Sasural Swaragini Ka 19 (RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

Sasural Swaragini Ka Ep 19 (RsgSan, SwaLak and RoSid)

The episode begins with Prem entering.
Prem : Laksh did Simara and all come?
Laksh : No jiju not yet.
Prem : Maybe they are on their way. Where is Sanskaar?
Ana comes out with a basket of flowers.
Ana : Arey Krishna kaka arrange this flowers properly. It is like I’m working in middle of blind, deaf and dumb people.
Ap : Anamica calm down till evening we have time.
Prem : Haa chachchi ji Ma is right
Ana : Prem beta when did you come?
Laksh : When you were shouting only jiju came.
Ap : Prem beta where are the others?
Prem : They are on their…
Just then Simar, Sujatha and Rajendra enter.
Simar : Ma we are here. We got caught in the traffic.
Dp, Rp and Mataji comes down and they greet the Gadodia’s. Then the rest of the family members except Roli too come and greet.
Mataji : We have a lot of work to do. I will give your duties. Adarsh and Prem beta see whether the decorations are going on properly.
Adarsh and Prem : Ji Mataji.
Just then the Virani’s enter except Siddhanth. All of them greet each other.
Mataji : Ganga beta, Swara and Uttara beta you go and stay with Ragini as she is alone. Take Roli along with you. Pari beta and Simar both of you go and check whether the food and caterings are ready. Ap, Anamica, Dp and Rp all of you can start inviting people.
Sumi : I’ll help Simar beta and Pari.
Shekhar : And I’ll help Prem beta and Adarsh beta in decorations.
Mataji smiles : Arey you all don’t have to work.
Sumi : What is this Mataji even we are a part of this family. Can’t we help our daughters Sasural?
Shekhar : After all it is my friends daughter’s and son’s wedding.
Dp : Of course you can help hena ma?
Mataji smiles and nods.
Sujatha : Ok then I and Prem’s papa will invite the guests from our side.
Mataji : Ji Sujatha ji
Laksh : Mataji what I and Sandy are suppose to do?
Mataji : Both of you will surely ruin if I give you any work so go and stay with Sanskaar.
Laksh and Sandeep makes a pout face and all of them leave. Mataji sits and sighs while the rest are doing their duty.

Swara, Uttara and Ganga come inside to the outhouse. They see Ragini blushing looking at her phone. All three of them look at each other and smiles.
Ganaga : Jethani ji you better stop blushing.
Swara : Haa Ganga is right or her jeth ji will get an attack very soon.
Ragini comes to her senses and starts blushing more.
Uttara : Stop teasing Ragini Di. If you all tease she will keep on turning in to red and she won’t be able to blush tonight.
Ragini : Uttara ki bachchi, did you also join them? By the way where is Roli?
Swara and Ganaga look at each other. They remembered what happened.

Swara and Ganga come to Roli’s room and finds Roli sitting on the couch with her laptop on her lap and head phones plugged in. Swara goes near her and holds Roli.
Roli : Arey Shona when did you come? (She removes her head phones)
Swara : Just now Ro. Why don’t you come downstairs?
Roli’s smiling face changes in to anger.
Roli : Shona and bhabhi if you are here to call me for the wedding preparations or anything regarding that leave.
Ganaga : Roli it is your bhai’s wedding. You couldn’t see one of your bhai’s wedding and don’t you want to see at least the other bhai’s wedding? You have no idea how much your bhai got sad when he had to marry me. Do you know how much he got sad that his sister and family couldn’t see his wedding? The pain for Sanskaar would be 1000 times bigger than what Sandeep got. While the whole family is present only his sister will be not there.
Swara : Ganga is right Ro and after it is your best friend’s wedding. Did you forget how I and you were planning to dress Ragini in different styles? Don’t be stubborn Ro everything will be ok.
Roli : Once I said I don’t want to com and that is final. I don’t care about my brother or my friend. Both of them used me for their love. Both of them only pretended in front me. Everyone only loves them but not me. Whatever the decision is taken by them is right and whatever I take will be wrong.
Swara : Ro…
Roli screams : I said get out.
Flashback ends.

Their thoughts are broken by Ragini’s voice.
Ragini : What are you two thinking?
Ganga : Nothing Ragini. Roli is having a head ache so she told that she want to sleep.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini : You are too innocent that you can’t lie. I’m very good at catching lies more over don’t forget Roli is my friend I know that her anger is not that easy to fade away.
Swara : Laado…
Ragini : I’m fine shone (She gets a layer of tear)

