Sasural Simar Ka 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar looks at all the decorations and is dazed. Simar says all this? Prem holds her hands. He shows her the door. There is a kalash. Prem says lets rectify our mistakes and enter this house again. Prem says please forgive me. Simar nods. Prem says okay then, lets go back in time and fix everything. he takes simar towards the door. Prem says years back you entered this house from the same door. It waited for all these years you weren’t here. I want you to enter this house again. Prem says i want to live that moment again. Prem holds Simar’s hand. They recalls all their old moments together.
Simar enters the house again like a new bride. Prem caresses Simar’s face. He says no matter how much time passes nothing will come between us. He picks Simar up in his

arms. Simar says Prem ji when we are start anew can’t you make Piyush a part of this house? I know your heart is big. Can’t you give him a place in your heart. He is your son. Whatever happened it was not his mistake. Anjali and Piyush both’s lives are that way because of our decisions. Why are they suffering because of us. When we are gathering our shattered relationship then Piyush deserves love too. He and you are bound by love.Please can you forgive him? prem says there is no question of forgiveness. Because he never did a mistake. Simar says this mean.. Prem says yes we are bound by love but heart’s attachment will take time.. I will try my best to fix my relation with him too. Simar hugs him and says thank you. He says I love you. Simar says I love you too.

Scene 2
Anjali puts glacerine in her eyes. Vikram comes in room. Anjali pretends to faint. Vikram holds her.
Vikram says Anjali open your eyes. Anjali gets up and says Vikram.. She hugs him. Vikram says anjali are you okay? How you fainted. I will call the doctor. Anjali says I didn’t eat anything. Vikram says I will bring something to eat. Vikram says I feel so alone without you here. I feel so alone. Vikram says but tai ji and everyone is here even when I am not. Anjali says you don’t understand. you won’t have postponed our honeymoon plan if you did. And you do overtime in office. you don’t give me time. You are totally busy. Vikram says but office has work. Anjali says I don’t want to talk to you. Vikram says so much anger? He caresses her face. Vikram says no more extra hours in office from today. And we will plan our honeymoon. Anjali says really? Vikram says yes. Vikram says but first you need to rest and eat something. Anjali says okay. He makes her lay on the bed. Anjali says I love you. Vikram says I love you too. He goes out. Anjali says one plan successful. My honeymoon fixed.

Scene 3
Next morning, Mataji is reading geeta. The dia is about to blow simar and prem save it together. Simar says how cna we let it blow. Prem says we are starting our lives with a new start. Simar says we want to tell you something. We can’t hide anything from you. Prem says we are one again. Mataji is so happy. Simar says this is our new start. Mataji hugs them both. Mataji says I knew this would happen some day, I had faith in your love. I will tell everyone. Simar stops her. simar says not now. We told you because we can’t hide from you. but we don’t want to tell everyone yet. We will just give us some time. Mataji says everything will be good. I am so happy. I will celebrate it. I will make parsad.

Anjali meets KB outside. Anjali says thank you Kb I wanted to eat ice cream. Kb says you should have told. Was your mother in law jailer? Who makes time table for daughter in law. I will talk to prem. Anjali says he doesn’t understand. KB says I will do it my way. Anjali says tell me what should i do. KB says if you wanna control her you have to control vikram first. anjali says but how. KB tells her the plan. Anjali says you are the queen of ideas. Anjali says I have to leave. I have to give my father in law meds. KB says don’t worry he wont die. Lets eat another scoop. Kb says in heart I want you to get late.

Simar says to Vadhai you must be tired. Vadhi says I really enjoy I am having a good time. I have so many ideas. prem comes and says what ideas share with us as well. I am serious ideas should be shared. Vadhai says I think we should take our business online and sell through website in whole country. Prem says thats wonderful. start working. Make a presentation and take Piyush with you in this project. simar smiles. Everyone is dazed. Prem says I want him to work with you in this. piyush says me? Prem says yes you why? Piyush says thank you and extends his hand. Prem shakes his hand. Prem says I am sure you will do your responsibility well. Piyush says I won’t give you a chance to complain, papa.. Prem looks at simar.

Precap-Agarwal says Anjali.. He is breathing heavily. He tries to take med and falls. Saroj comes. Saroj says to anjali you had to give him meds an hour ago. HE would have fell from bed. Anjali packs her stuff. vikram comes in the room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. In this episode good to see Prem in this way for accept Simar and Piyush………

    I think Simar had a plan to make Anjali in a good way……….

    But please bring back Sanju atleast ………

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