Sasural Simar Ka 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Mata Rani Saves Sanjana

Sasural Simar Ka 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mata ji telling Simar that they have to be undifferentiated and give marks. Simar says but 2 marks was more. Mata ji says mistake was big and says Roshni have to learn from her mistakes. Sanjana wakes up and calls Sameer. She calls him and then searches for him in the hotel suite. She gets a gift and opens it. She sees him message with him. She goes to wear the dress and thinks it is beautiful.

Roshni is working in the temple area. Anjali thinks she shall talk to her and asks if she is going to wash temple utensils. Roshni says yes.. Anjali says she will wash it. Roshni says no and says you might have eaten onion in food and says she will manage.

Sameer waits for Sanjana. Sanjana comes there. Sameer smiles looking at her. Khuda Jaane plays….He makes her

sit on the chair. Sanjana asks when did you get time to make these arrangements. Sameer says it is a small gesture to make her happy. He makes her wear ring and promises to be with her always. They get up and hug each other. Manager comes with waiter and says your order. Sameer says he has ordered all her favorite things. She asks if you have booked all area. Sameer says yes. He gets a call and tells Sanjana he will come soon. Sanjana is sitting waiting for Sameer when she sees a man shouting for help in the swimming pool. She gets up and goes near the pool.

She looks inside and thinks there is nobody here. Someone pushes her in the pool and makes her drown in the pool. She struggles to save herself and gets unconscious. Sameer comes back and looks for her. He sees Sanjana lying on the swimming pool’s water. He shockingly jumps in the pool and takes her out. He asks her to open eyes and shouts for help, but nobody listens to him. Simar makes Mata rani wear garland. Mata ji’s mala gets broken. Simar asks what you are signing me. Sameer asks Sanjana not to leave him and open her eyes.

Simar takes the garland in her hand and ties it taking Sanjana’s name. Sameer tries to make Sanjana gain consciousness and spit the water which went inside her. Simar makes Mata Rani wears garland again and thanks her. Sanjana gains consciousness. Sameer gets happy and thanks God for saving her. Simar does Mata Rani’s aarti. Mata ji comes there and asks if you are praying about Roshni. Simar looks on. Mata ji says today it is her test and that’s why I am asking. She says she wants Roshni to be successful in this test. Simar says she trusts Roshni’s intelligence and competency. Pari thinks she won’t let this happen and plans against Roshni. Roshni thinks what she heard. Piyush comes to room and tells her that pillow will not fit inside it. Roshni keeps it back. Piyush asks what is the matter.

Sameer towels Sanjana’s hairs and asks how did she fall in the pool. She brushes off his hand and asks him to move. He is shocked.

Precap: Sanjana finds mysterious things happening. A man collides with a waiter, some woman changes the champagne bottles, and then the man asks the woman if the work is done.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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