Sasural Simar Ka 9th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The pictures are changed with Sanju’s photos with samir. Anjali says he changed them. I had proofs. Samir says this is truth Anjali. He says I wanted to surprise Sanju. It was a honeymoon. There was a problem in my passport so I me this man who could get is resolved. I don’t know why anjaliu tries to bring me down. ANjali says shut up okay. SAnju says you can’t see me happy. THats the problem. your life is ruined so you wanna ruin mine as well. Leave me and my family. Anjali says shut up. You are not even our blood. Everyone is dazed. ANjali says don’t call this your house. Simar slaps anjali.
Simar says sanju is my daughter and will always be. She is a lot better than. SHe cares for people unlike you. She is the daughter you could never be. How can you

be so selfish. Anjali says yes I am not your daughter. THats why you don’t love me. No one understands or loves me. You are all my enemies. Mataji says enough anjali. Blood doesn’t make relations. They are made with your behavior. Sanju is more like simar and you have always ashamed us. And you always will. Anjali goes to her room. Simar hugs sanju and says don’t cry. Pari says simar your both kids are disobedient. Mataji says shut up Pari. Arav says lets cheer everyone. SAmir hugs sanju. Arrav dances and brings samir on the floor. He brings sanju on floor. They all dance together.
Anjali says I will find our whats the truth of this samir.

Simar makes sanjur wear the red dupatta. She does their arti. They make each other wear rings. Everyone gives them gifts. Annaiya says someone is left to do the ritual. Thats roshni. She should do the ritual as well. Roshni does the ritual. Ananiya records her video. Roshni leaves. All the guests leave.

Scene 2
Piyush is on his way. Ananiya send him the videos. He says roshni how could you do this. He goes to home.
Ananiya says this will be fun.

Samir comes to his room. Anjali comes there and says you are a fraud and I know that. He says you must be wondering where those passports and documents went. Let me tell you how this magic happened. I was watching you when you stole those passports.
anajli said I will show his reality in engagemnt. Samir saw her and went after her. Anjali collided with ananiya and Piyush replaced her envelop which fell on the floor. Piyush says angry? You can’t do anything. Anjali says thats your misunderstanding. You don’t know whom have you messed up with. You proved me a liar and you have to pay for it. He says keep trying. No one can stop me.

Precap-Simar packs dinner for anjali and piyush.
SHe is leaving. Piyush comes in. He shows roshni the video. Samir sees someone in his wedding and is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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