Sasural Swaragini Ka 20 (RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)


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Sasural Swaragini Ka 20 (RagSan)

The episode starts with Swara and Ganga tapping the door.

Scene shifts to the hall where Pari is serving drinks. Laksh hears a faint noice of someone tapping the door and then his eyes starts searching Swara.

Laksh in his mind : Where did Swara go?
He again hears the noice and starts following it. He ends up opening the store room.
Laksh : Swara what are you doing here?
Swara : We got locked (She has sweated and she is speaking a bit loud)
Laksh : We? Who is the other one?

By that everyone reach the store room hearing Swara’s voice.
Swara : Ganga bhabhi…(She turns and finds Ganga on the floor)
Sandeep gets shocked seeing Ganga on the floor. He panics and carries her and takes her to their room. Swara and rest get tensed.
Ragini : Is she okay?
Sanskaar Sanskaar : Don’t worry she is okay
Sandeep caries her and takes her to their room and places her on the bed.
Sandeep : Ganga…Awake…

Dp calls the doctor.
Mataji : Anamica bring water(Ana nods and leave)Swara what happened in the store…
Before she could finish a tight slap was placed on Swara cheek.
Everyone : Sandeep…
Sandeep : Why have you come back? You always ruin our life. First mine, then Sanskaar’s, after that Ragini’s and now my Ganga’s. Then whose life ahhh? What kind of happiness do you get by hurting us? What sin did we do for you?
Anamica comes with a glass of water by then doctor arrives along with the doctor Roli too enter. Doctor checks Ganga.
Doctor : Nothing to worry Mr. Maheshwari you wife is concieved. Congradulations!
Sandeep : Concieved?
He looks at Ganga sleeping and the sits beside her.
Doctor : I have prescribed some medicines make her drink.
Doctor leaves.
Mataji : I am going to be badai daadi ma.
Anamica : And I’m going to be daadi ma.
Mataji : Ha ha..Look the day Ragini stepped what a good news we got.
Ragini smiles while Sanskaar looks at her lovingly.
Mataji : Let Ganga rest, we can meet her in the morning. Pari beta take Ragini to her room.

Scene shifts to the terrace. Swara was standing alone looking at the sky Laksh comes their and places his hands on her shoulder.
Swara : Am I here to ruin others happiness? Did I ruin everyone’s happiness?
She turns and hugs Laksh.
Swara : I want to go near mama. The first foolish thing I did was accepting to stay here. I need mama. (She starts cryimg like a small kid)
Laksh breaks the hug and makes Swara look in to his eyes.
Laksh : Swara, whatever bhai told was in a tensed mood. He was tensed what happened to bhabhi, actualy he didn’t mean anything.
Swara : No Laksh whatever he told was right. I’m at fault.
Laksh : No you are not, now stop cryig and let’s go down. The cold breeze will make you sick.

Scene shifts to RagSan’s room. Sanskaar comes out of the washroom and finds Ragini staring at her photo frame where Sanskaar has drew. She has worn pajama. Sanskaar comes and hugs from behind.
Ragini : Do you love me so much?

Sanskaar : How much? The first time I met you. You were so innocent and cute. Look at the picture.
Ragini : You have drawn it perfectly. I must tell you, you have good memory.
Sanskaar : Achcha biwi ji, I have to say you something important.
Ragini : Even I have to say something.
Sanskaar : Go ahead.
Ragini breaks the hug and turns to Sanskaar. She holds his hand gives a squeez.
Ragini : Sanskaar, why don’t we take our relation ship after all the problems are sorted out? With all this problems around us Im not ready.
Sanskaar : Not bad even my wife thinks just as me, even I wanted to say you the same thing.
Ragini gives a warm smile and hugs Sanskaar.
Sanskaar : It doesn’t mean I can’t romance too.
Ragini breaks the hug and blush but hides it.

Ragini : I’m tired aftet all so I’m going to sleep.
Sanskaar : What a boring wife you are?
Ragini makes a wierd face. Sanskaar comes closes to her and makes her turn.
Ragini : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar puts her hair to a side and kisses her neck. Ragini shivers a bit. She tunrs and look at Sanskaar and both of them share an intense eyelock.
Sanskaar : If I start I know you can’t wait without taking part.
Ragini punches his stomach.

Ragini : Then you got me wrong.
Sanskaar : You are stronger than I thought. You look tired go and sleep.
He gives a soft kiss on Ragini’s forhead.
Ragini : I’ll sleep in the couch.
Sanskaar : No go to bed, I can manage in the couch.
Ragini shakes her head and smiles naughtly. She moves to his ear.
Ragini whispers : I won’t be able to sleep in that big bed all alone. (Ragini winks at Sanskaar)
Sanskaar : Such a naughtly girl you are.
Sanskaar goes to bed and lies while Ragini sleeps on the couch. Sanskaar switches off the lights.
Ragini : Anyways you shouldn’t have done something like that.
Sanskaar : Ohh you mean I should have opposed you. Even I’m ready now.
Ragini : Such jerk you are.
Sanskaar : What? I’m your husband.

Ragini : Not that, you shouldn’t have called Uttara to tie the knot.
Sanskaar : It was just to make Roli realize what she did was wrong.
Ragini : Still, you shouldn’t have told it in that way.
Sanskaar : Then do you mean what she did was right?
Ragini : Yes, when you can love your sister’s friend why not her. Can’t she love her friend’s brother?

