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Sasural Simar Ka 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar sees Anjali dancing. Then men says wow doll. Simar says don’t you have any shame. She stops Anjali and says what is all this? What are you wearing what are you doing here? Madhu says thank God. Simar says at least think who you are and where you belong to. Anjali says just shut up. We have no relation. This is my life. Who are you to interfere in my life? She shoves simar and says get lost. Rohan says is this a way to talk to your mom? Do you know how she had been looking for me. She didn’t eat or sleep. Anjali says this woman is not my mother. And what mistake have I done? I want to fulfill my dreams. Is that a mistake? and I will do that mistake again and again. Now please get out. Savant sir please I am sorry. Turn on the music. My performance is left. Simar

slaps him and says you are from bharadwaj families. Our daughters do not dance like this. Look around see who these people are. Parents give freedom to kids but can’t let them make their own lives hell. I have right to stop you. No one can stop me not even you. Anjali says how dare you slap me. She is about to Slap Simar. Piyush holds her hand says enough. I don’t care who you re and why but this is my mom. And if someone insults her I can’t tolerate that. Anjali says why are you in my life? What you want from me? Simar says your better. Anjali says not again. Simar says this world is not for you. you are at a wrong place. Anjali says who are you tell me that? Simar says my mom. Anjali says this is my life. Simar says you have right to live your life but I can’t let you make your life hell. Anjali says please go. Simar says I won’t go from here without you. Simar says Piyush hold her hand and take her from here.

Inspector says if she wanna become an actress she must be in Mumbai. Prem says how will we look for her there?
Savant says if I get in this they will know I fooled her. khushi calls Savant. Simar and Piyush take Anjali from there.
Anjali says just leave me.

Khushi says where is savant why is he not picking up. Sankalp asks whom are you calling khushi? she says my friend. Sankalp says why are you calling her so late? Khushi says she is sick. Sankalp says she must be asleep. Go to her place tomorrow. Everyone is worried. I hope we find anjali soon. Khushi says I am praying as well. Sankalp says i hope tomorrow brings a good news for anjali.

Mataji says I wanan make sweet. I know when Simar comes back. She will do arti first and then she will ask for shagun’s sweet. Khushi says mataji we are here we will handle that. simar says my simar doesn’t like walnuts. They take mataji to room.
prem calls inspector. He says Anjali went to Mumbai. I will let you know furthest. Prem says I am going to Mumbai. Simar comes in and says that won’t be needed. sankalp says Anjali thank God you are fine. Anjali says are you happy now? Prem says are you okay? Anjali says how can I be okay while you two are here. prem says I had been looking madly for you and you think this is drama. Look at these people they haven’t slept for three night. Mataji had been crying all that time. Anjali is going upstairs prem stops her and says I am not done yet. I asked you not to go to Mumbai. anjali says you can’t stop me, Simar syas anjali how are you talking.
Anjali says this is our family matter. Who are you to talk that way. Anjali goes upstairs.
Simar says to Prem you shouldn’t talk to anjli that way. Prem says she is my daughter. Simar says I was anjali’s mom and will always be. Prem says why didn’t you inform me when you found her in Mumbai? you must have a plan. Simar says I left her on your responsibility. Prem says now you will hold me responsible? truth is that we got her out of control when you left her. I was with her for her questions. I live in the same world. you moved on. Keep one thing in my if you point at me you’ll point at yourself too. Thank you for bringing her back. but now don’t try to meet me and my daughter. simar says even if you hate me Anjali needs me. I don’t wanna repeat my mistake I had to in helplessness. I won’t even come in front of me. but nothing can stop me from being with my daughter. Prem says now you will use Anjali to come back to this house? I got your game. Piyush comes in and says enough Mr. Prem bharadwaj. Prem says who are you? Piyush says your son.

Precap-Prem says you told me some other story. You did a fraud. Simar says is that true Piyush? Prem says he is like his mother. This is how you brought him up? You both are not my family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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