Sasural Simar Ka 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush cuts the call. Kb says Piyush is so egoistic. Ananiya says we can expose her another way.
Anjali says there is something wrong. Why was he showing those photos. She hers Samir talking on phone. He says you know how important it is. i will meet you at the same place. There is no room for mistakes.

Next morning, Anjali says on breakfast where is samir? He says on call I am leaving. Mataji says do breakfast. He says I have an important meeting. i will eat something there. He leaves. Anjali says I have to go to parlor. She leaves. Ananiya says sanju you don’t wanna go to parlor? Arav says she already glows enough.

Roshni comes. SHe is working and getting things ready for engagement. KB dials Piyush’s number from her phone. Roshni is working. Piyush

picks the call. KB says roshni fix the curtain right. Uma says is that how you do it? Roshni says sorry madam. KB says roshni you used to fix curtains in bharadwaj house before as well. Just that back then you were a member and now you are a maid. Simar comes and says roshni what are you doing up there. Get down. Ananiya says actually.. Simar says I don’t need any explanation. KB says for simar roshni is her daughter in law but actually she is a maid. They say lets go to parlor.

Scene 2
Piyush meets a chinese man. Anjali follows him and records it. Samir gives him a passport. SAmir says you know what you have to do? You will get those papers of 15th. THe man leaves.

Roshni sees her phone on. And Piyush is on call. Roshni says hello.. Piyush says thank God finally I heard you. When you call please talk as well. I had been saying hello hello you had not been answering. Where are you? Roshni says I called? He says yes you did. He says I only heard noise. Roshni and simar heave a sigh of relief.
Piyush says where are you? She says at my student’s place. They have a family function. everyone here is like a family. Annaiya overhears it.
Simar says thank God he didn’t hear anything.

Anjali comes to samir’s room. She tries to find a proof. She sees his passports. Anjali says this means all these passports are fake. I will expose you.

Scene 3
The roka starts. Roshni is getting things ready. Arav says roshni simar mom said if you are done with your work you can go. Roshni says I will go there is some work left. Her phone rings. Its Piyush. Arav says Piyush. He is about to pick it. Roshni says no. I can’t tell him this yet.
Mataji says to simar start the arti. Sanju and samir sit on the sofa. The lights turn off. Anjali plays a media player. Everyone stops. Rajhinder says what is this? Anjali plays video of samir meeting that man. Mataji says what is all this?
Anjali says this is the real face of samir. He who calls himself samir has so many identities.

Simar says what are you saying. Anjali says this is truth. He is a fraud. Sanju says are you in your senses? Anjali says yes but you are not. He is fooling you. He gave that Chinese his passport. Simar says what it proves? Anjali says it was one of his many fake passports. Right? Anjali says he has many surnames and passports. He is fooling us all. I have a proof. This is the proof that will prove he is a fraud.
She takes out the pictures. It has only samir’s pictures with sanju. anjali says how is this possible. How could the envelop change.

Precap-Everyone celebrates in the engagement.
Sanju says to Anjali why do you wanna ruin my life? stay away from me and my family. Anjalu says you are not even our blood. Simar slaps anjali.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    God please save us From This shit.

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      sanjana and anjali both are twins ryt

      1. Not at all. sanju is not belongs to this family. but she grow up with simar.

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