Sasural Simar Ka 8th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Simar is trying to call roli. Her phone is in the room while she has been takedn to the restricted area. Simar wonders why is roli not receiving the call. She says how could she sleep when we could complete our discussion. She even wakes on tad noises. Why is she not picking up the call.

Roli gets up. Her head is aching badly. She sees people around her who are all unconscious. sHe says where am I? This is not my ward. Why am I here ? She tries to walk through the room while her she is feeling so much pain. She falls on the floor near a bed.

The peon says to other that its time for that girl we have to shift her to OT. Doctor hates delay. They go to restricted area and can’t find her. Nurse come in and says what are you doing here bring the girl. He points at bed

where roli is not present. She says where can she go? She was swooned where could she flee ? SHe asks them to go and look outside. She says where can that girl go ? What will I say to the doctor. She goes out of the room.

Kathik comes and says bring her to OT. I will be there in 2 minutes. She says that girl is not there. he says how is that possible ? Did you mix the medicine in her food ? She says yes I did He says bring me her file. is she some cop or agent? There is something wrong. She says she won’t go far from here.
He calls someone and tells him that a girl has ran from restricted area. He syas no don’t worry nothing will happen. I hope we don’t have to repeat what we did 2 years back.

Scene 2
Sid is in his room. he says I think I should come to you. I know they won’t allow me to come in the hospital. I will be downstairs. he is talking to her photo. He says lets me point at a photo and if you are staring at me in that photo then I won’t come. If you are smiling I will come. He says you are smiling in all photos. that means you are missing me. He says what will I say to family. They will make fun of me. But wait what about not telling them.

There roli is trying to get up. She is saying sid’s name.

Scene 3
its all dark. Sid is trying to sneak out. Mausi ji comes and asks where are you going at this time? he says i am going to office. Mausi ji says what type of work you do in office at this point of time ? he says i wasn’t feeling sleepy so was going out in fresh air. Mausi ji says let me wake up mata ji and tell her. He says no i am sleeping. Mausi ji says i know you were going to meet roli. Go i won’t tell anyone. mata ji comes and asks where are you going / He says I was just checking the gate if its locked. Mata ji says wow you both came at the same time to check the gate. Sid says I just heard someone walking so I came to check. Mausi ji says yeah I came to get some water. mata ji says go if everything is okay now. Mata ji leaves. Sid says to mausi ji can I go now ? Mausi ji says yeah to your room.

The nurse is going through files to find roli’s. someone comes and hits her with a rod. its aditi. The nurse falls on the ground. Aditi goes through the files and finds roli’s. She goes out with the file. he peon are there saying there is another door in restricted area she must have ran from there. aditi over hears them and says they have taken her to restricted area.

aditi goes to the restricted area.There simar says please save roli mata rani i’m so worried for her.Aditi sees there’s just one bed on which there’s NO one. She roli must have been brought on this one. But where can she go in this condition. Aditi moves forward and sees roli on the floor. She feels like someone is coming in. The peons are coming towards the room.

Precap-roli is trying to run away. She collides with two nurse. The boxes in their hands fall on the floor. Roli is shocked to see the boxes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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