Sasural Simar Ka 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

After 10 years.

Scene 1
Simar is doing the arti. Simar says God please keep my both families blessed. Always show my kids right path. Today is a special day, keep my kids blessed.
Simar asks kaka to make breakfast for Rohan and Roshni. He says anything for Piyush? Simar says no. Simar says Mr. Kapoor will come in evening and have dinner with us.
Simar says Rohan wants breakfast at 7 on the table. Please get it ready. He does yoga at 6, then reads newspaper and takes lemonade with it. Then showers and comes for breakfast. Get egg white and brown bread ready for him.
Simar comes to Rohan’s room and says good morning Rohan. He smiles at her. Simar says you can never be late. He says good morning, and touches her feet. Simar gives him parsad. Rohan says today is

special day, pooja must be special too? Simar says you making fun? Kaka says Rohan your breakfast is ready. Simar says I will wake Roshni up.
Simar comes to Roshni’s room and says Roshni wake up. Don’t you have to go to temple? Roshni says please 5 minutes. Simar says this is a bad habit. I am placing arti here, take parsad and place it back in temple. Roshni says I will eat it right now. She wakes up and says surprise. Simar says wow you are ready how? Roshni says I read on internet that waking up keeps life positive. Simar says give same positivity to Piyush. Roshni says he must be very nervous. Simar says I would have known if I had seen him he is out since morning. Roshni says he can never change. Simar gives her parsad and says lets go.
Roshni says I am calling him but he isn’t picking up. Simar says what should I do? Roshni says everything will be okay. Rohan says Piyush isn’t back I have to go at 10. Roshni says were you a clock in last life? Can’t you wait a little for him.
They hear band.. Simar says where is this band noise coming from? There is a guy dancing with them. He says play some item song not these wedding ones. Roshni says wow she dances with him. Rohan says good way to wake mummy up. Simar says shut it ma’am will be so mad if she wakes up.
Rita gets up to the noise and says what the hell. Who is playing band. She asks Kaka what is happening outside? he says Piyush brought the band. Simar says Piyush.. He says maa.. He picks simar up. Simar says take me down. What is all this. Simar says send them from here. He says as you order. Piyush asks them to leave.
Rita says thank God. Roshni says you brought them for a wedding? Piyush says of course. simar says what about the work you went for? He shows her marksheet and says i got 92%. Simar says wow I wish Prem was here.

Simar is in tears. Piyush says its such a big day for me and ruined it by taking his name. Why can’t you forget him? He met you 10 years ago and made you cry. Simar swipes her tears and says okay now? Lets go thank God. Piyush says you are everything to me. I will thank you. Thank you maa, he sits on knees. Simar says no thank God. Piyush says okay God thank you. Piyush says hello Mr. Rohan Kapoor? Roshni don’t you smell burn? I broke his record and got 2% more. Simar says no competition from your own. Rohan says I am glad he has more marks. Piyush says no no. Simar says he is older than you. rohan says you are not a competition for me. I have always wanted you get more than me always. Roshni says someone has forgotten me. Piysuh says I can’t see from top. Piyush says you won’t let me forget. Roshni says I was more worried for your result. They see a car coming in.
Its sumit, he says how is this car? Piyush says this is an amazing car. This is my favorite and I just love this color. When I get a job I will buy this car. Sumit says you won’t need to. This car is yours. Simar is dazed. Piyush says what? Roshni says such an amazing gift. Simar says this is really expensive, we can’t take it.

Kaka says to other servant, it was such a good car. He gave it to a governess’ son.
Rita hears it.
Simar says you have done enough for him Mr. Kapoor. I am just an employee here. Sumit says then why Rohan and Roshni call you choti maa? My kids are here because of you today. Rohan has his own company this is all because of you. This is car is really small in front of what you have done. What would happen to them if you were not here. I am always busy and Rita.. Rita comes and says I am totally useless right? Why car? give him home too? She runs it anyway. Give her legal papers. Sumit says Rita please not today, its an important day for Piyush. He deserves this car. Rita goes in. Sumit says please don’t consider yourself an employee. You are part of family and Piyush is like our son. Roshni says please choti maa. Simar says okay. Piyush is really happy. Sumit gives him the keys. Sumit says enjoy the ride. Piyush says thank you uncle.

Scene 2
Prem is checking his files. Manager says tomorrow is our company’s anniversary. You should take off so you can spend time with family. Prem throws away the file in anger.

Precap-A car hits a cart, man says what have you done. A girl comes out and says do you know whom are you talking to? Anjali Bharadwaj. Simar is there too, she overhears Anjali’s name.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Love this change

  2. God after sooo long, simar got her role ,that suits her better … her old look suits well..and for god’s sake dont open ur drainage mouth and cry Mrs.Simar Prem bharadwaj…U came out of ur house and why crying like aaaaeerrrr,aaaehhh….disgusting..
    Prem: whatr to say of him, he just knows to shout,blame,divorce and remarry…he is such an a*sh*le..
    Only understanding and sensible couple were Rosid and writers spoiled it, now this trustless duffers prema nd simar are leads ..good going..’
    But kudos for for making giving simar perfect role suiting her, buddiya

    1. PremSimarAnjaliPiyush fan

      Lol think u r premar hater….hw much prem shout,divorce,ignore simar… he never moved on in his life…he never forget simar nd dance r say i love u to other girls r sister frnds nd the same vth mrs.simar prem bharadwaj… love this trk of watching only premar nd their kids vth no unnecessary charac…tr r no sensible couple in SSK made by cvs…nly the respective fans think that their fav pair r sensible..either it be premar r rosid r newpair

      1. are you and sandhya same ?
        i agree with you

      2. PremSimarAnjaliPiyush fan

        Nooo y u asked that…this is my 1st reply on telly update…i haven’t registered yet…so can’t tell my name

      3. sorry for asking that as ur’s and sandhya’s dp is same i thought so

  3. Love prem angry look… he still looks sooo young nd dashing

  4. loving this new track

  5. i really felt bad when vaishali takkar’s character ended in yrkkh now i am very happy she is returning in ssk as anjali . waiting to see her with my favourite actress dipika kakkar aka simar

  6. i wish cvs change simar’s look atleast her makeup like why so much big bindhi they can make it small and also change that lipstick colour
    anyways dipika u look more beautiful without makeup

    1. PremSimarAnjaliPiyush fan

      Yeah simar look is good but they should reduce the bindhi nd overlipstick…then it would b perfect

  7. Please rolly came back in saural simar ka plssssssss

  8. Totally agreed with PremSimarAnjaliPiyush fan Thanks for supporting premar , my favourite tv couple

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