Sasural Simar Ka 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji is doing pooja in temple. She says why is my heart sinking.
Prem wakes up in hall. The lights are blinking. He tries to stand up but his head hurts. Simar comes in dancing seductively on the song ‘ang laga de rey’. She is hiding a dagger in her hand. she comes close to prem, he is confused.
Mata ji says i feel like my family is in trouble.
Prem says you look so beautiful today. He hugs her. Simar says I have been waiting for this moment. Mata ji calls home. Rajhinder says prem and simar are home and we have left. Mata ji says oh God please protect prem.
Pandit ji says nirmala ji come lets do the arti.

Mata ji does the arti. Mata ji calls devika and says prem and simar are home alone. devika says i can’t hear you, its too much

of noise. mata ji says its arti going on here. Devika says i can’t hear you. Mata ji says prem and simar are alone in the house. devika can’t hear her. Mata ji says i have to leave arti amid. She drops her phone in water and it stops working. Mata ji says what should i do now? She runs towards home.
Khushi asks what happened? devika says mata ji sounded worried but i couldn’t hear her. We should go where the family has gone.
Mata ji on her way towards home. Simar show prem the dagger. He is dazed.
Mata ji says i have to reach home. Her slipper breaks. Mata ji says please save prem from patali God.

Khushi and devika are on their way. Khushi says we should reach there asap. mata ji was really worried.
Simar attacks prem’s arm with the dagger. Prem is shocked. his arm is bleeding.
Simar runs after him and says my stab doesn’t always go in vain. he attacks him again. Prem saves himself. Simar disappears.

Khushi and devika reach the temple. Whole family is there but mata ji. Khushi says there was arti going on there. Devika says maybe she is in another temple. Khushi says how will we know.
mata ji slips on the road. A man says are you okay? Mata ji says please drop me in my neighborhood. he asks mata ji to sit in his car.

prem says who are you? Simar stabs him in the chest. She stabs him again but prem holds her hand. Mata ji is about to reach.
Simar says the game should be interesting. And resistance makes it. She comes near prem and disappears then flies across the house. prem is bewildered. Simar says i have captivated your simar. She is my slave now.
prem says what do you want? She says you death. She tries to stab him again. Prem runs and locks himself upstairs.

prem calls sid but he is busy with pooja. Simar says you cant stop me this way prem. You cant fight tornado with a paper bullet. Your mata rani couldn’t stop me. Prem keeps calling sid but his phone is in pocket. Patali comes in the room. simar says you are calling them but what if they die saving you? She says simar i came in to your body and you are now ready to be my follower. Now you will kill your prem yourself. i am leaving your body now you have to kill prem.
Patali comes out of simar’s body.

Precap-Mata ji says please save the prem she wears sidnur of. I will lose faith in you if you don’t save them. Simar stabs prem, mata ji holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode but bad precap….

  2. Wat rubbish

  3. Rosidians…stop hoping rosid track…n rosim action…avika is nt intrested to fight with nagins n dayans..she want to concentrate on her avimanian suprting her decision…i vl b with her fr wat ever decision she take…bt im feeling she is wasting her tym by cuming ssk set..i want both rosid quit show..i know i vl miss i cant able to c them as lamppost bt i have rosid golden moments by which i can cherish fr ever…atlast my conclusion is rosidians stp hoping rosid track n stop watching ssk…fr glance of rosid v can watch fan dnt encourage this superstious crap by watching it…fr single glance of rosid…v vl watch them in rosid uncut scenes

  4. Flying patali….devika ghar jane ka chhod k mandir gayi..waiting for end of patali concept

  5. Who is devika?
    Is she patali devi or matarani or someone else?
    Prem Mataji Khusi and devika knows abt truth and I guess patali ask Prem to marry devika else she will kill simar.
    Don’t know what’s gng to happen. Waiting for next episodes.

  6. So shocking devika is real patali devi…but patali is really goodness…gayatri is disciple of patali devi [devika] she want to get the powers from patali so tat only she acting like much twists…cant understand…


  8. prem will marry devika . simar will get angry by seeing this ……

  9. Guys Sasural simar ka has ended…now they are showing SASURAL SHAITAAN KA?? (lol) ?????????????????????????????

  10. Are kya bakwass h ye show first nagin then mohini then indravati now patali and now a new twist devika is patali what the hell…

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