Sasural Simar Ka 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sumit slaps Rita so hard. He says how dare you do this. I knew you don’t like Simar and Piyush. but never knew you can stoop this low. Roshni says I can’t believe my own mother did this to me. You are disgusting mom. Sumit says we shouldn’t talk to this woman. She has no motherhood and humanity. Shame on you. Sumit says to Piyush I don’t know how to apologize to you. If you can please pardon me. Piyush says no uncle don’t say this. I didn’t want to do all this but when I saw tears and my mom insulted I couldn’t tolerate that. I had to prove my innocence after that. I should leave. he leaves and takes Subhash with him. Roshni says Piyush stop.. but he leaves. Roshni says to Rita I hate you mom. I lost my love and my friend. Rita says I did

this for you. Rohsni says don’t touch me. Rita says listen to me.

Vikram says what should I do now if Vadahi sees me she will tell Simar everything and our wedding will be called off and I will be jailed. Papa tai ji everything will be shattered. Anjali texts him her pictures. He looks at them. She which one do you like? He says the red dress.
Vikram calls Anjali. He says I wanted to ask you something. she says sure. Vikram says there was a girl at your home.. Anjali says oh KB is calling me. I will talk to you later. Vikram says this girl is useless. Let haldi happen after that Vadahi I have to do something to her.

Sumit calls Simar says I am sorry that I accused you and your son. You brought up my kids, made my house home. Simar says you don’t have to apologize me. The way you saw Roshni any father would have reacted the same. Sumit says you are so lucky Piyush is your son. Simar says I am proud of him and Roshni as well. Take care of her.
Piyush comes in. He says I can’t believe how can a mother do this to her own daughter. Simar says hatred makes people do things like these anyway. Piyush says what about that guy? simar says I went there but Vikram gave me the number. Prem comes in and says what. You went to Anjali’s in laws for investigations? You thought they were kidnappers? Simar says no but vadahi.. Prem says I don’t care about her. Anjali is important for me. What are you trying to do? You know what could this lead to? Vikram is sensible thank God. Piyush says nothing like this would happen again. He leaves. Simar says we made a mistake again.

Scene 2
The haldi starts. Mataji says Anjali is coming. Everyone is happy. They sing songs. Prem gets a call. Mataji says to simar is food ready? Simar says yes everything is ready. mataji says we are waiting for haldi from Anjali’s inlaws. Amar tells prem that the train is late. Prem says ahana’s train is late. She is our cousin. Mataji says she was coming for haldi. This is a ritual only a girl who is unmarried can take the haldi. That is why we called Ahana. KB says we have Vadahi we can send her. KB says why are you all so shocked? She is unmarried and had been living on us. We have favors on her. Am I right Simar? Vadahi says it would be an honor for me. KB says see I solved the problem. Simar says I am glad you are going to bring her haldi. You are part of our family now.

In Vikram’s house Saroj applies him haldi. Anajli’s family comes there. Saroj says we will be done in five minutes. KB says you do the rituals we will wait. Vikram’s face is covered with haldi. Vadahi sees his eyes and says I have seen those eyes somewhere. Is he.. She recalls her kidnapping. Vadahi says why I feel like he is the same person. Saroj asks him to touch haldi. She gives it to Vadahi. Vadahi says in heart if my doubt is right help me God. They are leaving. Vikram says ouch my eyes hurt. Everyone stops. Saroj cleans his face. Vadahi sees him. She is dazed and scared. Saroj says are you okay? He sees Vadhi and says she is here. Vadahi is about to drop the haldi bowl. Kb holds it she says are you out of your mind? Do you know what would happen. KB says I am sorry. I don’t know where was her mind. Lets go. Vadahi places the haldi on table. Anjali comes downstairs. KB says you look so good. Vadahi says oh God I don’t know what to do.
Khushi is about to apply anjali haldi. Mataji says stop Khushi. Its her mother’s right. Come Simar. Simar applies Anjali haldi. SHe says every mother dreams her daughter to be a bride. I am seeing my dream live. I am so happy. I will always pray for your life to be filled with happiness. Vadahi says they are all so happy they don’t know whom is she going to be married.

Precap-Vikram has Vadahi on backseat of his car. He says to Vadahi this is just a trailer of what I can do in your life. If you tell anajli I will ruin her life as well.
Simar says to Prem we should be happy Anjali is getting married to such a good man.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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