Sasural Simar Ka 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 8th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Mata ji shouts at simar and roli that this won’t have happened if you had told us. Mausi ji intrudes and says just end this now we all forgive you both. Go upstairs and see janvi. Simar on stairs says to roli that don’t you think Janvi is sad because she is going away from shaureya not because of her break up with Gaurav.

Scene 2
Janvi is sitting in her room. Song ‘ Sun raha hai na tu ‘ is playing in the background. Tears are slipping of her tears. She remembers him saying i like you and her own confession. And when he said i will change this like in love soon. Simar pats at her back. Simar says over thinking increaes the worry. If there is something you are concealing you can tell us. Roli says we know that this time differentiating between right

and wrong is difficult but it will release the pressure. Simar says i guess janvi wanna be alone for sometime lets go. Janvi stops them and says that shaureya has stolen my peace and sleep. I feel like i can’t control myself. I can’t help missing him. Simar hugs her and says we can understand your feelings. It happens in this age. Your feelings are true but for a wrong man. You don’t deserve Shaureya. Roli says marriage is between two families. Simar says after meeting his sister i can says that they are not like us. Janvi says don’t you guys worry i will never meet him again. Janvi’s phone rings. Its shauerya janvi disconnects the call. She says my family is the most important thing in my life. I have no place for shaureya in my life.

Scene 3
Shaureya is calling janvi over and over agian. He is so angry he is throwing things away. Attul stops him. Attul says maybe the end if this story is written like this. Every wish can’t be fulfilled. Forget all what happened and move on. Shaureya says i write my own fate i will not let her go away from me.

Scene 4
Sujata and all other people are there in living room. She says i don’t know when this bad days will leave my daughter. She has suffered a lot. Prem says we are responsible for this. We promised her protection. Sid says just on proposal has gone happiness has not turned away from her. Prem says forget the maa we will find a new boy for her. Sujata says yes you are right. I know you brothers are here for her. Achna intrudes and says that Meghna broke her relationship on basis of money she can do this again. She says just the worry of parents can’t change the fate of children. Mata ji says yes we can’t change her future but we can do best for her. And we can make her strong her for ups and downs of her life. Mausi ji says that i have an idea, she should start working in the shop we were giving her. Everyone consents with her. Pari nudges shalu, shalu says that shop was the first gift you gave to aarav. I was thinking that we should buy her a new property and let this one remain aarav’s. Pari says that with the first gift our feelings are related. Mata ji says you are right, its the right of parents to think about the future of their child. Shalu is embarrassed that he had to say this in front of his family. Mata ji says that no one will talk to janvi about her wedding now. Sujata says may the lord gives her strength.

Scene 5
Janvi is looking at the mirror she sees shaureya standing behind him when she looks back he is no where. She gets a text from him. It says, janvi i will be waiting for you in the temple tomorrow at 8 o’clock. if you ever felt something for me then you have to come. We will pray to god together to make our families one.I will make everything all right and yes if you don’t come to meet me then i swear on you that i will kill myself.

Scene 6
Next morning, shaureya gets to the temple right at 8 o’clock. He says that you have to come today janvi.

Precap-Shaureya is ringing the temple bell again and again. His hand is bleeding. Janvi comes in and stops him. He fills her forehead with his blood.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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