Sasural Simar Ka 8th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amar follows simar he says I should call sid. He calls sid but sid is busy in calming mata ji down. Prerna sees amar’s call on his phone. She turns the phone silent. Servant comes landline phone. Prerna trips him. The phone breaks. Sid says mata ji clam down everything is under control. amar says how can I inform them about prem’s kidnapping.
Chanda says to the women, we have to find out what simar and prerna are upto. We have know what they are trying to do. Simar is not getting me I guess. She can’t fool me.
Prem says I don’t know whats going on. I saw your picture in newspaper. Now my mom is with you. Simar says you will get answers very soon. Prem says in heart when I saw her in restaurant my heart said I know her. Brain said she is some enemy.

Chanda comes out with her luggage. Chanda says I always considered you my family but you never accepted me. and mata ji you were always like a mom to me. But you never considered me daughter. you won’t have trusted a servant against me. Now when the truck in broken there is no point of living here. I am leaving. Prerna says mata ji.. Chanda says I have lost and you have won but before leaving I wanna give proof of my innocence. She says something to sid.

Simar brings prem to bharadwaj house. She says come in. Prem says what place is this?Simar says this is our house. everyone comes. prem sees sujata and says maa. sattu bhaya.. pari bhabhi. He says maa I really missed. Anjali comes and hugs him. She says papa is here. Prem is shocked. sujata says what happened? This is anjali your daughter.. and this is simar your wife. Prem says what are you saying. I can’t get it. Sujata says yes this is truth. Simar says come with me premji.

Sid turns on the footage a car is shown. A woman comes out of the car. Prerna is dazed It was prerna with the mechanic. Sid says its prerna. Mataji throttles her. Mata ji says you dared this. You blamed our daughter in law.Sid asks amar where is prem? Amar says simar kidnapped him. Mata ji says what. Amar says I tried a lot. But Simar took him. Chanda says prerna is behind all this. She did this with prem. She did all this drama here so prem can kidnap her. Prerna tries to run but amar stops her. She recalls simar saying that if you are trapped start apologizing and bring them to bharadwaj house. Please forgive me. Simar provoked me. Sid says who will save you from. Mataji says stop sid. Simar used her against us. Mataji says so we will use her against simar.

Simar says please come to temple with me you will have all the answers there. sujata says she is right. Simar takes prem to temple.
Prem gets a call from mata ji. Mataji says we are coming where you are. Don’t trust anyone there.They are all your enemies. Stay where you are. Don’t listen to what they say.Mata ji says to prerna stand up. Mataji says take us to simar and prem. Hurry up. Prerna says I will take you there.

Prem says I forgot to tell I won’t decide anything until Mataji is here. She is on her way.Must be reaching any moment.
Mata ji and family arrive outside.

Precap-Chanda says to mata ji this face can be anyone. Come in your real attire. Mata ji disappears and the woman in ghunghat becomes mata ji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice epi… Love PREMAR?

  2. worst epsd. Hate Premar to the core. Rosid will always be Rosid. Makers should end Sid’s character as nothing left for him after roli’s death. Writers always show simar as mahaan. Even Prem’s character is bakwaas maybe that was why Shoaib quitted the show in 2013. I remember Manish aka Sid entered the show to play the 2nd lead opposite Avika aka Roli as the show was not getting the desired TRP upto that time. Then slowly they gained more fans compared to Premar & it was the best show from 2011 to Dec 2014 & soon Rosid became the main lead pear that even almost made Dipika aka Simar to quit the show but the prb started when she decided to continue the show & pressurised the CDs to focus only on her(not even on Dheeraj aka Prem). Then after the last good Vikrant track(Nov-17Dec2014) in which all 4 leads were given equal imp(including Prem’s fight with vikrant and Sid saving lives of Anjali, Sanjana & Simar). after that Rosid was slowly out of it & Shit tracks like Maya(Sid was there but Roli wasnt),Rajveer(Roli was there but Sid died shortly after came back but as Aaryan),Mohini(both captured in pots with prem in hybernation),Indravati(Sid came back in midle but Roli didnt while Prem became Rana Thakur then Roli’s soul only came not her body,Gayatri(Rosid were there but only as Lamp posts even
    Devika was given more imp over Roli) & Shaitan(the most disgusting part Roli without even thinking about her Siddhant sacrificed her life to save Simar & in return That blo*dy Simar was dancing and celebrating with Prem and Prerna within 1st week of roli’s death leaving Sid lonely,depressed & sad). although Rosid came back in action with Rajkumari Rajeshwari’s track but that was not enough.Now Manish has nothing substancial with Show now declining trp day by day its better for the makers to make Sid die reuniting Rosid in heaven(With Avika coming back to SSK one last time for a cameo),re-unite Simar-Prem,Amar-Jhanvi forever.

    1. superb..bang on ur post…agree with each n every wrd….no rosid no ssk..ssk should b banned…wrst serial fr ever…aftr roli death..trp went to 1.9..its better fr cvs to shut this serial before it goes to zero

  3. I agree with u..LXP…wat u said is true…rosid always rocks forever….

  4. without rosid there is no ssk…now trp is very low 1.9… ssk is in 10 position….

  5. I totally agree wid u Lxp… Agree wid each n evry word u said, in fact all rosidianz will.. I even stopped reading deze updates of ssk after dese cvz starts to destroy our side but today just opnd b found ur comment.. U r 100% right… Luv rosid forever… N without rosid ssk z nothing… Hate ssk cvz n their mahaan simar…

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