Sasural Simar Ka 9th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 9th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid and Prerna look at the rings. Sid makes her wear the ring. Roli makes him wear too.
Kamiya and Simar come downstairs. They congratulate them. Sid asks how are you now? Simar says better. but my heart drowns. Sid says I will come with you. Kamiya says sid I will take her. simar recalls when she couldn’t enter the temple. Simar says I have to find answers. Kamiya says lets go simar. Simar says I won’t go anywhere. Simar says what do you wanna prove? Why are you doing this to me matarani? you have to tell me what have I done that you are punishing me for like this? Mataji says what are you saying. prem says what are you talking about? Rajhinder says tell us what is it? Simar says I don’t know either. My heart doesn’t calm down. I don’t have answers.

But today, I will find answers to everything. Kamiya says simar listen.. Simar says no human can answer this. Matarani has to answer me herself, right now right here.
Simar puts dia on her hand and says i will keep standing here until I have answers. Prem says what is this. Simar says I won’t go anywhere. I wanna see why is she doing this. Mataji says let her do this. She knows what she is doing. Mataji says in heart I want those answers too. Simar reads a mantra. Kamiya says in heart this is not right.
Mahmaya hears simar’s voice. Mahmaya says this can’t happen. We have to stop simar. Simar’s pooja will ruin everything. Mahmaya says if her pooja completes we will be finished here. Mataji says you have to give us answers of this problem. Answer her God.
Mataji says we have to be with her in this. They all do pooja with her.
Mahmaya says they are all with her how will we stop them now?
Simar’s nose starts bleeding. She faints. The dia falls from her hand. Kamiya says in heart what would this mantra have done to Kaal. Mataji holds the falling diya. She says take simar to her room. Prem takes her to room.

Mahmaya says this mantra cant affect our Kaal. We still have 15 minutes. She picks up the dummy. Mahmaya says after 15 minutes the child will be pure and become human and Kaal’s soul will be out of him. but we won’t let this happen we have to stop her.
Kamiya says Prem go I am here with simar. Prem says I will stay with simar. Mataji says prem let Kamiya stay here with him. They all leave.
Kamiya touches simar’s feet. Simar disappears.
Simar is at mahamaya’s place surrounded by witches. They do pooja of devil. Mahmaya places Kaal’s dummy next to Simar. Kamiya says we won’t give up ma. We can’t lose Kaal. Matarani and Kaal’s war, Kaal will win this. They both laugh. Simar suddenly opens her eyes. sHe is dazed. All the witches are doing pooja. Simar says in heart where am I?

Precap-Mahmaya says to Simar now if you don’t give birth to our kal you will never have prem. Kamiya says prem is now mine. Simar is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. 7th aur 8th july ka b written episode update karo please….

  2. Ritvi

    Oh God very nice.indeed know that surely sid will forget roli and will fall in love with prerna. Stupid serial.thank u ssk.I am watching this serial only residential and now u made me hate sid.

  3. Sid must understand the meaning of true love.thank God roli dead.kasam serial is meant for true love.rishi rockzzz

  4. Just hate sid…I’m the one who used to console myself that …he should act as per d script. BT nw its too much…regretting fr loving sid…got enough…superb sid…Naina jhumki roli nagin nw prerna….n wat u said..after roli died u clzd ur doors of prerna came n opened ha? Wow wat a dialogue…I want to say one thing…u r so kind hearted u always open ur heart fr one r another…I vl give one suggestion…kill prerna…then another girl vl cum in ur lyf..then u say my heart door clzd after roli n prerna…nw u opened it….shit…till nw I luvd more than my self..nw that luv replaced…I just hate u…Im no more rosidian with hate red nw…becz of u I shed tears n spent sleep less nights…I know its fictional char…bt I did mistake by taking it own…n I know so called people cum n give speech by saying he should move on….bt seriously guys with in 3 months of wife death? Its too much…nw I’m feeling sattu shailu prem r more better than sidhant…thank u CVS fr making me hate sid…I never thought in my rarest dreams that I hate sid….n I know I receive bashing fr talking like I’m ready fr that..nw I seriously want to roli to come back…( not only as avi…any other ) roli should give left n right to bw family simar n sid…sid doesn’t deserve her…after huge confrontation roli should leave sid…n sid should die with guilt…n simar…such a best sis…no one should get…he kind hearted..gave her sis kangan to her frnd…gave her sis place to her frnd…soon will remove roli pics frm house n vl keep her frnd pics…ur just osum simar

  5. i hate sid now even he used to be my favourite but i hate him now why could’nt he just let prena go back to america why did he stop her and i can;t belive he proposed prena why did that prena say yes to it i just hate it when there is a sid and prena scene i just hate the ssk serial now they have ruined the hearts of rosid

  6. i hate sid now even he used to be my favourite but i hate him now why couldn’t he just let prena go back to america why did he stop her and i can’t believe he proposed prena why did that prena say yes to it i just hate it when there is a sid and prena scene i just hate the ssk serial now they have ruined the hearts of rosid

  7. u right sania…how can he do like tis…iam also very worried aft sid propose tat palena…just hate her she always make drama like gng to u.s…gng to u.s….wat is tis worst cvs…worst serial how dare tis simar as given my roli’s bangles to tat bullshit lady…if she wants to give bangle give her own her bangle…or another y?roli’s….simar deserves devil child…i thought it is a punishment frm matarani for forgot roli…

  8. Rosidians stop getting stress of that stupid cvs .i know this will happen. we loved rosid a lot.sid is just manish doing his work acting .they did best for rosidians always .both aviman cared for their fans a lot till now they r doing that .avika quitted nd rosid ended no wrong on sid only on cvs .i know sid should not move on so easily .but he have to because of cvs.better stop watching ssk be away from crap .enjoy ur life yaar leace it nd one thing think ssk ended or roli’s sid to died with roli.we loved only for rosid now they r not there leave ssk.let simar have kaal in her womb or that man marry prerna leave it .cvs wil regret for spoiling rosid nd sid character .there show will be in zero trp then they can understand .dont get tensed if we miss our rosid we can watch old moments for our happiness beacause seeing ur comments i filled ur stressing urself stop yaar .no sid . no roli think like that .all laugh at as for watching this stupid crap. Cvs will only focus on premar or mahan simar show them mahan they spoiled rosid when roli is alive now she is no more they will do more.dont stress urself for some girls sid.just sayed my opinion

  9. Its trp is decreasing each week which is really good. Balika vadhu is going off air soon hope this ssk crap is next. Really who is going to watch sid getting married n him said these lovey dovey to prerna which he once said to roli? Not even for sid his fans will watch ssk.

  10. Disgusting sid hw did u do this..??

  11. Episode upload to kar liya karo.last 3days se bade late kar rahe ho

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