Sasural Simar Ka 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priya brings Anjali inside the bar. Anjali feels awkward. Priya says this is what auditions are like. Don’t worry. Madhu says i called them why are they still not here.
Rohan piyush and Simar come to the bar. Simar says my daughter is here. Savant says what happened Anjali. Anjali sees Simar. Savant says why are you hiding. Anjali says that woman is my mom. savant says your mom? Anjali says I can’t believe she is here to find me. If she sees me she will take me from here. A dancer tries to take Piyush with her. He says what are you doing leave me. Madhu says in heart I have to reach them somehow.
Savant says come with me. He hides Anjali in a room. Madhu says this is the right time I should tell aunty about Anjali. Madhu is about to talk to Simar. Savant

grasps her arm and says let’s go.
The manager says who are these people? Rohan says we are from crime branch. Piyush says Anjali isn’t here.
Savant says to Madhu you called Anjali’s mom right?
Rohan says there are dressing rooms here. We should check there. piyush says yes let’s go.

Scene 2
Prem checks his drawer, there is not cash there. Prem says how is this possible. Did Anjali? That means whatever was on her social media was a lie. She is not in Goa. She is in Mumbai. He calls inspector.
Rohan and piyush look for Anjali. Anjali is hidden. She sees Simar. Rohan and Piyush look for her everywhere. The girls grabs them. Rohan says let’s go from here.
Simar says where were you two? Piyush says she was not there. simar says where is my daughter. Where will we find her now? Anjali says who is she to find me. Get lost from here.
Savant comes in and asks who are you people? What are you doing here? Simar says my daughter is lost. We are looking for her. Rohan says and we know she is here. We got a call. Savant says there is no anjali here. Simar says a girl told me address of this place. I have her number as well. Rohan says call that girl.

Priya says give me your phone Madhu. Madhu says I won’t. Madhu says why don’t you understand that she is from a good family. Why are you shoving her in this hell. Shanu says she is right Priya. Madhu says her mom is calling. priya says you are right. Give me your phone I will talk to her.
Priya cuts the call. She slaps Madhu.
Savant says try once more madam. Simar says her phone is switched off now. Savant says these are our working hours please go from here. Piyush says ma maybe someone joked. We looked everywhere. Rohan says yes ma we should leave. They leave. Savant says in heart one can only come here but never go out of here.

Scene 3
Khushi says if she stole your money and ran then how is that my mistake? Prem says don’t try to be smart. you must knew about it. Khushi says Sankalp see Prem always blames me. Sankalp says Prem Bhaiya how can you accuse her? Without any proof. Sattu says we should rather try to find her. Mataji says Anjali will come back with Simr now. Prem says my daughter is missing and you are talking about Simar. Mataji says Anjali is Simar’s daughter. Whenever we had trouble, simar helped us out. Same will happen this time. Don’t worry. Simar will bring her home safe. Don’t worry. She won’t let anything happen to Anjali.

Anjali says thank God she left. Sorry sir. Savant says let’s go meet director and casting manager. He introduces Anjali to fake directors. Savant says they will finalize the candidate. Now you perform. Anjali says sure.
Simar says I don’t know why those parents are so helpless that they can’t take their daughters out. I feel good that she is not here. But where will we look for her? Rohan says we will find her. He sees a bracelet stuck in his watch.
The client says to savant she isn’t even moving. Savant says Anjali why are you not dancing. These are not real people. They are all actors. Anjali says in heart I have to do it. I have to become an actress. Anjali starts dancing on ‘man saath samandur’. Savant says this is my girl. The men shower currency on her.
Rohan goes back in. Piyush says where are you going? Rohan says we found this bracelet in chawl? Its the same. When we were in changing room it stuck in my watch. Simar says that means Anjali is here.
Guard says you came again. you can’t go in. Simar says I will call police. Guard says we do whatever you want. He shoves the guard. Rohan and Piyush get mad and hit the guard. Simar says leave him. piyush says go in maa.
simar comes in and sees Anjali dancing. She is bewildered.

Precap-Simar slaps Anjali on her face. Simar says parents give freedom to kids not to make their own lives hell. Anjali says how dare you slap me. She slaps Simar back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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