Scene shifts to Sanskaar’s room.
Sandeep : Stop being nervous Sanky.
Laksh : Exactly, see the experienced one is speaking.
Sandeep throws the pillow on Laksh.
Sandeep : You will never change Laksh.
Sanskaar : Stop is guys I’m not nervous.
Laksh and Sandeep : We can see.
Sanskaar : What can you see?
Laksh : That you are not nervous.
Sandeep : What is the reason for wearing the t shirt inside out?
Sanskaar sees his t shirt and realizes how he has worn it..
Sanskaar : Ahh…vohh…It is not because of nervousness. Just nothing…
Laksh : Ok…ok…just… just hena Sandy?
Sandeep : Laksh why should he be nervous he already knows the girl who he is going to get married? But still bhaiyaa we see nervousness in you. Don’t worry everything will be ok. Everything will vanish when you see her (Sanskaar blushes)
Laksh : Ohho look our groom is blushing, I must say this to bhabhi. (He makes a pout face)
Sandeep and Laksh laughs. Sanskaar fumes in anger.
Sanskaar : Uffo you two are teasing me too much. Sandy your good time I was not there when you were marrying but Lucky I won’t leave you.
Sandeep : Anyway welcome you to the world of trouble.
Sanskaar : What do you mean?
Sandeep : You will understand everything by time. How married men suffer and all.
Laksh : Scary…That is why I have removed the idea of getting married.
Sandeep : Sandeep I want that hand bag…Sandeep why didn’t you bring me this?…Sandeep you are so mean…Sandeep do this…Sandeep to that…Sandeep Sandeep Sandeep……(He imitates Ganga)
Sanskaar : Stop it people my Ragini is not like that.

In the evening all the guests have started coming. The wedding is done in the garden. Everything is beautifully decorated with white and pink roses. All the table arrangements and all the decorations are done perfectly. The mandap is the most eye catching thing in the whole wedding. A simple English style decoration is done.
Pandit ji : Bring the groom.
Laksh and Sandeep brings Sanskaar. Sanskaar has worn a cream colour sharwani. Laksh has worn a grey colour sharwani while Sandeep a orange colour sharwani. Sanskaar sits and Pandit starts the rituals.

Scene in Roli’s room.
Ana : Roli wear this and come fast.
Roli : I’m not coming means I’m not coming.
Rp enters.
Rp : What is she telling?
Ana : Ji she is not getting ready. What will the guests think if she doesn’t come.
Rp : Roli don’t test my patience hurry up and get ready.
Roli : I don’t want to come.
Rp comes near and gives a tight slap on Roli’s cheek. Roli widens her eyes in shock.
Roli : Dad…
Rp : Chup karo… You have crossed your limits now go and get changed.
Roli : Dad…(She is crying)
Rp : I said go…
Rp leaves in anger while Anamica shakes her head releasing herself from shock.

Scene at Mandap.
Pandit ji : Bring the bride.
Sujatha : Simar beta…
Just then Ragini comes along with Swara and Ganga. Ragini has worn a hot pink lehenga with very simple silver work on it and matching light jewels, her hair is tied in to a tight bun with a maang tika and a light make up is put on her. Swara has worn an apple green choli while Ganga has worn an orange and red mixed sadi. They make Ragini sit near Sanskaar. Sanskaar smiles and looks at her while she looks at him and smiles. Nervousness was clearly visible in both faces.
Sanskaar softly: I love you.
Ragini softly : How many times will you tell the same thing?
Sanskaar : If fell in love with you again for the fifth time.
Ragini blushes.
Sanskaar : I never knew that you are this beautiful.
Ragini : I have applied the makeup which I usually apply.
Sanskaar : No you have added more blush and you look cute.
Ragini : Ask Swara if you want I didn’t add anything more.
Their conversation is taking place while they are doing some rituals. Swara and Ganga who were standing behind them starts giggling. Swara drops her handkerchief purposely and bends to pick it. Swara mummers in to Ragini’s and Sanskaar’s ear.
Swara : It is not applied blush Sanskaar it is Ragini’s natural blush.
Sanskaar and Ragini looks at each other. Ragini pouts while Sanskaar smiles shaking his head.

Pandit ji : Where is the grooms’s sister?
Just then Anamica comes with Roli. Roli has worn a yellow choli and has left her hair open.
Ana : Roli go and tie the shawls.
Roli : I can’t do it.
Everyone looks at her shockingly. Sanskaar tries to get up but Ragini holds him.
Sandeep : Roli it is a ritual do it without making any scene.
Ganga : Haa Roli go and tie it.
Simar walks toward Roli and drags her to the mandap.
Simar whispers : Chachchi ji told me everything. I promise you that I will talk for with chachaji and papa. Now go and tie.
Roli looks at her and goes and bends to tie it unwillingly.
Sanskaar : Stop it. Uttara will you consider me as your bhai and tie this?
This makes everyone shock. Roli is taken back. Ragini looks at Sanskaar with widened eyes.
Uttara : Voh…
She looks at Sumi and Sumi nods back and then she looks at Mataji and she nods back too. Uttara bends and ties it.
Pandit ji : Now get up take the seven pheres. First three rounds the girl in front and the other four the boy in front.

