Sasural Simar Ka 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem takes off simar’s wedding locket.
In Patal lok, simar stops, the weight falls from her hand. She says why do I feel like it? The weight disappears and everything surrounding start falling. The woman says this cave is shrinking. We have to run from here. Simar says you go I will find that pouch. She says I will wait for you outside. She leaves.
Simar walks in. she sees the pouches. Simar says please help me God. I have no other option. She jumps in and takes the pouches. Stones are falling from the top. Suddenly something falls on simar’s foot. She can’t move. Simar says I have to do this, even if I die after that. Simar finds a kajal box near her.

In Bahardwaj house, everyone is praying for simar’s funeral. The sheet slides. Her feet

are blue. Uma covers them. Mata ji says simar you have done so much for others. I hope you find peace wherever you are.
The lights go off. Suddenly they hear simar’s video on Tv. you all love me but I don’t know when I became daughter from daughter in law. Prem I am glad you are my life parnter. You know how to make this relationship beautiful. Roli you are my sister and sister in law. In every house people have issues but uma bhabhi and Pari bhabhi never let the love abate. Mata ji you always I am the backbone of this house. You are the backbone. You take care of us all. Jhanvi and amar are playing it to distract them.

Simar plants the seeds there. Her foot is not moving. she says I have planted them in three directions, just fourth is left.
Prem and jahnvi sneak in.
Simar you people are my existance. I love you all. This relation will last till end of me and even after that. but i want you to promise me that the happiness of this house will remain same no matter what. promise? Roli starts sobbing. Light turns on, Jhanvi closes the video. She says I didn’t want to make you all sad. I was trying to make youb realize that our happiness was simar’s. Mata ji says you are right. roli says we have to smile for our simar. We have to send our simar happily from here. Pandit ji starts the pooja. They are all dazed when they look down.
Simar crawals towards the fourth direction. She is struggling. she says this is the last one. I have to do this.

Simar comes there, she is fainting. She reads the mantra. Simar plants the last seed there. Green plants start growing out of seeds. Entire patal lok becomes green.She says devika i have done this. Now nothing evil can ever come here. she faints.
devika comes there and sees simar fainted.

Precap-Prem slaps amar. He says first this happened to simar because of devika and now you. Get out of this house. Simar says to patlai evil like you should die and I will kill you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. pls update fast mam i beg you

  2. one more ghost to enter ssk stupid it is running to supernatural and horror backwas show but do whatever you want we all want rosid scenes that is all

  3. After Simar Its time the story focuses on Roli and Siddhant now.

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