Sasural Simar Ka 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohini gives the phone back to mata ji. Amar and sattu come in. Mohini says welcome, simar is coming in a while too. Pari lets play catch catch. she throws a pot pari holds it. Mohini and sunanda laugh. She throw the other one. Mohini twists one on her finger. Everyone is scared. Mohini says lets play another intersting game. You are in my team pari. So only bharadwaj family will play this game. You have to tell which pot as whom. If you tell me right then they are all yours if you are wrong i will crush them. Mata ji says we wont play anything with you. mohini says then i wont wait for simar and break them all. Mata ji says we will do as you ask. Mohini says you take time to comprehend. Now tell me who will come first.

Uma bhabhi you have 30 seconds tell me. She teases

everyone. Mohini says tell me or i will break this. Uma says this has roli. Mohini let me check. Mohini says you dont love sid at all i guess. But you are right this is roli. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Mohini says so who is next? Sujata. Tell me maa ji who is in this one. Mata ji says dont worry sujata. Sujata says this has sid. Mohini says maa ji how could you not be a good mother? You dont have faith in your motherhood. You have guessed right. Wow. Right answer. Mohini says so all of you sing a song because I wanna dance.Dont think too much. Uma starts singing ‘ik dusry sy karty pyar hum’. Mohini plays loud music and dances with pari. She teases everyone. There is a pot on her head. Simar comes in.

Mohini says welcome welcome. Simar is back home. she laughs. Mohini says you know i don’t like this. We were enjoying here and you ruined the atmosphere. This is wrong. and you always do this. You lose every time. This game has gotten two long. I have a solution you must be tired of this burden on 3 pots and a useless husband. I want to set you free of this burden. Pari brings her a rod. Mohini is about to break the pots. Simar holds her hand and says no. Mohini says this is a game between you and me. One on one. No one will come between us. We started this war and we will end this. I give you 10 minutes hide these pots and your husband in this house, not in temple. If i find them i will do what i want. If i don’t then you win. The take prem out and say go fast. Simar takes the pots with her. She goes upstairs. Sunanda says you have only 5 minutes. Simar comes back. Sunanda says only two minutes left. Hide prem as well. Simar says in heart i have no other option but temple. She says mohini thank you for making it easy for me prem. I will save all of them.

Precap-Mohini says to simar i can’t find pots. This house is yours how will i know. Lets make this game equal. She takes a frame off the wall and says there are pots behind it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Mohini track is going to end.guys ssk will not end naagin contains 26 episodes so it will be telecast in week end..

    1. from where you got this news plese tel me..

  2. oh super…. but rosid when wil come anyone knows plz tel me….

  3. ssk on hour special episode on 13th september 2015 sunday.. guys enjoy..

  4. sasural simar ka:simar leaves for mahakumbh to know truth.
    ssk which is one of the most distinguish shows of color’s tv is going through twist these days.
    simar tries to reveal reality of mohini and her mother are witches.
    for this purpose she leaves mahakumbh alone to get evidence against them.
    but when pari informs mohini about simar she gets worried because mahakumbh is the place where the secret about whiches end is hidden.
    she will try to stop simar by threatening her that she will kill all the members of bharadwaj family.
    now, in todays episode it will be shown that simar will stop from going to mahakumbh for the sake of her family.

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