Sanskaar and Ragini get up and finish the seven pheres. Then they sit back.
Pandit ji : Apply the sindoor.
Sanskaar takes the sindoor and applies it on Ragini’s maang. She closes her eyes and a drop of tear and a cute smile appears on her lip. Sanskaar looks at her lovingly.
Pandit ji : Now make her wear the mangalsutra.
Sanskaar makes her wear the mangalsutra all the guest and family members clap and showers flowers. They get up and take blessings and hugs Mataji, Ap and Dp, Rp and Anamica, Sujatha and Rajendra. Sumi and Shekhar. Ragini hugs Swara, Uttara, Simar, Pari and Ganga. Sanskaar hugs Prem, Sandeep, Adarsh and Laksh. When Ragini turns to hug Roli, Roli leaves in anger which make Ragini feel bad. Sanskaar notices this.
Ana : Come let’s do Ragini’s grah parvesh.
They take Ragini and Sanskaar to the door step. Ana takes aarti. Pari places the kalash. Sanskaar holds Ragini’s hand. Ragini kicks the kalash and steps in the vermillion water and steps in to the house.
Ap : Ragini beta come with us.
Ap takes Ragini to the house temple and makes her hand wet in the vermillion water and asks her to place it on the wall.
Swara : Ok now let’s see who will rule who.
Sandeep : obviously like Ganga rules me Ragini will rule Sanskaar
Ganaga : Really? I didn’t rule you until now but see will you hereafter how I will rule you. By the way Sanskaar only will rule my innocent jethani. After all he is your brother.
Ragini and Sanskaar along with the elders look confusingly.
Simar : Exactly Ganga, your jeth will only rule my little nandh.
Prem : Ragini will only rule Sanskaar.. Poor Sanskaar…
Laksh : Ok ok guys let’s see who will rule whom.

Sanskaar : What to see, there is nothing to see. No one is going to rule anyone.
Adarsh : But we usually through this ritual we can find out the truth.
Ganga drags Ragini and makes her sit on the stool where a big milk bowl was placed. Laksh drags Sanskaar and makes him sit opposite to Ragini.
Laksh : Badi bhabhi put the ring inside.
Pari : Here I’m going to drop but you must be honest. (Pari drops the ring.)
Sanskaar and Ragini puts the hand searches the ring. Both of them have the habit of not giving up. All the family members are eagerly waiting to see who is going to win.
Sandeep : Our Sanskaar gave up on music for Ragini this ring and all our not a mateer for him.
Sanskaar : That was all before marriage bro ji, now I don’t have any reason to give up.
Ragini : Really? I didn’t have reason then and also now.
Sujatha : Sanskaar beta you will only have to win.
Ana : Na na na, my bahu only has to win.
Ap : Both of you stop fighting and see who will win.
Sumi : I think Sanskaar will only win.
Shekhar : No sumi Ragini only will win look at the way she is searching.
Raj : Yeah Shekhar my beti will only win.
DP : No Maheshwari’s son only will win.
Rp : No bhaiyaa Maheshwari’s bahu only will win.
Both of them keep searching and Ragini finds the ring first she smirks but Sanskaar holds her hand and smirks back he holds the other part of the ring. Both of them start pulling and at a point their hand comes up.
Swara : Ohhh too bad both of you are gonna rule over each other equally.
Adarsh : Sanskaar what is this? You lost the game but I won with your bhabhi.
Prem : Ragini didn’t win too
Simar : Prem don’t forget that you lost. Now I can see how equally they love each other.

Mataji : Ganga beta go and keep the lamps in the store room. Pari go and get something to drink for everyone.
Pari : Ji mataji
Ganaga : Ok mataji. Swara can you come and help me?
Swara : Ok.
Swara and Ganga go to store room and places the lamps. They turn to to come out the door get locked.
Ganga : What has happened?
Swara : Don’t know
Both of them starts tapping the door and shouts calling names.
Ganga : Sandeep…Mom…
Swara : Ma…Someone help

Scene in the hall Sanskaar and Ragini are seated opposite to each other..
Laksh : Sandeep you are doing a big crime by making them sit separately.
Sandeep : Come on Lucky just for few minutes only.
Ragini and Sanskaar look at each other and smile and they share an intense eye lock
Sanskaar in his mind : I know you purposely took the ring up when I held it. I know you would lose for me that was the reason I held your hand and you didn’t have any choice other than showing it up. I’m more stubborn than you Mrs. Sanskaar if I’m to win by making you lose that will never happen.
Ragini in her mind : You didn’t want me to lose as well I didn’t want you to lose. I know you held my hand tight so that you can make me win but I’m more stubborn than you Mr. Sanskaar, if you don’t get the victory then I will also not get so I had to put is up.
Sanskaar in his mind : I will never make you disappoints, sad or guilt. My happiness lie on you your happiness. I love you so much.
Ragini in her mind : If I have to be happy by making you sad then I don’t want and happiness ad my happiness lie on your happiness. Love you…

Screen freezes on Ragini’s and Sanskaar’s faces.

Precap : Roli and Sid exchanging ring…Sandeep slaps Swara… Laksh and Sandeep are seen looking at each other with shocked faces…A doctor is checking Ganga…Pari scolds Ragini…

I’m sorry for all the RoSid fans. Very soon I will patch up RoSid please have patience anyways thanks for commenting and suggesting…Please keep reading and supporting…Thanks for all your love and care towards me…I’m still not completely ok…I need your support so please comment…

The next update most probably will be on Thursday… I can’t sure as I’m still not well and I’m really sorry for not updating as I told

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