Sasural Simar Ka 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 9th July 2013 Written Update

Sid is missing Roli. He smiles looking at her photos and recalling his memories with her, while a song plays in BG. He then sees her ring and gets emotional. Prem comes to his room. Sid shows the ring to Prem and says, I bought this to gift Roli, but destiny didn’t give me chance. I decided to marry Jhumki because of mataji’s health, but this made me betray Roli. Sid is going to betray his Roli. I will never forgive myself for this. They both hug. Prem says, even I am finding all this strange.. but if God decided this, then there must be our family’s good in it.

Bantu is tied up in a room. He fears that Jhumki will do anything for him but he can’t let happen this. He wants to stop her, but wonders how. He then sees pieces of glass on a table. He uses them to cut his rope.

Before he cuts the rope, Veeru and Khushi return. Veeru goes out for some work. Bantu tells Khushi he is hungry. Khushi gives him biscuit, but Bantu says, I want to eat it with milk. Khushi says, there is no milk. Bantu then says, add it in water and that will work too. Khushi gets busy and Bantu tries to cut the rope.

Simar is not feeling good and, therefore, she comes to Prem’s room. Prem assures her everything will be fine.

Khushi comes to Bantu, but finds him sleeping. She decides to rest as well. As soon as she sleeps, Bantu cuts the rope and escapes from there. There are two different roads, Bantu is confused which one will take him to Bharadwajs house.

Anjali cries and Simar goes to get milk for him. Bantu arrives at the Bharadwaj house. He’s about to ring the doorbell, but then says everyone will wake up. He tries to go in from a window. He sees Simar and calls her. Before Simar realizes someone called her and looks around, Veeru comes and takes Bantu away. Simar feels it was Bantu. Prem comes and tells Simar, you’re too stressed that’s why you have felt like that. How can Bantu be here? He’s in the hostel. They leave.

Veeru brings Bantu back to that room and ties him harder this time. Khushi asks Veeru, why are you tying a kid this hard? Veeru tells her how he escaped and almost spoiled their plan. Khushi is surprised. Veeru says, he was returning and saw Bantu on the road and then followed him, and that is how he caught him.

Simar is doing pooja’s preparations in their house. Jhumki comes there recalling Veeru’s words whether she cares more about Simar’s life or Bantu’s life. Simar goes in to get something. Jhumki looks at the God and says, I will have to do what Veeru said to save Bantu.

Jhumki follows Veeru’s instruction and does everything he said which will result in Simar getting electrical shock when she picks up pooja’s thaal. She cannot do it, but then again Bantu’s face come in front of her eyes and she does it. Simar comes back. She’s about to pick up the thaal and screen freezes on Jhumki’s face.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Shreya

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