Sasural Simar Ka 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pari doubtful about Simar’s identity

Sasural Simar Ka 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhairavi asking Sameer to get Simar’s signatures on the cheque as signs can’t be same of two different persons.. Sameer says we will get it tested by the expert. Shera hears her and informs Simar. Simar says let them do what they wants, they didn’t know that we think far beyond their thinking. Sameer comes to Simar and tells that he wants to give gift to Sanjana, but he don’t have money. He asks her to give money and says he will return. Simar says ok and gives blank cheque to him. Sameer thinks he will see until when she will hide her truth from world. Simar sings the cheque and gives to Sameer.

Aarav calls Ananya and thinks show to convince her. Ananya says how I will live without him. Simar comes to her and asks her to go and pray to Mata Rani. Ananya

says what Mata Rani will do and tells that if she had to help her then she would have done. Simar asks her to pray to Mata Rani and says she likes stubborn bhakts . She holds her hand and takes her to inhouse temple asking her to pray. She asks her to take a heavy breathe and asks whatever she wants. Ananya prays to God and thanks as Aarav got job in USA and asks her to send her with him.
Aarav comes home and tells Ananya that he went to Delhi branch and they got ready to give him apartment and now she can come with him. Ananya gets happy and hugs him. Mata ji says it is a good news and tells Aarav that Mata Rani listened to you both. Ananya says Mata Rani has fulfilled my wish. Simar asks her to pack her bags and says she will send Sanju for help. Mata ji prays to Mata Rani for her help. Simar looks on smiling.

Sameer comes home and tells Bhairavi that cheque is passed, and says you are having a misunderstanding that she is fake. Bhairavi tells that Simar is dead and is about to accept her crime and stops. Sameer says you are saying as if you saw with your eyes. Bhairavi says no and tells that fake Simar said that she had killed simar. She says she don’t want fake Simar to play with Sanjana’s feelings or others. She says she must have learnt to sign like Simar and asks him to give her sometime. She thinks how to expose her.

Everyone sit to have mehendi. Mata ji asks mehendi designer to write Prem’s name. Simar says she will write it later. Pari gets doubtful. Mata ji gives sargi to everyone. Pari says she is missing her husband. Mata ji says even work is necessary and asks him to break her fast on video call with Shailu. Mata ji gives sargi to Simar. She thinks how can I accept this Sargi. Shera comes and says give this sargi to me, as I am hungry. Mata ji says this is Simar’s sargi, what she will eat. Simar says he is a kid, let him eat. Mata ji says I will serve another plate for you. Simar says I will have it and asks her to go and sleep. Pari thinks Bhairavi is right, there is something wrong for sure.

They have the sargi. Piyush hugs Roshni and says he will make her ready. Roshni says she is having fast today. Piyush says even he kept fast for her. He is about to kiss her, but she stops him and says she is fasting. Aarav tells Ananya that he is fasting for her. Ananya doesn’t believe him and says she trust him, but don’t trust on his stomach. Aarav says if I could manage then what you will do. You have to kiss infront of everyone. Ananya gets shy. He says I can do anything for you. Na Jeena Song plays…..Ananya says she will get ready. Roshni gets ready. Piyush helps her wear earring. Main Tenu Samjhawa ji plays…..They make their wives get ready while the song continues to play.

Simar is in kitchen. Prem comes to her and says you are forgetting many things now a days, and says every year I used to fill your maang with sindoor and says he brought sindoor with him. Simar gets tensed. Prem is about to fill her maang with sindoor.

Pari tells Bhairavi that Simar will not break fast with Prem’s hand. Later when everyone is breaking their fast. Simar does Prem’s aarti and is about to break the fast.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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