Sasural simar ka(Rosid forever) epi-16 final episode


Siddharth and roli comes to the party Raghul comes there too and sees roli and sid together and gets angry he breaks the bottle and tells pls roli come to me or I will kill khushi roli tells then it is your plan now you are exposed police comes and arrest him they leaves

Siddharth and roli comes to the house and tells about Raghul they all gets happy and asks are you OK roli she tells yes

She searches for simar mataji tells she is waiting there roli goes there and apologize her simar tells OK siddharth comes there and asks what about me roli she tells me OK and hugs both prem tells me?? They all hug
Mataji tells let us throw a big party for this we can enjoy it
Roli tells OK and asks siddharth for gift he tells yes and gives her a flower she gets happy and kisses siddharth everybody tells we are here so pls wait roli tells what he is my husband I can kiss him anywhere and kisses on hand,and cheeks continuously siddharth tells OK mataji now I have won your bet

Pls give me money he tells about it roli throws cake on him he too throws all of them throws cake on each others photographer comes and takes let you all pose for photo

The show ended with a happy note

Enjoy it buddies?????
Sorry for sudden quit becoz I don’t get much response so that only

I thinks to continue if you give comments bye guys

Let us wait for the rosid scenes in current track

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Thank u narendran to stop this track which hasn’t interesting.

  2. Becoz u won’t give significance to simar didi.

    1. Ranaji(narendran)

      Mano I think you did not see the title it is rosid only not premar so I will give importance to rosid only. Many people waited for rosid only not premar. Sorry I don’t want to hurt premar fans

  3. Nice narendran..

  4. Ok narendar Sorry

  5. But your imagination is good.

    1. Ranaji(narendran)


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