Sasural simar ka FF (intro)

Hi frnds..

I m big fan of sasural simar ka in starting but it changed concept of the story from before’s now getting worst day by day…no words I m having to say to see this serial..
So I planned to write the ff of ssk. ..

Please leave ur comments below if I like it or not..there ill b no nonsense tracks..

The story will b about simar’s daughters sanjana and anjali and roli’s son aditya..the story will also around prem and simar and rosid and their unconditional love towards their family and between sisters..

The story I’ll take 19yrs leap..

Characters introduction:

Sanjana: cute looking..intrested in music..independent…very mordern girl.. she has unconditional love towards her sister anjali..she ill b having family values as simar…

Anjali: intrested in marathons.. she loves speed.. homely looking girl.. she loves her sister sanjana very much..she also repects family values..

Aditya: he s good looking charmer…He ill b playboy in college..He loves his sisters very much…He ill not believe in love..

Karan mehra: lead opposite to anjali
Vikas mehra: lead opposite to sanjana
Manvi singh: lead opposite to aditya..

Introduction to karan and vikas and manvi I’ll b revealed later..


Hi frnds..
Please leave ur comments below to continue my ff..depending on number of comments I I’ll continue my story…I promise I I’ll not let u get bored in this ill b in and around sanjana and anjali ill b jolly love story…

If anyone wish to change my storyline their comments r accepted. ..

Credit to: Aasha

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  1. Pls continue but I need rosid knok jhok fight and their love scenes only I don’t want any other story I want only rosid

  2. yes u want Rosid scene only

  3. Nice and pls update regularly

  4. pls tell whol’ll play these 6’s role

  5. Nye conti

  6. but have some rosimar and premar scenes

  7. Keep goin..i also need some rossid scenes

  8. This track sounds more interesting than that daayan aatma and all stupidity .

  9. Then this u can continue with old version like premar rosid tracks i miss that so much this will b more interesting

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