Sanskaar : Can but we have romanced for a long time they have not.
Ragini takes a pillow and throws it goes and knock to the vase close by and it breaks. Just then Sandeep and Laksh were passing their room. Both of them look at Sanskaar’s room and gives a shocking and wierd expression.
Sandeep whispers: What was that?

Laksh couldn’t control his laughter he runs to his room where Sandeep follows him.
Laksh : Hahahahaha we can tease him tomorrow as muchas we can.
Sandeep : What? What was that sound?
Laksh stops laughing and looks at Sandeep weirdly.
Laksh : Are you really going to be a father?

Sandeep the realizes what Laksh was talking about and both of them high fives and starts laughing.

It is morning Roli and Swara awake. Both of them gets changed.
Swara : Today it is Ragini’s first day at her sasural and she has to make some sweet right? I’m so happy that I can taste it.
Roli : Is it so?
Swara : Roli you anger is not justified. She is your best friend and you should be happy about it.
Roli doesn’t respond she goes out bashing the door behind her. She comes down sees some decorations and preparation are going on. She sees Sanskaar and Ragini are inatructing some people to do the work. Then Ragini walks to Anamica who was selecting some dresses. Ragini points at a dress and says something. Roli gets frustrated she was about to leave then Ragini comes and blocks her way.
Ragini : Roli, do you like the decorations?
Laksh comes there.
Laksh : It is awesome, after all it is bhabhi’s arangements. Roli I envy you. Which bhabhi will support her nanadh’s love like Ragini bhabhi does.

Roli looks at Ragini making her eye small in confusion.
Ragini : Laksh stop calling me bhabhi.
Ganga comes there.
Ganga : Ragini you should have told me about Roli’s enagement right I would have helped you right?
Roli : Engagement?
Ganga : Haa, your bhabhi who is your best friend has fiught for your love? How lucky you are.
Ragini : Nothing like that, it was Sanskaar who convinced everyone.
Roli : Bhai?
Sanskaar comes there.
Sanskaar : Ragini, put my phone to charge, I’m taking yours..I’ll be going out as an emergency patient has come.
Ganga : But Sanskaar it is Ragini’s first day…
Ragini : It is fine Ganga, he is a doctor and as his wife I have to support him let him go.
Ragini smiles looking at Sanskaar. Sanksaar turns to leave Roli goes and blocks him.
Roli : Bhai, won’t you speak with your sister? I’m sorry bhai I hurt you and Ragini so much. Bhai…(She folds her hand)please…
Before she could complete Sanksaar hugs her.

Sanskaar : You are my life, how could you think that I don’t understand your feelings? Im sorry, I was not able to speak on behalf of you as your brother I failed to support my sister.
Roli : No no no, it was me who didn’t realize. I couldn’t realize that even you were in stress. I blamed you both so much.
Sanskaar breaks the hug and wipes her tears.
Sanskaar : No more tears. (He kisses her head) You have to look beautiful in the evening so don’t cry.
Roli nods her head. Sanskaar pats her cheek and leaves while Ragini also leaves behind him. She puts all the things in Sanskaar’s car and turns.
Sanskaar : Love you so much. Thanks for speaking with everyone.
Ragini : Love you too.

Sanskaar gives a kiss on her forehead and leaves while Ragini smiles.

It in the evening all the guest have arrived. Ragini and Swara brings Roli downstairs. Roli has worn a pink lehenga. Ragini has worn a red saadi and swara a blue anarkali. They make her stand near Sid.
Roli : Ragini where is bhai?
Ragini : He just now came, maybe getting ready. I’ll go and check him.
Ragini goes upstairs and finds Sanskaar is struggling ti wear his sharwani as he has not unbottened it so it has stucked in his head. Ragini starts laughing.
Sanskaar : Stop laughing and help me unbotton it.
Ragini goes near him and unbottens it and puls the Sharwani down. All his hair has gone down and he was looking like cute little boy.

Ragini : Ohh my cutie pie come fast down (She says it pulling his cheeks)
Sanskaar drags her closer wrapping his hand around her waist.
Sanskaar : After looking at my hottie this cutie pie doesn’t want to leave to the function.
Ragini : Sanskaar it is getting late. Come let’s go downstairs.
Sanskaar : Only if you give me a kiss.
Ragini : Kiss?
Ragini fumes and gives a peck on his cheek and runs.
Sanskaar smiles.
Sanskaar : I’ll get what I want later.

Both of then come downstairs.
Ragini : Now both of you can exchange.
Roli and Sid exchanges the ring. Laksh comes towards Sanskaar along with Sandeep.
Laksh : Sandy bhaiyaa.
Sandeep : Haa Lucky bolo.

Laksh : It seems someone has got a slap before coming down.
Sanskaar know that these two are pulling his legs.
Sanskaar under his breath : Slap?
Sandeep : Ohh yeah, the slap has left marks also.
Sanskaar touches his cheek and finds lipstick mark on his hands. He wipes it fast while Laksh amd Sandeep burst out in to laugh. Sanskaar hits both of their head and leaves from their fuming. Sanskaar goes near Ragini and drags her to a side.
Sanskaar : Now you have to bear the punishment.
Ragini : Punishment what for?
Sanksaar : If you would have kissed here (pointing at his lip) no one would have noticed beacuase of you pecked my cheek I got teased so bear you have to get punished.
Ragini laughs.

Ragini : Ohhh it is not my fault so you can’t punish.
Sanskaar : Achcha, then you don’t have to accept but I will give you the punishment.
Saying this he drags her closer.

Screen freezes on their position.


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Credit to: Dafsi

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