Sasural Simar Ka 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi says please help me God. I know everything but i can’t do anything. i am in same pain as simar. I dont know what to do. Patali says crying on front of this idol wont help. I will ruin simar’s life in front of her and she wont do anything.

Patali massages simar’s foot and says you will feel better. My grandmom taught me.
Anjali says to doll i will do my homework so mama will be happy. Devika says i have to come out of this doll. Otherwise patali will ruin simar’s life. Only anjali can help me. She starts crying. anjali says why are you crying? She says i wanna eat sweet take me to temple. Anjali says what if someone sees you. Devika says please. Anajli goes to temple and says no one should see. Mama would be mad if she finds out that I have taken doll from devika’s house.
Anjali places the doll there in temple.

Simar says you have magic in hands. I feel a lot better. Devika says sleep for a while you will feel better. Devika says in heart you will have real fun after some time.
The doll tries to moves and goes towards the fire. Anjali picks her up. Devika will I live in this doll forever. Someone please help me.
Patali checks that simar is asleep. She says you are asleep after this you wont sleep with peace again. Patali places her ring there and leaves.
Patali reads mantra on the idol feet. Simar wakes up screaming with pain. She says what is happening on my feet. Simar is crying with pain. Patali laughs.
Patali says thank you for showing me the path shadow. I will find the way from here.
Patali says simar must have started feeling the pain by now.

Prem brings in doctor to check simar’s foot. He says can you feel anything? Simar says its really hurting but i cant feel anything. Patali says you will beg for death simar but you wont get it either. You will scream with pain. Now bear this.
This is the first stage of my revenge and i am really enjoying.

Precap-Khushi hears simar screaming with pain but she can’t do anything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ari ho…roli ki batchi…kidhar ho tum…teri dd ko tei jaroorath hii….aao jaldi…

  2. Missing rosid

  3. Guy’s roli new movie in kannada c/o footpath 2 has released and its successful movie till now

  4. today i saw roli’s kannada movie. found only 5 people in balcony and 10 people in other class. roli is in limited scenes. gud acting. but dabba movie, bakwas. waste of time.

  5. Realy a great news.thanc for sharing it.atleast we get to see her onscreen through her movies.but still i miss her as roli.miss rosid a lot these days.

  6. please change wall paper atiba.. its kumkumbagya wall paper for ssk written update whats wrong? please change it.

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