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Sasural Simar Ka 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar applies Anjali haldi. Simar says I will pray that your life is full of happiness. Vadahi says in heart they are so happy but they don’t know what devil is she going to get married to. Everyone applies Anjali haldi. Everyone is so happy. Vadahi says in heart if I don’t tell Simar aunty this truth Anjali’s life would be ruined. She gets a text from an unknown number. It says your mami is serious. Come fast. Vadahi says mami is not well? I should go. She goes out a car comes in her way and someone pulls her inside. Its Vikram and her friends. Vadahi says leave me. Vikram says what was incomplete last time has to be completed. Vadahi says please leave me. Vikram says no one is going to hear you. Vadahi says let me go please. Vikram stops the car and says where

should I leave you here or somewhere hell? This is just a trailer. Keep your mouth shut or you know what will happen. If you tell Anjali I will ruin her life as well. Vadahi says please don’t do anything to Anjali I won’t tell anyone. He says then keep seeing all this drama silently.

Prem is looking at Anjali’s childhood photos. He recalls when he used to dress her up for school. Simar comes in. she says some times we should let the tears slip down the eyes. Prem says I want to be alone. Simar says I know I have lost the right to share this happiness. but our relationship of years, for that at least let me share your pain. Prem says I will really miss my daughter. Simar sits next to him. He says you know there was a time when we walked two steps ahead. I don’t know how time slipped our hands. Anjali was so young, it feels like yesterday when I held her first time and now in few days she will be married. Simar says but daughters are that way. They have to leave. They recall when Anajli said the first word. Prem laughs and says she took 6hours. Simar says then you were trying to teach her papa. Prem says she took six months to learn that. Simar says you were home and you were so happy that your eyes were wet. Prem says and today.. my anju. In a few days she will leave this house. Simar says control yourself. Simar says all the parents go through this. I want to see the photos as well.

Vikram is home. He says after today Vadhi won’t dare saying a word but I have to be careful. I should call Anjali and asks whats going on there.
Vikram calls Anjali. She says I know you have hidden something from me. Vikram is scared. Vikram says it is all a lie. Anjali says what? so you didn’t get a saphire diamond necklace from me? He says no its not diamonds. Its emarald. He says how you get to know? She says I know stuff. Anjali saysI heard vadahi created a scene and she dropped the haldi bowls. He says yeah I don’t know why that happened. Anjali says you are so handsome that is why. KB takes the phone from Vikram. she says if you guess who you are I will give the phone back to Anjali. He says KB. Anjali says you are taking our doll and she has little time with us you are taking that as well. Its Sangeet tomorrow. Go and sleep. Anjali says KB why you hung up.
Vikram says Vadahi is shut yet but I don’t think she will stay quite. I have to do something to scare her.
Vadahi comes home. She is scared. She sits and cries. Vadahi says why is this happening with me. Why.

Anjali is running on the road and there is a car running after her. Vikram is in that car. He grasps her. Anjali says Vikram why are you doing this to me. What have I done. Let me go I beg you. He says ask that Vadhai whats you mistake. You are paying because of her. He puts her in the car. Anjali screams for help. Vadahi runs after her. Vadahi wakes up it was her dream. She is scared. Vadahi says oh God. What should I do. Should I hide his reality or not?
She knocks at Simar’s door. Simar says who is it so late. Simar opens the door its Vadhi. Prem is up as well. Simar says is everything okay? Vadahi says I want to talk to you. Simar looks at Prem. Simar comes out. SImar asks what it is? Vadahi says actually, she recalls what Vikram said. She says I want to talk to Anjai. Simar says what about Anjali? Vadahi says all the preps are so good. Everything looks so good. If you need me for help let me know. simar says are you sure you came to say this? Vadahi says yes. Simar says you scared me . I am not worried about the marriage. I was so worried but when I met Vikram and his family I realized he is the best for Anjali. Simar takes Vadahi to her room. She caresses her and says sleep. simar sits next to her. When Vadahi sleeps simar leaevs. Vadahi recalls everything is sleep. she is scared. VAdahi says forgive me aunty I couldn’t tell you the truth.
A horn wakes Vadahi up. She looks out. Anjali sits in Vikram’s car. Vadahi is scared Vikram looks at vadhi.

Precap-Simar sees Anajli’s sandals and shoes on the floor. She says how did you get hurt? Simar tells Prem. prem says how did you get hurt? WHom did you go out with? anjali says with Vikram. She says let me prepare for my wedding. I can’t answer you two all the time. Simar says in heart I will get to know what happened with her yesterday.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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