Sasural Simar Ka 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush stumbles Roshni says are you okay? He says stay away from me. Roshni says for how long will you not talk to me? You always said we should talk into things. I am your friend. He says you were my friend. Who know what do you use again for your benefits. He sleeps on the couch.

Next morning, Saroj says tao ji I am doing all this for vikram. Vikram comes downstairs will luggage. Everyone is standing in front of gate hole hands in hands. Mataji says we can’t let you go. Please give this marriage one more chance. Vikram says wait a minute. He says I am grateful for the favors you people did on me. Please forgive me but I can’t accept anjali as its return. Every relationship is based on trust and she broke it. I have had enough. I can’t trust her. Anjali

says can you give me five minutes of your life? Just five minutes? I beg you. I need only five minutes from you and your family. I am not asking you to change your decision or to give me another chance. Mataji says what is it anjali? Anjali says I can’t talk about it in front of everyone. Saroj says there is nothing left. Tao ji says I want to listen what she has to say. Vikrma says okay you have five minutes. They go in a room. Pari says what will she say?

They come in room. Anjali says I don’t wanna do any drama anymore. I want to end it and start anew. But unfortunately some people don’t want that. Saroj says we don’t have to listen to her. Anjali says I know the reality tai ji. i overheard you and tao ji. She tells them everything. Anjali says vikram I learned from my mistakes. I did everything to make this family my own. I loved them. I didn’t want my family to know all this. I don’t want anyone to point fingers at tai ji. I am sorry. I know I have hurt you a lot. I broke your trust. I was very stupid and selfish. But whatever you saw past few days it wasn’t a lie. I gave all the care to papa ji with all the love. Please trust me. Vikram says how can you do this tai ji. Anjali says its not her mistake. It was not easy for her to trust me. I did so wrong with her. She did all that to protect her family. NOw I know how right my mom is. I respect her with my heart. And Tai ji can take her time. Meanwhile I will try to win your heart. She says Vikram this shouldn’t go out of this room. My family shouldn’t know all this.
saroj says I got you wrong. You care about my respect. I know you have changed now. Anjali says you are like my mom. A mother’s hand should always give her daughter blessings not ask for pardon. Saroj hugs her. Saroj says I am very lucky. Saroj says in heart you can’t fool me anjali. Anjali says in heart now I will play this game my way. I will show you now how to win with love.

Simar says its too late. We should go and see.. They them coming downstairs. Vikram is holding ANjali’s hand. Everyone is dazed. Vikram says everything is fine. Anjali is my wife and my family’s daughter in law. Forget what happened. Mataji says thank you Vikram. SImar says this is a very good news. Prem says what made you change your decision vikram? Anjali says dad I begged tai’s pardon. I said I have done so mad. I am punished already. She agreed. She forgave me. She knows I can do anything for Vikram. Simar says I told you everything can be achieved with pure intentions. I am proud of you. Prem says I am proud to be your dad. Vikram gets a call. He says what.. Vikram says tai ji we have our house back. Everyone is happy. Vikram hugs sanjev. He says dad we have our house back. I promise nothing would go wrong now. Mataji says the problems vanish. Amar says there should be a party. Vikram says not today. I know you like to party but we have to go and do all the work. Jhanvi says yes we will party later. Anjali says should I pack my bags? he says yes. ANjali runs upstairs.

Precap-Anjali says she thinks she has taken advantage of my goodness. I will teach her a lesson. She will never do anything with anyone ever. Vikram comes and says anjali..

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