Sasural Simar Ka 8th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 8th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar asks jahnvi if she has seen sonia. Jhanvi says no I haven’t seen her. Sanklap says she wasn’t feeling good so I sent her to my room for rest.
Rani is there in Sonia’s room. Simar is going that direction as well.
Simar sees Rani there looking out of the window. Sonia opens her eyes as well.
Sonia says my head. Simar says what are you doing here. Rani says i came here to see madam. Simar asks are you okay Sonia ? She says yeah feeling better. Roli says Mata ji is calling sonia ji downstairs. Rani says of course its your Sangeet you have to go there. Roli says today you have to take off this cloth from your face. No one is perfect. Rani says no I am okay. Roli tries to get the cloth off. Rani shouts saying no this isn’t possible. Roli says

I won’t listen to her today didi. I will see her face today. Now come on. Rani starts crying saying no madam, today is my madam’s wedding ritual. I won’t be part of it if you don’t want. I promise. Simar says okay show us your face later. Now stop crying. Rani says the day i will show that face, you will undersatnd why I nevr took this scarf off my face. Roli says now lets go everyone is waiting downstairs.

Scene 2
Simar and roli take Sonia downstairs. Karuna does the arthi. She gives her the bangles that she specially ordered for sonia. Sonia wears them and says thanks to Karuna. Karuna says you are my daughter. Mata ji gives Sonia a dress. Sonia takes it while smiling. Mata ji says congratulations Sonia. Sujata says Sonia will be in this dress tomorrow. Roli says everyone will remember this wedding forever. Rani says in her heart wow you are so right Roli. You people will always remember this wedding.

Scene 3
Roli and Simar are having quality time together.
Sonia remembers her time with sankalp while they were dancing on the floor together. She gets a call. Its Sankalp on the other side. He asks how is she feeling now. Sonia says much better. Sonia says time wasn’t good. He says yes its okay. We will give each other enough time after wedding to understand each other. He says go to sleep now. Its too late.

Scene 4
Sonia is so angry at Rani. Roli asks why are you so angry sonia ji ? She says Rani hasn’t got the dress ready. Rani brings the dress. She says I forgot it in another room. Sonia is angry at her. Roli says okay sonia ji get ready we don’t have much time. Sonia wears the dress. Roli says wow it suits you a lot.
They arrive at the venue. Sid says there is too much stuff in the cars i will coke with the cars and follow yours. Everyone agrees. Sonia sits in the car with Rani. Rani says I forgot the sweets at home. you go to the venue i will be there in another car.
Sid and Roli start the car as well. They find out the the tire is punctured. Rani is happy seeing this. Roli says what will we do now.

Precap- Sonia’s driver take her somewhere else. She gets out of the car but he grasps her.She sees another bride in the wedding dress. Sonia asks who are you ?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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