Sasural Simar Ka 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali says like i bound my mangalsutra again I want to live with my husband like that. With love. Give me power God. I have won my love but there is a battle to win yet. Tai ji fooled and conspired me to part me from my husband. I tried everything from heart. What did I get in return? Hatred. She tried to kill me. After everything I did Tai ji can’t accept me. I don’t wannja change anymore. She thinks she won. Now you see saroj what I do with you. Vikram says Anjali.. She turns back. Anjali is dazed. Vikram says so much happened and I didn’t get a chance to apologize you. You did all this for me and I just kept doubting you. I am sorry Anjali. Anjali says dont’ say that. I won’t give you another chance to complain. He says I promise the same. He makes

her wear the mangalsutra again.

Simar sees Anjali packing up. Anjali says come in. Simar says done with pack up? Anjali says almost. I never thought I would say that but thank you. Simar hugs her. Anjali says why you cry all the time. Simar says my daughter is leaving this house. This will wet my eyes. Thank you Anjali. Because of you a mother’s faith won. You made me win thank you. Always take care. Don’t stay quite to something wrong. Always do anything for truth no matter what happens. Will you promise me one thing? From now on you wont’ let the truthfulness of your heart die and will do everything with a pure intention? Promise? Anjali says I promise I will keep in my mind what you taught. I won’t do anything that’s wrong mama. Simar says you called me.. Please say it again. Anjali says mama.. Simar says you called me mama. Anjali says you are my mama. simar hugs her. She recalls her childhood. Simar says I have cried all these years to hear this from you. And today you said it. You have no idea what you gave me. I am very happy. My life is complete. I am very happy and I wont worry anymore. I know you will do everything right. My daughter has chosen the right path. Always stay happy. Anjali says in heart saroj has to pay for what she has done. She deserves it.

Scene 2
Saroj says you are coming with us Anjali. I wont’ let you stay there for long. To kick you out of Vikram’s life is my mission.
The lawyer comes and gives Vikram his papers and keys. Vikram says tai ji you are the owner of this house again. Saroj walks towards Vikram. Anjali makes her trip. Anjali says tai ji you have to be careful. Vikrma says thank God Anjali saved you. Anjali says i am tai ji’s daughter in law. It is my responsibility to save her. There is a request. May I keep these keys? Everyone is dazed. Anjali says i know they come with a responsibility so I can lessen burden on Tai ji’s shoulders. If everyone agrees only then. Vikrma says tai ji what’s your opinion? Saroj says in heart I know what you are trying to do anjali. Saroj says we should give anjali this chance. It will give saroj rest too. saroj says no no. You are like my daughter. You proved how right your intentions are. Let me handle my house. Saroj says in heart I wont ever let you take them. Anjali says in heart I will take them from you/ Before 12 tomorrow you will give me these keys yourself.
Vikram gives saroj keys.

Simar is praying for Anjali and Vikram. Mataji ask for Piyush and Roshni’s happiness too. I don’t know what will happen to them. Simar says dont’ worry. Piyush is letting roshni live in his room. Mataji says just for you. they are still miles apart.

Piyush is getting ready. Roshni says you need breakfast. He says you dont’ need to do anything. If I want something I will take it myself. You are standing in front me. Go away. Roshni walks her hair get stuck in shirt. Piyush plucks them out.
Phone rings Piyush picks up. He says hello.. vadahi.. Is that you? I can recognize your breaths. Please say something. The call hangs up. He redials but the number is off. Piyush says I am sure it was you Vadahi. She said she hates me. what you want Vadahi?

Precap-Mataji says when a couple come in this temple they always stay together. Piyush sees Vadahi.. He runs downstairs and looks for her but she ahs walked out already.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Vadehi plz come back in piyush life and kick roshni out.. Today episode was very nice an lastly anjali called Simar mum. Love it. Vadehi piyush as badal nahi Lena if u wants can trouble roshni, he’s such nice guy. Love to see him with smile face not sad ?.

  2. Nice epi . Finally anjali call simar mom nice scene but want atleast anjali say sorry to simar once in this whole convo . She behave very badly with her.
    Still confuse about anjali behaviour .

  3. ab ye maker vaidehi ko villain bana denge and roshni ko mahan Jo ek no. ki selfish h.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz vaidehi ko villain mt banao and piyush vaidehi ko ek kr do taki roshni and uske parents ko v pata chle ki shadi tutne ka dard kya hota h

  4. plzzzzzzzzzzz bring back vaidehi and kick out that idiot roshni plzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  5. I want sid and sanju. Plz anybody write the rosid ff or ss or os. I am big fan of rosid

  6. I want sid and sanju back. Plz anybody write the rosid ff or ss or os. I am big fan of rosid. Plz

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