Sasural Simar Ka 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ridhima says you did so wrong Simar aunty. i know you don’t trust me but I will prove whatever is happening in your house, kaal is behind it. Simar and Roshni leave.
Anjali says what is wrong with you Vikram? You are insulting me because of her? Vikram says think what you want. I won’t give you any justification. And keep one thing clear from now, Tnavi will live in this house. As a member of this family, like you and I are. She won’t leave this house after today. And no one would misbehave with her. Anjali goes to her room in anger.
Vikram says Tanvi thank you for coming back home. Tanvi says but.. He says don’t blame yourself for it.
Simar and Roshni come to room and see that Piyush is not there.

Saroj says in heart. Wow Vikram stood

against anjali for tanvi. This is great for me. Simar and Roshni look for him everywhere. Simar says where did Piyush go? Roshni says we have to find him. They ask Aarav and amar if they have seen Piyush? Simar says did he go out? Aarav says we were coming to see him. He wasn’t well. Aarav says what happened why you look worried?
He sees things broken in the room. Amar says what is all this? These chains? Simar are you hiding something from us? Simar says no. Everyone comes there and ask simar what is wrong. Pari says you have been acting weird since Sumit died.
Uma says did you tie Piyush with these chains? Simar says yes I did. Everyone is dazed. Amar says what are you saying? Where is he? Aarav says what is all this? Simar says because.. maybe our Piyush.. He is not Piyush. He might be Kaal. Everyone is dazed. Simar tells them everything. She says there is someone who is doing magic on Piyush. Ridhima. We saw with our eyes. There was a string attached to Piyush’s bed and it led to Ananiya’s house. there was a lot of magic stuff there. Aarav says this is not possible. Roshni says we saw it with our own eyes. Pari says thank God I broke your relationship with her. Khushi says if Piyush is Kaal then we are all gone. And Simar is responsible for it. How could you hide this from us? you risked our lives. Mataji says enough. Keep your mouth shut. Simar is Piyush’s mom. Think about her heart. She chained her child with her own hands. Think of her pain. She did that for Piyush.

All men look for Piyush here and there. Radha is sitting scared and crying in a corner. Roshni says what happened Rahda? Why are you so scared. Its me Roshni.. Radha says I Piyush. Roshni calls everyone. She says Radha saw Piyush. She says he had a huge shadow. Like of a monster. Everyone is scared.

Khushi says that Piyush is missing.. I mean Kaal. What if he comes back and kills us too? Sankalp says shut up. Pari says we should do something. Mataji says stop it you all. Piyush is our son. We have to find him and bring him back home.
Simar looks in the video and says Piyush please come back. Where are you my son.. Mataji says nothing would go wrong.
Simar says I don’t know what to do. I feel so helpless. She cries.

Aarav says in heart why you did this Ananiya? You will have to answer me.

Scene 2
Anjali’s accountant comes to her and says your cheque bounced. There is no money in your account She says how is that possible. I had 25 crores in it. He says you have to pay the luxury car company with 25 lacs penalty for being late too.
Anjali calls the bank and says why did my cheque of 25 crores did not deposit? She says the cheque was blocked. Anjali Sam i will kill you. She says what will I do now..

Uma says what son? He is not even a man. He is Kaal. This all happened because of Simar. We asked her not to give birth to him. You didn’t listen. Khushi says you said you will make him human with you upbringing. Mataji says I have complete faith. We will find Piyush. Khushi says are you in your senses? You want him back home. We will all be dead.
Pari says we won’t let him come in this house. Lock the doors. Simar says he is my son. Pari says he killed his father in law. They lock all the doors and windows. Simar and Roshni are crying.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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