Sasural Simar Ka 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The peons are coming towards restricted area. Aditi doesn’t know what to do. They come in and look everywhere. They can’t find roli. Adiit has taken her to another place. She tries to get roli up. Roli says my head is hurting She is shocked to see aditi. Aditi says I asked you not to come here alone. I called you but you were not receiving. Roli we can’t stay here for long. Here is you phone. Call simar she has been calling you. roli says thank you. Adiit says we have to go from here. roli says I wanna know whats going on here. What they wanted to do to me. Aditi says don’t be stupid. I have your file they won’t know anything. roli says how will we go out. Aditi says they are looking for me not you. I will get their attention nd you should run in that time.

Aditi sees he peon and goes out. SHe makes some noise and the peons go in that direction. Roli goes out.

Kathik says to nurse the stuff should get there. Roli says what if I get caught. she hides behind a bed. Karthik says this should happen on time. e have no room for mistakes. She wonders who are they and what are they talking about. Karthik goes. Roli comes out of the bed and starts running. SHe collides with the nurses and is shocked to see the stuff that falls on the ground. One of the nurse tries to stop roli. but roli flees. Karthik asks what happened ? nurse says she has ran away. SHe saw all the stuff in this ice box.He asks are there any details ? She says only head nurse knows.

Scene 2
roli is on her way. SHe calls adiit and tells her that she is out. Aditi says I am out too. roli says I wanna meet you. aditi says okay lets meet outside bharadwaj house.
Roli says didi is not safe there. I should call her. she calls but vikran receives the call. simar receives from her extension too.He says hello, roli gets scared. HE ask who is this ? roli says in heart what if he is with the hospital people too. the blank call will doubt him. I should say something.
Roli says its to inform you that your sister has left from there safely. Vikran says whose sister ? She aren’t you gagan patel’s brother? He says NO. Roli says oh sorry wrong number. Simar is satisfied that roli is safe. Vikran feels like someone else has received the call too. He goes downstairs . But no one is there. He goes to simar’s room but she pretends like she’s asleep.

Scene 5
roli says to aditi i now know the truth of that hospital and the reason of sunnaina’s death. They take out patient’s organs without informing them. Sunnaina must have figured out that’s why she died. Aditi says will she get justice? Roli says he’ll. Roli says we just have to know his name. Aditi says i hope nothing happens to sanjina in all this. Roli says simar is there with her. She’ll be find. Aditi says we’ve figure out the name of the hospital owner. Roli says we can get details from website. Aditi says its too late you should go home now. Roli says i can’t go home like this. They’ll ask me so many questions. Can i stay with you? Aditi says i live in a hostel i can’t take you there. Roli says okay them i’ve to go home.Roli knocks the door. Khushi opens the door. Roli sneaks in. Khushi can’t see her but later she sees someone going upstairs. She shouts who is this. Roli runs upstairs. Khushi screams there is a thief in house.

Precap-karthik says on call we’ve to send that girl where we sent sunnaina two years ago. Vikran says don’t worry till i’m here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Hi guys …..!!!!
    Wow….!!!! I am feeling more excited to watch the further episodes…….

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