Sasural Simar Ka 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says i am sure you should have forced or encouraged him rajveer, she says mata ji how can you blame prem you know he can’t do anything like that. If he hasn’t done anything then why does he deserve punishment. She holds prem’s hand and says rajveer my and prem’s relation is really strong, it can only break when we want it to. A third person can never break us apart. Mausi ji says you can’t deny the truth i have filmed your husband. you family has given me so much pain and i will return all the injustice. Rajveer you are not doing anything, he bet on his wife and lost her, you have won her. You have every right on her. Do whatever you want to do with her.
Rajveer grasps simar by her hand and drags her, he shoves maya and prem who come to rescue

her. mata ji says choti please stop rajveer, please save simar. She says simar has slapped him she has to pay. Mata ji says please, mausi ji says you have to rub your nose on the floor near my feet maybe then i can think about it.

the servant gives a medicine to sid and says put it on your bruise it will be okay, ring this bell if you need something, he leaves. Sid blows a whistle roli comes up from the window. she puts medicine of his wound. Sid says rajveer gets order from this woman but he is powerful i don’t know why is he scared of her. there is a knock at the door, sid asks roli to sid in the closet. he opens the door, its rajeshwari.

Rajveer throttles prem and shoves him. Maya tries to stop rajveer with her powers rajveer takes out the maani and points it to her eyes, he says now your remaining powers wont work as well. you can’t harm me so move from my way. mausi ji says jiji take a decision, if he takes simar to his room i won do anything after that. Rajveer is dragging simar upstairs, simar says i wont go. Mata ji rubs her nose, everyone is dazed.

rajeshwai comes in and says 4 people will come as our guest and one of them wants to kill me, i don’t know who that one is. Sid says why are you meeting them? Rajeshwari says because i gave them my word. i have something so precious that people would even kill or get killed to get. 4 people come here every year and try to get that thing, the one successful get a release and the one that fail have to die. Sid says what i have to do? She says you have to take care of that thing, they shall never get it or it should never be lost. There would be no point of staying alive for me if i lose it. sid says what is it that is related to your life? she says i know no one can take it from me, see you in the evening. Sid takes out roli, she says you left me there. she falls on him. She says i am sick of pretending to be aryan. i have to frown all the time. roli says there is one thing for sure.. sid says the thing she has is powerful than maani. Roli says if we get it.. sid says then we can get rid of rajveer, roli says but it wont be easy. sid says there must be a way. roli says i have an idea.

Precap-Mausi ji says they should know what are the consequnces of messing with us. he takes simar to her room simar screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. after a long time i was commenting here

  3. rajveer u r such an idiot.first they r completed they started simar is draupathi

    1. *draupadi

  4. These is Crap serial showing something stupidly with no senses
    I didn’t see any other serial like this worse abusing women to such low extent

    1. dont say like that anjali this is my fav serial.

  5. Ya pragna…….after tis Ramayan and Mahabharata i dnt know wat historical track they take

  6. But whom ever they forgive they should not forgive tat mausiji

    1. yeah akshu.u r right.but i think they forgive mausi ji also

  7. l also liked these serial it’s a family story but now they are showing totally non sense track.
    Prem is simar husband it doesn’t mean he as right to play with her respect.

    1. yes.he cant do like this.but they choosed mahabharat track wt prem can do.

  8. Yes i also lyk dis serial guyzzz..

  9. Love rosid n love this serial…….hope everything bcumz fyn soon

  10. Oly if tat rajkumari supported them they can win

  11. I hate rajveer he was last seen in madhubala

  12. kab risto ki respect karna shikhoke bhai, bus bhi karo. kya bakvaas hai ki aaj bhi pati ko adikaar hai ki vo patni ko dau par lagaae . worst thing, please stop this nonsense

  13. Stop this nonsense…u senseless directors…who made u directors who doesn’t know even basic of a basic thing…stop this crap…this is a bugging, nonsense serial….

  14. wr is todays update

  15. Guyzz were S tdys tuesdys updAte

  16. Where’s today’s written update. So slow

  17. Such a stupid serial

  18. Todays episode was horrible rb dragged simar by catching hair and tat mausiji pushed mataji using her legs……

  19. what is this yaar the director should decide tht he want to make ramayan or mahabharat . he cant fool us nd why this written episode is so slow

  20. why this updates are slow

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