Sasural Simar Ka 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 9th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Everyoen is getting the house ready for nabratari. Mata ji asks Pari to bring the fruits to cut them. She says okay i will bring it. Mausi ji says she didn’t even bother to say that i will cut them. Mata ji says we will do this. Mausi ji says lets ask uma to do this. Janvi is staring at everyone she is confused what should she do. Its her family on one end and love on the other.

Scene 2
Shaureya reaches the temple and says you have to come today janvi.
There in the house Mata ji asks janvi to sit with them. Mausi ji gives her the fruits to cut, Janvi remembers what simar and roli said to hre, That there is no compatibility between their families. She recalls shaureya’s message. Mausi ji says i have to go to the parlor its dandiya today. Mausi

ji says mata ji must be the chief guest for the event and i will be beside her. Roli says that mata ji you are an inspiration for us. Mata ji says to muasi ji that go to parlor after arti. Roli asks janvi why is she so worried? Janvi says that i remember that i have some work on pending in the hospital i am thinking to go and finish it before evening. Mata ji says yes you should go right now to complete it earlier.

Scene 3
Shaureya is waiting for janvi. He says i have swore on you janvi if you don’t come even i can’t imagine what will i do to myself.
Janvi arrives at the temple. She sees shaureya cutting his nerve. She rushes to him and throws away the knife. She says what are you doing? Why can’t you understand that we have no future together. My family will never go for you and i can’t oppose them. Forget me. Shaureya holds her says that how can i forget you, you are the heart beat of mine. I love you, i wanna make you mine and i wanna marry you. I know that you love me the way i love you. Stop lying to your own self, just confess your love one i promise i will make everything alright. Janvi says how will you make everything alright? After what has happened between your sister and my family.

Scene 4
Meghna asks attul to cancel all her appointments. She says that iw ill go to mandir for arti first. She asks attul where is shaureya? Attul says i have been calling him but he is not receiving the call. Meghna asks him to go and find him .

Scene 5
Janvi is going back home. Shaureya is staring at her. He goes up staris in the temple and starts ringing the bell over and over again. Janvi hears and goes running upstaris. The people in mandir are trying to stop him but he doesn’t listen. Janvi shouts shaureyaa, what have you done? She looks at his bleeding hand. He says i can’t see my love losing. I can’t bear that you will forget me. janvi throw sher bad away and is binding her dupatta around his hand.

Scene 6
There pooja is about to start and everyone is performing the rituals. Sujata says that please God find my daughter a good life partner. SRoli says that god will listen to you. Sujata says this is her first nabratri here. She should have been here. Roli worried about her. She says please God show her the right way.

Scene 7

Janvi says that our families are so different. Wedding binds two houses not just two persons. Our way of living, status everything is different.
Pandit ji intrudes and says that wedding is a precious relation, she is right. Shaureya says just weight our love and everything else. Our love will out weight ll this. True love makes the society go down, its just your family. Shaureya says that i love you and i know that you love me too. Look at your eyes your face every part of your being says that you want me too. He is taking blood out of his cut. She stops him and says this will infect your hand. Shaureya sasy why does it hurt you/ She shouts it hurts because i can’t see you in pain because i love you as well. He applies his blood on her forehead.

Precap- Shayreya and Janvi are getting married in the temple.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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