Sasural Simar Ka 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says why is everyone asking me this question. sid says inspector says you have hit roli. Everyone is dazed. Inspector says i have proofs that you have hit her. Prem says can i see it? Inspector shows him a picture in which simar’s car is hitting fake roli. Prem is bewildered. Sid shows the photographs to simar. He says what is it simar? inspector says she is wearing the same clothes whcich means that it occured just sometime ago. sid says why you did this to roli? prem says where is roli simar? where did you go with amar? sid says how can you do this to your sister. rajhinder says tell us what actually happened there.

mata ji says in heart how should i save her? sid says why didn’t you stop the car when she came in front of your car. simar recalls when

mata ji asked her not to say anything yet. kauna says i doubted when she was not worried for roli at all. uma says you took shurti in your room and didn’t care about roli. jhanvi says simar can’t do this. sujata says we are forgetting that they are both sisters, we know how much they love each other. Sid says the pictures prove the this accident has happened. Jhanvi says these pictures mught be morphed. inspector syas we have witness and photographer with her. Photographer syas i was doing wild life photography there and clicked these photos. Inspector says if these pictures are proved real we will arrest simar. Cops leave,Simar wants to talk to sid but prem stops her. Prem says to sid, don’t worry she will be fine. sid says simar i know how much you love her you can never harm her. then please explain what all this is.

amar and calendar are shocked at vash’s death. calendar says calm down and tell me what you saw in the room? Amar says i have never seen this before. A human can’t do this. we can never fight with her. amar says leave from here. calendar says why? I wont leave you ever. amar shoves him and says just go from here. amar sits in his car and leaves. amar is driving on highway he says i can’t risk your life anymore. i now know why simar was so worried.

sid says please simar says a word. Tell how and where is she? simar goes running to her room. mata ji goes to simar and says you have to wait for some more hours, shurti will recalls everything. forget what everyone is thinking. I know this isn’t easy but for now we need to get roli back. we have t remind her that she is sid’s wife, roli overhears them. she says is that true? why don;t i remember anything?

Amar’s car stops, fake roli is standing in front of him. she takes his phone from him and says amar gets scared too? I didn’t know that. amar steps back amar starts running. amar is shocked that she is in front of her again. he recalls how vash died. A car comes and hits amar. fake roli says i didn’t have to put any efforts.

Precap-Shurti says please leave me. sid takes her to living area. sid says no one will say a word, he shoves shurti out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. what d crappppppppppppppp is gng on ah??????????
    y d bledy hell secret cant b out????
    it alrdy has taken ages to get d thng 2 b revealed out…n now aagan dis duffer amar gona b dumb like simar
    der’s no progresion at al in d story line
    it doesnt have any attention graber in it 4 viewrs 2 watch

  3. What’s d point in dragging
    Can’t simar tell d truth to family
    Even mataji knows d truth
    I don’t know wats d point in dragging d issue saying dat no one vl believe d truth
    Even if roli gets her memory back who is gng to believe wat she says

  4. Im tired of this drama

  5. How much are they going to strech this idiotic matter, they should stop this now…!!

  6. plz ! simar u shuld reveal all the matter abut fake roli b4 she will come home ….matazi dont wait….

  7. She’s not shruti, she’s roli! I think we should start calling her roli now…

  8. plzzzzzz
    keep stretching this show like a rubber band with a idiotic and stupid
    simar wont be happy in her life
    this ichaadhari nagin (fake roli) will end this show in 16th april
    i think that the directer is made up of rubber band

  9. what is goinging on

  10. What the hell . . Y ws amar killed ??? Killing all positive characters isn’t good. Kill that fake roli and reveal the secret behind lal darwaza

  11. They dragging this storyline on for too long its become so boring

  12. What a hell is going on!simar plz reveal truth. Cant wait anymore. End this idiotic drama.

  13. yes it is going on my nerves now

  14. can anyone tell me why my name is coming in blue colour

  15. oh ho sid again ur doing the same mistake.and sid i just hate u for what ur doing in dare u throw ur roli like that.atleast u dont get any feeling that fake one is nt ur roli.i just think ki u love that snake than ur roli.bullshit.for god sake stop this reveal the secret we should wait till mahasivarathi.oh no how long it happen.i really fed up with it.

  16. I don’t understand all positive characters are been killed then what about simar even she will be killed or what

  17. O no amar also?pleSe dont drag the storytoo much.losing patience now

  18. Maybe they’re being killed coz they’re doing a cameo in the show… Maybe their character’s storyline is over… Guess it’s up to simar now to solve it =/

  19. Roli ko simar ki yaad kyoo nahi aatha?

  20. Roli ko simar ki yaad qyo nahi aata?

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