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Sasural Simar Ka 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says I have really hurt your please pardon me. Everyone is dazed. Mata ji says I beg pardon from all of you. Karuna wonders what is wrong with her. Mata ji says you all are thinking what changed me? Humans make mistakes and remorse them.
Chantu showed me this mirror. I dont know why I was so cruel to all of you. I know you will all give me one more chance. To rectify my mistakes. Chantu says in heart now I see what malti does. You brain will stay under my control. You wont tell anyone.
Simar says you are our elder you can scold and punish us. And to be honest I have so much respect for you that I can never be bugged. Mata ji says i am lucky to have a daughter life you. I know you stay away from me. She hugs her.
Uma says thank God. I lost 5 KGs by all that

work. simar says in heart there is something wrong somewhere. There is a way.

Sid is in his room. He sees that the door is locked. roli says I locked it. He says why? Roli says you tell me truth then I will let you go out. He says wanna know truth? He throttles her and says open the door. Better be wife not my boss. simar sees roli in trouble from window. Sughanda comes as well. Sughanda says stop it sid. Leave her. sid leaves. Roli opens the door. simar says are you okay? Come sit here.
sid says I am sorry I lost my mind in anger. He leaves. Sughanda says forgive him. I think he is overworked. Simar says why mata ji and sid are not listening to anyone but sughanda. This is weird. Roli says this is weird but what has it to do with our house? Simar says we have to go back to the village. We will find answers there Don’t worry about me. Nothing will happen to me. Just take care here. No one should know about ti.

Simar is on her way. She says before dark I have to reach there somehow. She says its 30KM but the village is nowhere? She stops by a well and says I saw this last time and it was from where the village started but there is no trace of village today. she says how is this possible. She stops a car. She asks the man there was a village here? It started from this spot. He says are you mad? There is nothing till 100KM. Its all jungle. Simar says how is that possible. she says i came here somedays ago. He says I drive here since 20 years. This is government land. I think you should go home. Simar recalls the village. She says I came here myself. I saw everything. And no one is here. What did I see last time? And all those people. I have to ask sugandha why she told me this?

Simar arrives home. Sanju says mama where were you? I am hungry I need milk. Simar says go to your room I will bring you. Simar gives sanju milk. she says drink it. sImar says I am coming in a while. SImar steps on her drawing. Its sughanda’s drawing. simar says what is this? Sanju says sughanda aunty this ball can pass her body. Simar is dazed. sanju says this is magic, I saw it myself. Ball passed like there is no body amid. This is my and aunty’s secret. Please don’t tell anyone.
Malti says simar is so confused. she can never solve it.

Precap-Malti sees the casket and says its about time to open it. Simar comes near her room and says this bell is ringing in sughanda’s room. she comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. is there any nnews about new roli in ssk… as avika is quitting na.. who is replacing in avika aka roli role or she staying in ssk? or her character is going to be die? please tell me…

  3. Hai guys watch Ishq ka rang safed serial. Very nice show

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