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Sasural Simar Ka 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi tells everyone that indra saw simar coming in from the window. Everyone is dazed and worried. Amar sits with prem, he says dont worry prem. Prem shouts stay away from me. How dare you to sit with me and touch me. Prem throttles him. He says how dare you to touch me.
Simar asks indra why you always call me choti? Indra says i stopped you from going there. You know half truth and now you want me to tell you. I wont tell you simar. Because you wont be able to bear it. Simar says i am strong enough to face all the truths. Indra says permawati was my sister. She looks like you, because you are the next life of permawati. Time changed, life changed but your nature didn’t change. You still have all the qualities you had back then. I wanted to keep you away from that incident.

I will leave after taking you out of troubles. Just forget whatever you saw. otherwise that life will haunt you as well. How will you bear the truth. your life will be difficult after it. I will leave this house and i will come back on next full moon to help you. Indra leaves. Simar hears prem’s voice and goes downstairs.

Indra says simar you will be curious every time i stop you from knowing the truth. I will complete that story in this life. You betrayed me back then. I will ruin this life of yours. Simar comes and sees prem throttling amar. Simar stops him. She says what are you doing? Amar is your pal. Prem says i know your reality too. Everyone is dazed. He says i will kill you today. Prem throttles simar. Everyone stops him. Prem says take her away from my eyes, i dont even wanna see her face. And leave me or i will kill you all. Indra says in heart simar this starts my new game simar. Soon this story will end. Simar goes to temple. Simar’s head is bleeding. Jhanvi brings the first aid box and dresses her wound. Amar says i dont know what happened to prem. Sujata says indra did all this. We asked her to bring back roli but she did this. She is playing with us. Jhanvi says maybe he is still under mohini’s magic. Simar says i have got to know something that will bewilder you all. She tells them everything. Simar says this cant be a stroy. I see shadows. There is some truth that has to be known. I have to find the incomplete. Simar says amar hypnotize me and take me 100 years back. Amar says this will be too difficult. Simar says you have done this before. This is important. Sujata says she is right.

Amar starts hypnotizing simar. He says you eyes are heavy, indra is looking at them. Amar says go 100 years back and tell me what you see. Simar sees indra hugging her. Them simar stabs indra. A man comes and says permawati. Simar said i wont leave you both and stabbed him as well. Simar wakes up with shock. Everyone asks what happened. Simar runs out of the room. Amar says she has seen something that has troubled her. Simar shatters in her room. she says i killed indra? but why? Simar says this is getting complicated. And that is not prem. its someone else. Prem comes in the room and places hand on her shoulder. Simar turns back.

Precap-Indra is in a car with prem at some unknown spot. Cops stop them and ask why are you here? Pre said she is my wife and we were talking.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. atiba why didnt u write for tesha e ishq?

  2. be quick atiba ..u are 1 hour late

  3. Prem & Indra are lovers in previous birth… Simar killed both Indra & prem at that time… Now Indra came to take revenge from simar… Prem is totally captured by Indra now… He is in Indra trap now….

    Pls god save us…. How many twists will come now… How many years they will drag this chewing gum….

    1. Plz say me wat shadows simar is say abt???

    2. Plz say me wat shadows sumar is talking abt

      1. Simar is talking abt her previous birth reflection at present…

    3. Omg…ub from where did u get this information????.. How simar can do like that with her own sister???

      1. Plzzz don’t show simar in negative role

      2. From today’s episode … Matter is clear now… Or may be Indra is playing a mind game… We have to wait

  4. What happened yaar ? I thought prem n simar were lovers n indra was also loving prem. Bt she couldn’t get her love so came now 2 get it. Now Don’t show simar in negative role plz.

  5. plz stop the story simar only rights on prem but u always betrayed simar prem simar love u a lot but u y cvs only sepearted premar only y y y y y?…..roli plz come back soon…..sid whr r u?plz come quick…

  6. truth must be smthng else..maybe both sistrs lvd same guy n indra became dayan to get that guy n killed if simar killed indra n prem in prvs birth then she can’t be a gud soul in this birth.but she is a gud soul that means indra was evil in past n present too..n the scene which simar saw in hypnotizm session that must be some game of indra.she with her blck magic make simar see that scene so that simajr feel guilty n leave prem in guilt

  7. Iam confused .so indra was good back then but simar was bad.watever they r just passing time with dis story.y cant they take up track which of trend today some normal subject for a change.

  8. No yaar I think simar and prem are lovers in previous birth but I think tis indravathi loved prem but prem loved simar…….

  9. We want roli back missing rosid…..?

  10. oh god ssk in tamil prem angry on simar and also hindi plz cvs let them happy forever tamil 3 months akum avanga reunion aka atleast hindi la yavatu union panuga poor simar

  11. Where is roli? when she will come

  12. what a story yaar is this ?? pls smebdy tell me last 2 weeks im not watching ssk , so im confused now ….

  13. sasural simarka is very nice and i hope there wil be more episodes in future.

  14. simar and amar jhodi will be perfect in this seriel. and in real life sidhart and simar jhodi will be perfect.

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