Sasural Simar Ka 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 8th May 2013 Written Update

Pandit refuses and says he doesn’t know anything. He says if anyone shot anyone here, then police would be here. Seems like you saw a bad dream.. I will pray God to take care of you. Simar asks Prem, you trust me, right? Prem nods his head saying yes. Simar asks other family members to trust her, but no one is trusting her. Simar says, Veeru and Roli was getting married here only.. when I tried to stop him, he took out the gun and shot Roli. Roli was in my lap and too much blood was flowing. I asked so many people to help, but no one helped. Then a truck guy helped me. I talked with her.. she apologized as she went away from us. She told me to tell Sid that she loves him a lot and her love will always be with him.

And then suddenly Roli went quiet. When I reached hospital, doctor

said that she is dead. And now everyone is saying it’s a lie.. why is everyone lying? Simar is crying. Sid breaks down. Chachi says what you’re saying.. all that happened before, but with you. Simar says, but it happened again..I am not making up all these… please trust me. Simar asks Prem to tell everyone that what she is saying is true. Prem turns away his face this time. Simar continues, you know that I can never lie to you. Mataji asks Prem to take care of Simar and they will decide what to do later on.. for now she says they should leave from the mandir. They leave. Naina says I should call Khushi and give her this good news. We came here to take Roli with us, but couldn’t find her.. and now no one has trust in Simar. She calls Khushi and tells her that Simar has gone crazy. She agrees that Roli died, but she is saying that she died today.. and it was Veeru who shot her. She is saying tht she saw everything, but here everyone is saying they didn’t see anything. She hangs up sayin if someone seems me talking with you, then it won’t be good.

Khushi is also surprised and wonders how it can happen. Veeru comes out from her car. He tells her, she didn’t leave any option for me. She knows very well that I love her a lot, but her.. Khushi says, Roli died in car accident. Veeru says, I killed her. Roli says, no.. everyone thinks she died in the car accident.. and that’s what they will believe because I have destroyed all the proofs. Veeru is shocked.

Veeru asks her how did you do all this? Khushi says, using my evil brain. You don’t believe me, right? Let me tell you. When I found out that Simar called Mataji and told her that she is in Kishanghadh and she saw Roli. That time I thought if Roli is alive, then why she is not in Bharadwaj house. And if Roli is alive, then I thought my Veeru must be alive too as only he can do such things. Therefore, I put some men behind Simar so they can inform me about everything. I found out from them that my Veeru is in Kishangadh. Bharadwaj family won’t let me take with them, so I thought why not reach Kishangadh before them.. I broke their car engine.. so their car get stuck in middle. Then I found out that you went to mandir to get married with Roli.. I mean Vidya. And as always, Simar came between you two. Veeru says, that means you were there in mandir that day? Khushi says, yes.. I was seeing all that drama. They show us Khushi hiding and watching all that happened in mandir.

Khushi says, after that I followed Simar to the hospital and found that Roli died before coming to hospital. As soon as I got chance, I gave money to doctor so he can destroy all the proofs and lie to Bharadwaj. Doctor and his staff destroyed all the proofs. Got rid off Roli’s body and when Simar was unconscious.. they got rid off all blood stains from her saree. I told my men to bring you here from the mandir. After everything, I went to mandir and gave money to pandit. Pandit and other couple of people cleaned up everything so it looks like that there was no wedding in that mandir.

Khushi continues.. from the time I found out that Roli is alive.. this game was running by me. Poor Simar and entire family don’t even know who made them do all this. .Poor Simar will always be wondering if all that was a reality or a dream. That’s why I am telling you to forget it that you killed Roli. Episode ends.

Precap: Khushi tells Veeru, I have a plan.. we can rule everyone. She gives him her hand and asks, you will support your billo, right?..

Update Credit to: shreya

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