Sasural Simar Ka 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji cries and says please give our sanju back God. The men try to take sanju from simar. They snatch her, simar is crying. They slap simar. simar takes a rod and hits the men on head. she says how dare you to do this to my daughter, simar hugs sanju. The man stands, Prem come and beats him down. Cops come as well and rest of the family. They arrest the kidnappers, prem hugs sanju and says sorry you had to suffer because of me. Prem says i knew sanju would make us one again, i am ashamed of what i did but i love you. Simar says maybe roli was right, i cant keep my kids away from their dad. She hugs him.

A flower falls from the idol. mata ji says its God’s sign, sanjina is well.
Sid says lets go home and tells everyone. Prem says lets go. someone is keeping an

eye on them. They leave for home.
Amar says inspectors informed us that they saw sanjina being taken to jungle i informed prem and he reached here. Prem says to simar the car is locked, we shall go in the other car. I will send the mechanic later. simar says lets try once, prem opens the lock, it opens. He says the door was locked from inside? simar says i knew it was God’s sign so we could stop and save our sanju from here. They all sit in the cars and leave.

They come home, mata ji hugs sanjina and says are you okay my daughter? anjali comes as well. She hugs sanju. She says sorry, are you okay? sanju says i am fine. Mata ji kisses them both. Mata ji says thank God you saved sanjina’s life and prem and simar’s relationship as well. Mata ji says amr you are a blessing for us. Sujata didn’t give you birth but you are more than our son. You proved that blood isn’t always there for you, the relationships bound by heart are equally pure. I will pray for all your happiness. amar touches her feet and sujata’s as well. Rajhinder hugs him. he says God will always keep you happy. uma says amar where is calendar? Amar says his mom is not well, so he has gone there.

Roli takes sid to a side and says something, sid says roli wanna say something to all you of you. Roli says i wanted to say that didi and jeju are one. lets bind them together forever.Sid says master plan? roli says what is we do their wedding again. prem says wait a minutes i haven’t told my decision yet. Everyone is dazed. Prem comes downstairs after a while with divorce papers, he shows them to simar.

Precap-The witch is shown. she leaves her marks on the walls, She will take lives. she peeks in bharadwaj house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. santhosh naag sai

    Update fast plzzz

  2. santhosh naag sai

    Pratyusha Banerjee will be witch in SSK

  3. santhosh naag sai

    SSK started ghost ,snake &nw witch bt ilove soooooooo much

  4. santhosh naag sai

    SSK lover lovers add me in fb (Santhosh naag Sai)

  5. super episode nice..

  6. who is that block sari lady ?is she is only witch? i think trw prem rough the papers and ask simar to forgive and proposes to her which i saw in segmnt..

  7. Again Prem and simar marriage????actually nw roli and Sid ka marriage hona chaheeaee because after accident Maya came ….and even nw roli is in chudi…..

  8. ya u right akshu…if any anybody eager 2 watch ssk old episodes sid entry etc.. its available in youtube now…

  9. Same precap!!

  10. Its awesome episode today

  11. Hi vaishnavi were r u frm?????

  12. frm chennai

  13. U akshu?

  14. anjali gupta joins the cast of ssk:
    soon ssk on colors will come up with another strange track where this time bw family will have to lead with witch.
    as we reported earlier , that prathyusha banrajee will entering in the show and will essay the role of a witch. latest buzz is that another entry will be seen along that prathyusha in the bh.
    as per our source,”anjali gupta will seen entering to the show as pratyusha’s mother. she will be seen narrating her daughter’s story to bh members that in their village there was a thakurayin who was a witch and kill her husband. now that witch wants to kill them also and that is the reason they want shelter to hide themselves”.
    ” later it will be shown that she herself entrapped by the witch and has no option but to help the evil witch.” sources added.

    1. Thanku sandya!! U always provide us with fresh updates.. Thanku once again!!

  15. want rosid marriage also.. plz dont change roli’s costumes she is looking good in this costume.. and what about her studies track before rajveer track started its sid’s wish that she has to continue her studies what about that track??

  16. Good episode

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