Sasural Simar Ka 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanjana finds out conspiracy against her

Sasural Simar Ka 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hema doing puja to become rich. Avni comes there and thinks what happened to her mum, she is doing puja at his time. She says she will take off her mangalsutra. Hema says ok and asks her to wear old clothes and get ready to go to their chawl again and asks her to marry Rahul. Avni says we are not going anywhere and will stay here. Hema asks if this is your father’s house. Avni says she will call Rahul, when Hema snatches phone and throws on floor. Avni asks what did you do? Hema says I should have done this before, this Rahul is coming on the way to happiness. Prem shows Mata ji their website and tells about its popularity. Hema brings tea. Simar serves it to everyone. They ask why did you make tea. Hema says she makes nice samosa. Pari asks her to work as halwai in

the shop. Hema says I am ready to do. Prem says Pari is joking. Hema thinks once she succeeds then she will make Pari make jalebis in the shop.

Piyush searches for Avni. Hema thinks where did she go? Avni comes there. Hema asks did you go and meet that poor guy. Avni says he is not that poor and tells that he has gifted her phone. Piyush asks her to come. Avni checks him and says he has high fever, may be flue. Everyone gets tensed. Prem says I will call doctor.

Sanjana hears the baby crying even in night and wakes up, she thinks it was not my illusion, I heard that sound.

Avni takes care of Piyush and applies normal water cloth on his forehead. She thinks his fever is lowered, and is about to go to get milk for milk, but her mangalsutra gets stuck on to his bracelet. Avni looks at him while he is sleeping. Her phone rings. Avni rejects the call and thinks what is happening to her. Simar and Prem come there and praise Avni for taking care of Piyush, and liking him. Avni sees them. Rahul’s call comes again. Simar asks her to go and attend the call. Avni goes. Simar tells Prem that Avni is taking care of him like she used to take care of him. Prem tells Simar that they shall talk to Hema and fix Avni and Piyush’s alliance. Simar says no and says they shall know about Avni and Hema’s thinking about the alliance. Avni hears them. Sanjana comes to the baby’s room and checks the wall. She breaks the wall and finds the tape recorder in which baby cries are recorded. She comes to conclusion that someone was making her heard the sound. Avni talks to Rahul and asks him to talk to 12 am in the night. Pari hears her. She tells Simar that she saw Avni going in night.

Avni meets her boyfriend Rahul, hugs him and gives him money. Pari and Simar are shocked. Pari accuses her for stealing their money.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Can any 1 tell me what happened to piyush? I been out so need to catch up. Where is roshni? Why piyush is behaving like a 4 year old? Thanks.

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