Sasural Simar Ka 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 9th May 2013 Written Update

Bhardwaj’s family comes back to hotel. Mataji says everyone pack their bags, we are going back. Simar says I am sorry, but I won’t come. I have to stay here for my Roli. Mataji says, because of your one phone call, everyone came here running to find Roli. But now it’s time for you to accept that Roli died long time ago in that car accident. And we couldn’t find any news about her body. Simar says, NO.. Roli died today. She was in my lap. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t save her. But I can do her funeral ceremony. I won’t go anywhere until I find her, otherwise she won’t be able to rest in peace. Sid says, I will also stay here. Roli, my wife.. my love.. was my responsibility. You all can go back, but I will stay here. Mataji asks her bahus to pack Simar’s bag. Simar says

no. Sujata say they will go back to home and think about Roli’s funeral ceremony. Simar wants to stay here.. she requests Sid. She says, I don’t know where they kept her body and why. Simar gets unconscious.

Doctor does her check and says, she had emotional breakdown. She has still not accepted that her sister died and it affected her. She just needs to rest. Doctor tells family to take her away from here, and she will feel better. Sujata says I can’t see Simar like this. Sid gets a call from police inspector who tells him that they couldnt find any proof so there won’t be any investigation now. Sujata says doctor was right.. we should send Simar and Prem on a holiday. Mataji agrees. Naina says in her mind, I was worrying for nothing.. Sid is still mine.

Khushi asks Veeru, you’re thinking why I saved you, right? Veeru says, I had left you for Roli, then why this? Khushi says, there is no one else like you.. when we are together, there is just some different kind of fun in living. She tells him, I have a solid plan.. we can again rule everyone.. you will be with your billo, right? She offers her hand to him. Veeru looks at her hand and thinks.

Prem brings Anjali to Simar. He says she is saying when maa smiles, she looks very beautiful. Simar remembers Roli playing with her. Simar starts playing with her. Sid then tells her, we will have to go back.. please accept that Roli is no more.. she died in that accident. Simar says, you don’t trust me either? Prem says, I trust you.. but what will happen by that? Look at yourself.. please.. let’s go back for me.. for our Anjali.

Bharadwajs are ready to leave. Mataji tells Simar and prem that they are not going back to home. Instead they will go to a hill station near this town. If Simar goes there, then she will be able to keep herself away from all this. Simar says, she won’t go and she wants to go back to home. Mataji says we took this decision for your good. Sujata says, If you go back home, then Roli’s memories will hurt you more. At least think about Anjali. And as long as you’re away, don’t worry about Anjali. She will stay with her family. They say good bye to everyone and leave. Mataji prays to get their old Simar back when they return. They are also leaving now, but Naina stops them. Naina says we have some very important work to do.. and how can you go back without finishing that work? Mataji says, what work? Naina shows sindhoor’s dabbi. Mataji says, what are you trying to say by showing that? Naina says, today is Navratri’s last day and you had promised me something.. how can you go without fulfilling your promise?

Naina shows that sindhoor to Sid and says, maybe God wants us to get married as well. Mataji gets angry and asks her, what has happened to you? Our family just went to such a bad phase, and you don’t care and have no worry? Naina says, I do.. and thats why I supported to you in finding Roli.. but it came out be Simar’s misunderstanding, what’s my fault in that? Chachiji says, but this not a proper time to talk about all that. Naina asks Chachiji what would you do if you were on my place? I don’t worry about me, I worry about my child. Chachiji says, we will take care of your child, but why marry? Naina says, there is a need.. when my child grows up and asks for his father, then what will I say? I can’t give such life to my child. This wedding will happen here only.. today either my wedding doli or my dead body will go from here.

Precap: Prem’s mother tells him Naina and Sid’s marriage will happen today.

Update Credit to: shreya

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