Sasural Simar Ka 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
simar is hidden behind a door, Roli is coming in that direction. amar says simar maybe it was a car passing by. simar says we don’t have much time we have to know the truth. Lets look in other rooms. Roli rings the doorbell simar and amar hide under a table. Roli says they should come out after listening to the bell. simar recalls roli being worried for her. simar says roli know where we are, its roli who is trying to distract us from investigating in the house. no matter what happens we will no step back. i know that reality is here. Everything is connected to this house. Simar says lets start looking again.

Prem says simar where are you? i asked you again and again to refrain from these investigations. Why didn’t you tell me calendar. their lives are in danger.

Mata ji says call them. Calendar says their phones are off. Sankalp says if you want, i can go there to pick them up. Bahadur knocks at the door. he says i am at your service prem bharadwaj. prem says finally you are here. He says Lal bahadur rajveer is my name and i always say truth.

Roli says didi has started looking in different rooms she shouldn’t enter that dangerous one. She is keeping an eye on them. simar starts walking towards the room, roli says it is that dark room. simar is about to open the door. Roli says didi.. simar turns back. Roli says don’t go in that room, please come out. simar says why are you so worried? amar says roli you here? The door behind simar starts to open. Roli says please come out of this mansion i beg you. simar starts going towards roli.

Mata ji says in heart i feel like i have seen him before. Bahdur says there are more evils in the world because there are more people to tolerate them. Before you deduct something i would like to tell you something about this man.

Roli says what truth are you talking about? I am not concealing anything. Shut this window just the way it was. He should not know someone came here. simar says tell me why are you so worried and whom are you talking about? Simar says there is something for sure, stop lying now. Amar says don’t worry we are with you no one will harm you. tell us what is it. roli says why you ask same question again and again. i was worried because you were in this strange mansion. Simar says tell me how you got here? I didn’t give you any details on call. Amar says you still have time tell us, maybe we can help you. simar says don’t worry we are with you. We will face all your problems but you have to tell us what is it. Simar says this is clear that you have been here before, not tell us how are you connected to this house and that man. You have changed a lot, you used to tell me everything before and now i beg you but you are not telling me anything. roli says its not like that. she sees a woman’s hand opens the window behind amar.

Rajveer says he is menataly retarded. Calendar says either he is making you fool or you are making us fool. Rajveer says when i am talking and someone interrupts i hate it. He says to prem never trust anyone, i know you don’t trust me. I will kill your doubts. He calls someone, a man walks in. He says I am sorry i am late. Rajveer says tell them about his ailment. Doctor says he has a weird and rare mental condition, he keeps disguising as different characters. you can see his medical file if you want. Rajveer says he lost his mental stability in an accident, but i didn’t fire him because he was a loyal. i have to face a lot of things because of him. simar says what happened why are you quite? they turn back, the window shuts. Amar says don’t stay quite tell us. What will you get by concealing it? tell the truth of sid’s deadbody. roli says why are you intruding in our personal life. Amar says because of you simar is on the point where her marital life is at stake. He tells roli about what prem said to simar. roli says please halt it and don’t force me. there is a path in front of me and i wll walk on it. Roli sees a shadow in the window. Simar turns back the shadow vanishes. simar says don’t tell me i got the proof and it is that you came here without any information. the more you lie the more my doubts get strong. save my wedding if you want or i will give my wedding locket to prem myself.

Precap-prem says that man has nothing to do with our family. Simar says roli came there too. prem calls roli and asks did you go to rajveer’s house? Roli says no.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. now who d hell gona b dat lady???
    maya???oh god…huh

  2. in that dark room maya and sid is there.

  3. Ya tat is maya I think she changed her costume tat long sleeves one

  4. why is roli being secretive in ssk?
    upcmg track will gve hint to viewers:
    when the entire fight sequence takes place in past sid will hit himself with da trishul. rajveer witness da entire hapng. dus aftr sid dies maya shattered and trys to destroy her naag mani by throwing it into da fire. bt rajveer stops her frm doing da same by taking out da naag mani frm da fire and he promised maya dat if she vl help him., he will make sid alive again with his powerda entire incident narrated to roli by maya and in da course of time to get her sid back.she agrees to help maya and rajveer in der plan.
    roli hits maya frm da trishul and she falls frm cliff but dat was planned by roli and maya to show everyone dat maya game is over and bw family can proceed ahead with sid last rituals. added our source.
    but der was a twist in da tale as sid body goes missing when roli and simar brings sid body at bw house in ambulance and both were clueless about how sid body goes missing. actually even dat was plan madde by roli,maya and rajveer. maya hypnotizes simar and takes sid body. this is da reason why roli was not in favour to do investigation fr da incident. ends our source.
    how will simar and roli get out of dis prblm.

  5. Earlier they took 3 mnths to revl green eyes secret n nw they will take 3 mnths again to rvl this mystry

  6. One thing is sure that lady is maya in that house

  7. in precap roli tel lies to prem.. den wat vl simar do now?….. is roli vl do investigation further.

  8. This is horrible yar

  9. how roli can do like this to her sister????

  10. Shree Krishna

    I think Roli is maya .

  11. guys anyone can tel me dat frm da article its sayng dat rajveer brngs sid life back… but its little confusng dat is sid nw turns into naag or he is human only? .. but in article is nt gvng dat sid become naag.. but any videos telng he is naag whch is crct? if article or videos and segmnts? whch one is correct..any one can clarify my doubt plz… plz tel me…

  12. God knows!that lady might b Maya….

  13. Wat nonsense story….wat power this rajveer has got to make someone alive……funny… head n no tail for this story

  14. i think rajveer is not human

  15. He is some old enemys son they said na frm first till nw they had kushi,veeru,janvi,shoba,shuriya,megna,jawladevi Sunaina,vikranth,nw maya in tis to whom they LL link him??? Or they will creat new story?????

    1. i think they will create a new story

  16. But rajveer connects 2 bw family I think

  17. Thanks Sandhya for sharing it, It will save my time 🙂

  18. i think sid and maya is inside the dark room……… sid…become a naagg omg… no..a nyways this sasural simar ka… is horrible.. iam very curious to know… 🙁

  19. sandhya…. i think u r right… (y)

  20. O god before it was lal dharwaja ,
    now safedh dharwaja …..after wards kala dharwaja kya?

  21. But like the story ,sequence and actors ……..

  22. In my opinion ,roli sacrifies her life to sid.Then she hide everything.

  23. I saw in youtube that sid to return as ichadar naag

  24. Hahahahah absoluty right bakwas serial

  25. No guyssssssssss. Sid becomes a killer aryan and he will try to kill roli. he is a man of rajeev……. sid roila ka gala dhabatheyka….

  26. what happened to mausi ji???

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