Sasural Simar Ka 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agarwal tries to get up for meds. He says Anjali.. He tries to take med and slips from the bed. Saroj comes and saves him. Saroj says anajli didn’t give you meds? she gives him meds. Anjali comes home. Saroj says you had to give him meds. Anjali says I am just an hour late. Saroj says I gave you just one responsibility. anjali says I was stuck in traffic. I doesn’t work with his meds times. Saroj says he could fall from bed. Anajli says but did he? He didn’t. Saroj says anjali.. Anjali says don’t shout tai ji.

Vadadhi helps simar in cooking. She says I love cooking. simar tastes it and says it is so good. Vadahi says my dad loved writing recipes in his diary. I learned cooking from him. He used to love my food. After he died no one appreciated it.

Simar says you are part of our family now. No more tears. Simar leaves. KB comes in. Kb tastes the food and says I feel like throwing up. What is it? it is so oily. I don’t know if this is our house or some orphanage.

Scene 2
Saroj gives agarwal his soup. She says please drink it. He says I don’t feel like. Vikram comes and says what happened to dad? Saroj says nothing he is just not feeling well. Vikram says dad are you okay? Tao ji says but what happened suddenly? Vikram says he has temperature. Sanjeev says I will be fine. Don’t worry. Saroj says I will bring fruits.
Gopal says I will tell you why he fell ill. Sanjeev says Gopal shut up and go to work. Gopal says I can’t stay quite. Gopal tells Vikram everything. He tells her what anjali did in munh dikhai as well. Vikram says so much happened and no one told me? Tai ji why didn’t you? SAroj says I thought she will learn with time and everything would be fine. Manoj says this is serious. Saroj says I think you should talk to her. Don’t be angry. Vikram goes to his room.
he sees anjali is packing stuff. Vikram says why are you doing all this drama now? you knew one day or other I will get to know about everything you do in this house. Anjali says shout more. Hit me. Tai ji keeps scolding me all day. Hit me. Vikram says you know I won’t hurt you but anjali all this. Anjali says I am accepting I made a mistake. I was stuck in traffic. It wasn’t in my control. I was coming on time. I took a taxi but it was late. It is my mistake. Vikram says but you..Anjali says that day I had to come to meet you vikram. By the time I came home tai ji was so mad at me. I tried telling her how it all happened. You know I don’t mind that tai ji scold me. I feel bad she got insulted because of me. Vikram says in heart anjali realizes her mistakes. Anjali says it is not tai ji’s mistake. It is my mom’s. She filled tai ji’s mind with negativity. My mom told her that I can’t cook but I made such good food. What else should I do? I am trying everything. I fix one thing it messes other up. She starts crying. Vikram says stop crying. Anjali says no. Vikrma says listen to what I am saying. Tai ji handled this house since beginning. She scolds sometimes but she loves us all. Don’t worry. She won’t remember anything. Everything would be normal. Anjali says really? Vikram says yes. He says no put this back in cupboard. I won’t ever let you go anywhere. I will follow you. He says I am so hungry. Anjali says can we go out on dinner? Vikram says can we go tomorrow? Tai ji made the food. Anjali says okay. I will go and help tai ji in the kitchen.

Vadahi serves everyone food. KB says wow you traveled from out house to kitchen so fast? Are you working as a paid cook here? KB says we all know that entering this house passes from kitchen first breakfast then relation. Piyush says when your intentions are good you don’t have to make relations. They happen themselves. And when new relations are made old ones are fixed as well.
Mataji says if you are done then can we eat? Matjai says the food is so good. KB says I know how clever she is. We all saw how she steals stuff. prem says I am saying something vadahi. When you do something you will meet two kinds of people one how throw flowers at you and other who throw stones. Keep their stones and make a wall so high that no more stone can get to you.

Saroj is working in the kitchen. She is looking for a spoon. Anjali comes and says you were looking for this? I am sorry. Trust me I didn’t want to hurt you. Please pardon me. Saroj says you realized your mistake thats more than enough,. Anjali says I wanna help you in kitchen. I wanna make vikram’s favorite dish. Will you help me? Saroj says sure. Anajli while cooking cuts her hair and mixes it in the food.

Simar wakes up from sleep and says I saw a bad dream about anjali. She needed my help. Prem says she is fine. Don’t worry. Vikram tastes the food and sees the hair.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. P.N. Bhargava

    Kasam se tell that chuiya (Kushi) to keep herself within limits otherwisw she will get a hard slap from Prem.

  2. What kind of women this KB is………????

    Prem will give her a hard slap at any moment…???????
    It will happen soon with her……………….

    I feel happy to see Premar together…….

    Please bring Sanju back

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