Sasural simar ka(Rosid forever) epi-5


The epi starts with simar tells that we both are leaving for movie and you both should to disturb us they leaves prem and siddharth thinks we should also go to same movie they go there and comes with them following they takes them from there toying eyes with kerchief
They shout siddharth roli it is me prem also tells to simar it is me

They all comes to disclosed location near beach

They comes to the place where both arranged for candle light dinner while they starts to eat they gets call telling that mataji was in danger

They tells we will come in morning they comes to the room and gets tensed

They all come to the house they shocked to see mataji lying unconscious on bed roli runs and tells don’t worry mataji we all are with you

They calls doctor they comes and tells we are helpless please keep faith on god

Precap: Everyone prays in house for mataji

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice episode and what happened to mataji

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      She was attacked by a person who is new to the show

  2. Nice I like the new twist

    1. Ranaji(narendran)


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