Sasural Simar Ka 8th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 8th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Verma aunty says I can’t still agree to it. Friendships falls in to love. Jhanvi is angry she says I am late. SHe goes in the house. Verma aunty says to doctor arora was I wrong what happened to her ? She leaves.

Scene 2
Mara ji asks where is roli ? Simar says she is not well. SId has got her the medicines. Karuna says start getting the stuff reday for tomorrow. Khushi is feeling the irritation on her skin again. She says I won’t play holi. I am allergic to the colors. Sid says you have to be the part of celebration tonight. Some clients are coming to celebrate the new success. Khsuhi is worried what to do. SHe needs boby’s help.

Scene 3
Verma aunty is discussing Jahnvi with other women. She says jhanvi comes at late night with her colleague.

After she got windowed. Simar says there is nothing bad in being a widow. We all second her and want her to start a new life. Why can’ she be happy ? Doesn’t she have the rights? A lady says yes she has all the right but with some limits. Simar says who will decide those limits ? You ? We all talk about rights of women but then we act like this. This is not letting our society grow. To change we need to change our deeds. You all are women, just put yourselves in her shows. You will know how it feels. She leaves.

Scene 4
Doctor Arora calls Jhanvi but she disconnects. A nurse comes and tells Doctor that a patient is in critical condition please come. Jhanvi is not here today she is not well. He plans on visiting her.
Simar comes to jhanvi and says why aren’t you ready ? Jhanvi says I am not going today ? Simar says is doctor anurag magician ? Don’t know what he said to maa that she is not angry about you going to hospital. Now please get ready for the function.

Scene 5
Sonia comes to boby and says i am in trouble. I wanna learn english and there can’t be any better teacher than you. Like you say east or west boby is best. You can do anything. Boby corrects her pronunciation. Boby says its a language its not that easy. Khushi says I have to learn. Boby says you must know a little English. Boby says Holi ? You can’t even learn it till Dewali? Boby says I will teach you a few sentences use them. She tells her her some basic sentences. Khushi says looks boby I can learn it.

Scene 6
Mata ji asks Sonia to come and help her in doing the arrangements. She doesn’t know how to make make the pooja plate ready. Everyone is dazed. Mata ji says no worries I will tell you. Sid comes in with the clients and introduces them to the family. He points at sonia and says this is not sonia obroye. Khushi is scared. Sid says She is now bharadwaj. They says helo to her. She manages to speak a little English. But when they say our CEO has resigned she smiles and says yeah why not ? Everyone is shocked at her accent and the way she is speaking. Sujata asks sid to get the guest to the place of Pooja.
Anurag texts Jhanvi that I am outside your house and wanna meet you. She wonders how to go. What will she say if someone sees him.
She goes out and says my answer is no. He says can I ask the reason ? She say you must know about the person. You know nothing about me and my past. You won’t get anything. I hate wedding. He says trust me I can change your opinion. He says what will you change that I am a widow ? Or the fact that I am pregnant ? He is bewildered.

precap-Khushi is there with colors all over her face. Mausi ji recognizes her and says Khushiii? Khushi is scared.

Update Credit to: atiba

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