Sasural Simar Ka 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says I have complete faith in you two. Mataji says we will fix everything don’t worry. This is Simar’s sasural and will always be. There hear some noise. Prerna says let me check. she sees Maani picking up a plant. Prerna comes out,Maani tries to sneak. Prerna says this is some new drama of hers. Keep simar in locker. I am going after her.
Mataji locks Simar. They go after Maani.
Maani says in heart you think you are following me? truth is that I brought you people here with my will. Play with my shadow while I kill your simar.
Mataji says why is she going towards devika’s house? They follow maani.
Prem comes out and says mata ji where are you going? Mata ji says was just walking. Prem says Simar called and said place some cash in locker.

He says I will place this key in the rack. Mata ji says yes okay and leaves. Mataji comes to devika’s house and says prerna.. Maani is behind a curtain. She sneaks out and goes towards bharadwaj house again.
Prem opens the locker.
Simar(bee) sees prem and says I am so glad to see you. I would hug you and tell you everything. Maani sees prem. He places keys in the box.
Prerna says she is nowhere here. What game is she playing? Mataji says prem was asking me for keys. he said simar called him. Prerna says it was fake simar. Prerna says you have the keys? Mataji says no prem took them. Prerna says this means she was fooling us.Mataji says lets go. They run towards the house.
Maani comes in mata ji’s room and takes the keys. She says nothing can save you now simar.. She tries to open the locker. Mata ji and prerna are running towards the house.
Maani says all these keys are same.. I have to open it.
Simar(bee) says who is trying to open the locker. Maani says someone is coming.I have to hurry up.

Mata ji and prerna come. The door is locked. Mataji says lets go from the window. They jump in and open the locker. The jar is there. Mata ji says thank God, Simar is safe. Maani comes in and says look carefully. Is simar safe or just the jar? Mataji takes out the jar. Its empty. Mataji and prerna are dazed. Prerna says where is simar? Maani shows her fist. Mata ji says simar.. Maani says calm down and stay away from me. I might tightly close my fist and kill simar.Prerna says give simar back. Maani says if you talk in this tone I will kill simar. Mataji says please no. Maani says yes talk this way. I wont kill her. Now you two will do as I ask you to do. Simar says don’t listen to her prerna. Prerna tells mata ji. Mataji says we will do as you ask. Maani says very good mata ji. Now you two will complete my mission. Right prerna? Mata ji says yes.

Scene 2
Next morning, sid says any reason for this decision? Prerna says I need more time to think. Sujata says but what happened?Prerna says I am sorry. It is a really big decision for any girl. I dont know why I feel a little agitated that is why I need a little more time. Sid says please don’t be bugged I don’t wanna hurt you. I am not saying I don’t wanna marry just asking you to postpone the date. Sid says its absolutely all right. You can take as much time as you want. I will wait, She says thank you.
Maani smiles. Prerna says mata ji says this maani said she won’t hurt simar but we can’t trust her. She can harm simar we have get simar from her. Mata ji says but where will we find her? Prerna says lets start from Maani’s room.
Mata ji and Prerna come to maani’s room and look for simar.Maani comes and says no matter how much you try you wont find your simar. And mata ji listening to her can cause you lose simar forever.So do as I ask you.

Maani comes to store room. She has hidden simar there. She calls fake simar and tells her everything. MAani says I have made prerna postpone the date of wedding. This is time for our next step. We have to know how can I get your simar’s identity forever. Simar(bee) says no this can’t happen. Maani says get ready to be back. Its about time you take simar’s place in Simar’s sasural.

Precap-Maani says to simar you know how easy it for me to kill you. You will suffocate to death here and I will walk my next step. Simar screams for help.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  5. U three right…sania,ritvi,heavana thanks for ur comments…now adays some people r comments against rosid…thy r praise tat worst pair sid and prena its hurts me…but ur comments r feel little relief….

  6. Me too hate prena….y u came between our rosid…

  7. I love prerna she is best makers of the serial i request yoy to keep prerna,role so long

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  10. Plz bring our simar back !!!! That’s all what we need plzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Guys calm down it’s a drama they can’t keep roli there when she’s not even in the drama they have to make something to bring change n also sid n roli were only paired in the serial not in real life so just chill

  12. but i can;t bear to see prena and sid marry it hurts me just make prena marry amar instead they would be a good couple or just end the prena track or end this serial

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