on his shoulder. He still keeps working.
Ragini : Sanskaar listen to me will you.
He is remains queit.
Ragini : Okay if you dont want to listen never mind I’m leaving.
She stands up and just then Sanskaar drags her she sits back where she was sitting. Sanskaar lies on her lap and they share a cute eyelock.
Ragini : Sanskaar, I think…
Sanskaar interrupts : Exactly we should give time to famiky as we are leaving. Also I have decided to take our relation ship to next level once we understand each other fully.
Ragini is shell shocked.
Ragini : How did you know that I wanted to tell this?
Sanskaar : I’m your husband.
Sanskaar pecks her cheek and goes to the bed. Ragini blushes.
Ragini : Thanks for understanding me.
Sanskaar : Good night love you look so tired so sleep. I have to go to hospital early in the morning.
Both of them sleep in their respective place. Ragini awakes getting disturbed by the sun light. She gets up goes to the washroom she comes out wearing pink saadi. She takes out Sanskaar clothes, towel, tie and places them on the bed and starts awaking Sanskaar.
Ragini : Sanskaar awake you told that you have to go early and sleeping like this. (She shakes him) Sanskaar awake.
Sanskaar awakes and finds Ragini looking at him angrily. She turns to leave but Sanskaar drags her and she falls on top of him. He slowly tucks her wet hair behind her ears.
Sanskaar : You look beautiful even when you are angry.
Ragini blushes.
Ragini : Okay Mr. Handsome if you have done romancing with your wife please go get changed. I have to go down and prepare food and tea for you.
Sanskaar : This is not called as romance. (He rolls and makes Ragini fall on the bed and he is on top of her.) Let me show you.
Ragini : It is getting late Sanskaar.
Sanskar gets closer to her while Ragini closes her eyes and blushes. Sanskaar smiles looking at her face and slowly moves near her and takes the towel Ragini open her eyes and finds Sanskaar standing near the washroom.
Ragini : You…
Sanskaar : It seems like my wife is all time ready.
He goes in laughing while Ragini shakes her head and goes down.
She enters the kitchen and helps Ana, Ap and Pari.
Ap : Anamica
Ana : Haa jiji
Ap : I thought of getting Laksh also married.
Ana : But jiji he is too small.
Ap : No Anamica he is very irresponsible, look how Sandeep and Sanskaar and responsible. Just after the marraige Laksh will also turn in to a responsible person.
Ana : That is true jij.
Ap : Do you know any girl?
Ragini thinks for a while and suddenly remembers Swara.
Ragini : Badi ma Swara.
Anamica’s face expresion changes while Ap looks at Pari.

Parineeta’s POV
Oh no what is this Ragini upto. Is she trying to get my sister married to that useless. She got married to a doctor and making my sister married to that useless.
Parineeta’s POV ends.

Ap : Pari where are you lost beta?
Pari : Ma? Woh…I will speak with Swara and my family.
Ap : No no, we will speak if not that will be unpleasent.
Ana : Ragini, go and give the tea to Sanskaar.
Ragini : Ji mom
Ragini leaves the kitchen. She is so happy that Swara is going to enter as a bahu, as her devrani. She meets Roli on her way.
Roli : Ragini where are you lost?
Ragini : What Ragini? call me bhabhi.
Roli is shocked and loos at Ragini in a confused way. Ragini bursts out in to laugh.
Ragini : Here after not only me you have to call Swara also you bhabhi only.
Roli : Bhabhi? But husband sister is called as nandh right?
Ragini : Buddhu she is going to get married to your Laksh bhai.
Roli is shocked and is super happy.
Roli : What are you saying Ragini? I’m super happy.
Ragini hears Sanskaar calling her.
Ragini : You bhai is always there to spoil our mood. I will give the tea and come.
Roli : Okay. Ganga bhabhi asked for water I forgot that also.
Both of the get split up. Ragini enters her room.
Ragini : Now why did you call me?
She places the tea on the table.
Sanskaar : Where is my shoes?
Ragini : It must be somewhere here(Ragini starts searching)Found it. Can’t you bend your body and search?
Sanskaar : Okay meri maa fix my tie.
Ragini fixes her tie while Sanskaar keeps on disturbing her.
Ragini : If you don’t stop irritating me I will go.
Sanskaar stands like an obidient child. Ragini finishes fixing his tie.
Sanskaar : Now I want my pill.
Ragini : Pill?
Sanskaar : Haa my morning kiss.
Ragini : Getting late.
Sanskaar : You are responsible.
Ragini pecks his cheek.
Sanskaar : What is this?
Ragini : Sanskaar now are you gonna go or no?
Sanskaar pecks her lip and leaves Ragini shock. He smiles naughtily and goes out. Ragini just turns and follows him. She says about Swara’s and Laksh’s marriage to Sanskaar. Sandeep ovehear them and shakes his head.
Sandeep : I won’t let this happen.

Screen freezes on the determined face of Sandeep.


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