Sasural Simar Ka12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 12th July 2013 Written Update

Mehendi lady asks Jhumki to tell her husband’s name so she can write it on her hand. Jhumki doesn’t know what to say. Sujata says on her behalf, Siddhant. Sid feels sad and walks away, but Prem stops him and tells him to control his feelings for mataji and family. Sid stops. Seeing fear on Jhumki’s face, family says it looks like she’s getting for the first time. Dance starts then. Veeru is watching and waiting for lights to fall on Simar. Jhumki is sad. She tells God, we met only few days ago, but Simar believes in you since so long. I can’t do anything, but you can show your magic. She begs God to save Simar. Simar comes to Jhumki and asks what’s the matter? Why are you sad? Jhumki says, nothing. Simar says, I know you’re sad because every girl sees dreams of their marriage

and your marriage is not happening the way you may have wished. Jhumki says in her mind, I am not worth of your love. I am going to backstab to someone who supported me in my bad time. Mausji takes Simar on the dance floor.

Simar is dancing. Veeru and Khushi are waiting for lights to fall. Jhumki is getting worried. Veeru tells to take Simar under the lights. Simar takes Jhumki on the dancefloor. They get separated and Simar is right under the lights that is loosening every second. Lights fall and Jhumki screams, didi. Everyone is shocked. Simar is down the floor. She opens her eyes and gets up. Veeru and Khushi are shocked. Jhumki opens her eyes and smiles seeing Simar absolutely fine. Everyone is scared and hugs Simar. Jhumki is crying. Mataji tells her, nothing happened.. your Simar did is absolutely fine. Prem asks but how did lights fell? I made electrician check everything. He is going to talk to him, but Simar stops and says, everything is fine so leave it. It’s good that Roli moved back and I went to get her on the stage again, else God knows what would have happened. She tells Jhumki, because of you, my life got saved today. Thank you. Simar and Jhumki hug.

Veeru is very angry and very frustrated. He wonders how can anyone be that lucky. He threatens Bantu. He says, I gave choice to Jhumki between you and Simar, and she chose Simar. Simar got saved, but you won’t be. He takes a rod in his hand and is about to hit Bantu, but Khushi comes in the way. He asks Veeru, how can you punish Bantu for Jhumki’s failure? We both saw Jhumki did what we told her to. She brought Simar under the lights. If Simar is that lucky, then what can we do? Jhumki is doing what we are telling because of this boy. If this boy dies, then we will keep running from police for our entire lives. Veeru feels Khushi makes sense. He says, now this time no planning, Simar will die direct and that too by Jhumki’s hand and that will be the end of this story.

Prem is looking closely at the lights that fell down. He again blames electrician else lights can’t fell down by itself. Mausiji agrees and asks everyone if anyone did this purposely. Suddenly Jhumki starts coughing. Simar tells Jhumki to go and rest in her room. Family is worried for Simar. Simar says, this was just an accident. No one did anything purposely and I am absolutely fine. Because of me, you all didn’t eat anything. I will go and prepare it right now. Mataji prays to God to keep this family blessed.

Jhumki is crying in her room remembering what just happened. She asks, why all this is happening? Simar comes in. She stops crying. Simar asks, what happened? Are you okay? Jhumki says, I am fine. Simar asks, sure? You aren’t lying, right? Jhumki says, I was just scared seeing what happened with you. She tells Simar to go down as everyone must be waiting and also because she is very hungry. She starts walking. Simar says, you want to kill me? Jhumki stops walking. Screen freezes on her shocked face.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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