Sasural simar ka(Rosid forever) epi-4


The episode starts with roli and simar tells it and takes pillow prem asks why are you sleeping down simar tells it is not for me but you prem sleeps on floor simar laughs and kisses him and goes to sleep telling that you should not come near to me roli tells I will sleep down becoz you are my husband

What to do I should accept if you are mental also and laughs he throws pillow saying now you will see what mental will do and goes close to her and kisses her and tells I love you

She moves from there but she hold his hand and tells you can’t run from here she tells sleep you should surprise me in morning then only this all

In the morning they all comes to mall to buy dress for them siddharth and prem thinks we should make some surprise but what siddharth gets idea but he tells prem to think about it

Siddharth and prem tells that their surprise will be ready at 8.00pm but we have decided different things so you should be happy

Precap: They happily tells yes and informs them not to trouble them till surprise becoz we are going to movie prem asks you both sisters but we two she tells that is your problem roli tells she is right and laughs at siddharth

Credit to: Narendran

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