Sasural Simar Ka 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali comes to sanjev and says you have problem so late at night as well? What should I do now? Turn light off? Time? He says no. Anjali says what should I do.. She says AC off? Seriously you have this blanket. Anjali turns off the AC. Anjali says I have adjusted you won’t feel cold now. She sees saroj on the door. She puts blanket on him. Anjali says call me if you need anything. I am up all night.
Saroj comes to sanjev’s room and says anjali is taking care of you. I am seeing it all but still it’s difficult to trust her. I feel like there is something wrong.
Anjali says I will bring Vikram close to me today. She comes to room and sees Vikram has slept. Anjali is mad and she sleeps as well.

Anjali is making soup. She says what the hell. He

keeps sleeping and I have to work for him. She mixes red chili in the soup. She takes the soup upstairs.
Vikram comes in room and says I think Anjali made it for dad.
Anjali is forcing Sanjev to eat it. SHe says you like it right? Why are you crying. She forces him to eat it. Vikram sees red chili. He tastes the soup. Vikram runs upstairs.
anjali says this mirchi soup. Your favorite right? You annoy me all the time. You irritate me at night as well. I am doing the same. I mixed some spices and you are behaving like I did some crime. vikramm knocks at the door. He says why was the door locked? Dad are you okay? Was it spicy? He gives Sanjev water. Vikram says dad can’t have spices don’t you know that? Why you mixed spices? Anjali says I didn’t put spices. i tastes it. Vikram says don’t lie. I saw spices and tasted the soup. how can dad eat it? Anjali says but I didn’t.. Vikram says give me the bowl. Vikram takes the soup. Anjali says what happened? Vikram says there are no spices in it. Anjali recalls she changes the bowl with the old one. Anjali says I put spices in the remaining one by mistake. I was giving him this one. It isn’t spicy. Vikram leaves.

Scene 2
Piyush is preparing for kiting festival. Amar say I am the champ. Sankalp says I am the champ. Rajhinder says I am your father. Mataji says lets make teams. Every team will have a couple of two people. We will have partners from this bowl. Piyush says everyone’s name is here. Simar takes a name. It’s Prem. Everyone claps. Uma says this is cheating. Simar got prem how? Mataji says because nothing can separate them. Piyush says uma next. Uma gets jhanvi. Shalu gets rajhinder. Sankalp gets mataji. Vikram gets amar. Anjali says shit. Simar says Vadhi you go. Vadahi gets Piyush. Roshni is mad. Everyone giggles. Piyush says partner we will defeat everyone. Roshni and anjali are partners.

Anjali says piyush is goona propose you today. Roshni says how do you know? Anjali says Piyush’s room is decorated. I think he is gonna propose you. He asked me to send you. Roshni goes running and smiling. She comes in and sees the room decorated. Roshni comes in. Piyush is there. Vikram says I never thought there would come a day when a person becomes my life. You realize someone’s importance when they leave. When you were not here my life I couldn’t realize what was wrong with me. You are genius enough to see my emotions. He sits down on his knees and gives her a rose and says will you accept my love? I really love you. Roshni says yes. He hugs her.

Precap-Anjali says to Roshni you have to fly this kite not squeeze. you love Piyush? Go and tell him. She gives him a drink an says drink i then you will be courageous enough to show your love to him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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