Sasural Simar Ka 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Avni and Piyush gets closer

Sasural Simar Ka 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni showing mangalsutra on her neck and says your son made me wear this and asks what I would have done. Simar and Mata ji are shocked. Avni thinks may be it was Hema’s plan, but I slapped him hard. Simar apologizes to Avni. Avni asks her not to apologize and says it was her mistake to slap him. Hema thinks she has to execute her plan. Piyush talks to moon and says he will never play with Avni again. Avni comes there and says hello Mannu. She says sorry. Piyush refuses to play with him. Sameer tells Sanjana that he talked to Simar as he was worried for her and can’t bear when she cries. He says even I feel pain of losing the baby. He says I have lost my baby, but don’t want to lose you. Sanjana thinks Sameer is right, even he is right. I am troubling him rather than

sharing pain with him. I can’t change it, but can make a new start. She decides to change the house environment.

Avni tries to cheer Piyush and tells story using puppets. She tells about Piyush and herself. Piyush says you are my only friend in this world. Avni apologizes to him. Piyush kisses on her cheeks and says I forgave you. He says lets play. Sanjana makes Bhairavi and Sameer’s favorite food and hopes everything will be fine between them. She brings halwa from kitchen, just then she hears baby crying sound and shouts no, asks to stop it. She shouts asking to stop. She faints and falls down.

Hema tells everyone that she is one daughter and what she shall do now.Simar asks Hema not to worry. Hema says I can’t show my face anywhere, what happen to my daughter. Mata ji asks her to calm down. Hema says Piyush made her wear mangalsutra and says now who will marry her. She says my daughter’s life came to an end. Mata ji says we will discuss after sometime. Hema says I will get peace after death and goes to her room. She thinks she has executed her plan well.

Sameer and Bhairavi returns home. Sameer says I wish Sanjana likes the shopping stuff. They see halwa on floor and sees Sanjana unconscious. They ask her to get up. Bhairavi says it seems she got that attack and asks him to take her to room. She calls Doctor. Doctor checks Sanjana and gives her injection. She asks them to show her to psychiatrist. Sameer asks what you are saying? Doctor says you have to take specialist help for mind also.

Avni applies ointment under piyush lips and blows on it. Piyush looks at her. They look at each other. Piyush keeps her hairs as moustaches and laughs. Avni feels bad to slap him and says sorry again. She asks did you forgive me. Piyush says yes and says if you wear this mala always then I will forgive you fully. Avni asks why do you want me to wear this. Piyush says you will be with me because of this. Avni promises him. Piyush says I know you want to stay with me. Avni says even she can’t live without him. He says lets play puppet game.

Avni checks Piyush’s fever and brings milk for him. Her mangalsutra gets stuck on to his shirt and looks at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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